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letter to the developers

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Dear Mac-Developing team,


it has been some time ago when I bought my first Blackberry. A shiny new Bold 9700 with a delicious interface and a nice trackpad with which I can navigate where ever I want. The well design icons are a pleasure for my eyes. I love using my little BB. And of course I love getting my e-mails straight ahead to my cellphone as a consumer on private level. That's a big advantage of these phones and the Blackberry Internet Services!

And because I love Macs, which are also using a nice eye-candy design, I looked forward to get my Blackberry connected to iCal, iTunes and Addressbook. The Blackberry Desktop Manager was the right choice for my needs. And up to now it was working good. It's done its job. Sure, I used the Windows Manager as well because I had to install some certificates which wasn't able to do with the Mac Manager. I was really impressed what the Windows program is like. It's working very smooth and is well integrated into the Windows working flow. So, it came to my mind, why it is that difficult to give us Mac users the same possibilities to manage our Blackberries the same way like on a Windows machine. Actually I can't understand why. I can't imagine that it is a big problem.

Today I updated my BDM to Version 1.03 and everything was messed up. From one second to another. The sync doesn't work anymore. My iCal calendar was messed up, the contacts don't want to get transferred. All I got was just failure messages. I'm really upset about this.

Because of this I googled around and got stuck in this forum. I read some messages, looked up the knowledge base articles of some problem fixing stuff and got to know about what people want from their Blackberries. And that's not very much!


I'm a very little voice in this very big net of marketing and consumer satisfaction. You wouldn't care about if I would switch to an other smartphone vendor that supports their devices on a Mac.

But we Macians are a group of people who likes to use nice things. Things that were developed to satisfy our needs and things that just work.

We want those basic stuff. We want to sync our contacts, calendar and a bit music to our Blackberry. But at this point you fail. You keep us away from using your smart phones, because your software is not doing well on our systems. It looks like other Mac programs, but that's not difficult with the XCode tools. It has not to be that eye-candy like other Mac programs. We're just using it to sync our personal data, not to play around with. But it has to work. And it's not doing that to 100%.


Please, consider my little letter as friendly hint on your way how you threat a minority of users. I'm begging you to not do the same mistakes which other companies did. We can learn form you and you can learn from us if we are talking about our wishes and your possibilities. Maybe we can do something together which makes you and us happy.

We could be best friends if you are going to do just a little bit for us.


Sincerely yours,






P.S.: Please give kudos to this post if you agree with my thoughts.

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Re: letter to the developers

I had the same problems.  Don't download this software until these boards declare that the problem is fixed.  Version 1.03 wiped my calendar.  I am not happy.  My family has all macs and curves.  Unless this support gets better, I would look toward all the other smart phones.



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Re: letter to the developers

I agree with most of what was written by shelhezan.  I was able to fix the problem as a result of obtaining

information on these forums - I used the first option in Support Document KB19682 as suggested by several posters.  That part is good but I feel that BB should have been proactive in acknowledging and solving this problem.

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Re: letter to the developers

I agree with Joschka. My company purchased Blackberries because of their calendar sync and e-mail capabilities. With each successive release of the Desktop Manager, more and more gets broken to the extent it is completely unusable for us now. What good is a phone with all the hallmark business capabilities if a Blackberry if you can't sync with your office calendar?


RIM - Please listen to this CTO of a company that exclusively uses your Blackberry phones. Your Window DM doesn't work (it used to but it doesn't any more). It has gotten so bad my IT department has dropped support of if. Now your Mac DM doesn't work any more. You've successfully put my company in a position of needing to dump our Blackberries for something that will sync with our business calendars - we'll probably move to the iPhone. The move can easily be justified by the productivity losses we're suffering over your unimaginably bad software and support of it. Fix your software yesterday! You're loosing credibility in the business community and it is no secret that you're rapidly loosing market share for good reason. You can't afford to let something so ridiculous as a non-functional interface and an increasingly advertised history of bad software releases torpedo what's left of your business customers.

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Re: letter to the developers

Extremely well said.  Our small business has purchased Pocketmac to sync our mac ical with our bb calendars.  And we only backup our BB's on a PC version of desktop manager.  Anything more with this software would be foolish given the crashes, BB complete wipes, and lost calendars we've experienced.