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New Contributor
Posts: 9
Registered: ‎06-18-2008
My Device: Curve 8310

help out an **bleep** please

Okay, first off, this is my first PDA of any sort. I probebly shouldnt even have a BB. but I wanted it for the qwerty keyboard, the calender to manage  four  active kids, a husband, 100's of birthdays, my grocery list, 4 PTA's, mystery shops that I do,  plus  I wanted to  always be able ,at the drop of a hat, to tell someone what to get one of the ungrateful heathens for thier birthday, etc. (if you have ever told 2 family members the same thing and tey both buy it you will know where I am coming from....)

 I was just tired of the wall calender, the hand held calender, the dry erase marker on the windshield of my truck (for errands), the various lists I write myself daily, and forgetting to buy feed for the horses.  OH and I am blonde, so make it **bleep** proof Smiley Happy


I am NOT on the web with it. (I got my husband one, who is a truck driver, he is on the web, but that will come later).


* First, I installed the freakin disk that came iwth it.  VERY large nono.  it froze me up every time. it even froze uptrying to uninstall.


----- what do I get instead?

Do I just put in on my puter and then USB it to the phone?


*second.  I do want ringtones. I did order one from AT&T. I will DL it later when I go to town (I have no service at my house).  But the rest I put on will be ones I made (I have a ringtone maker thing from before, when I had to use it to make them for my old sony ericson).  I did have to do those through text messages. I will try to remember how.  Is this good enough?  I also dont mind free ones. LOVE free ringtones. are their certain ones I can get for free for this phone?  and how long can they be? (like I think 27 seconds was the longest on the SEz525).  .wav files?


*third,  I am getting the SD card today.  Can I just plug THAT into my computer and put stuff on it.  Like the ringtones? then pull it into the BB?


*fourth,  I cant find a folder for outgoing messages.  Sometimes I write them at home, then will send one of the kids outside to walk around until the find a few bars and hit send. Where are these at in the phone? Do I have to keep telling it to send until it does? or does it do it on its own and once I write them they go into blackberryblackholes? but are sent? (when a signal becomes avalible)


*fifth,  any good free games?  and since I did find a few (found a website, iwth 170 free games listed) how do I put them on there?  just on the SD card and then put it back in the BB?  or do I have to have more programs installed to run it?


oh and just cause I dont want to confuse mine with his, (they were out of red ones) there is a case on like amazon. so can I change the case like I used to my old nokia? or does this go OVER the phone, making it bulky and tiresome?


Thank you for any and all help. and I am sorry if I have (and I know I did) go over questions already asked.  I have read through alot of them on here, I just get sidetracked easy and get lost.


FOR those things that I HAVE to get off the web, I can make DH get them, then I can Bluetooth them to my phone.. right? 

And I do ahve a computer, so if possible I can do it there and USB it to the BB.  I am just on Dial up (way out in the country) and it takes 3 days to DL a picture.. Smiley Wink


So far I am LOVIN this phone. And again, I know alot of y'all will think I didnt need it, and your right. But I wanted it. cause its got most of the features that I DO need.  being a professional errand runner, taxi driver, chef and slave.  


New Contributor
Posts: 9
Registered: ‎06-18-2008
My Device: Curve 8310

Re: help out an **bleep** please

oh wow. sorry.  didnt realize it would bleep out me callin myself an ..... well... not so smart individual.... Smiley Happy
New Contributor
Posts: 9
Registered: ‎06-18-2008
My Device: Curve 8310

Re: help out an **bleep** please

I am just bumping this up, because I know that even though these questions are stupid, y'all are very good and gracious when it comes to helping someone.  And I fiqure there were so many new questions this one just got skipped. Smiley Happy


I did get the SD card, but I havent done anything yet.


I just dont have time right now. I will try to get it done this weekend.


Now, I do have to add a question.


Can you use BB messanger if you are NOT on the internet?  I dont have anything plan wise on my phone except text messages.  I just have no need to get on the net.  No sense in wasting 30.00 a month Smiley Happy