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new BB torch owner

Hi all

firstly happy new year to everyone


ok,so a few problems,niggles and annoyances im having with my new torch.

its 4 days old now and ive got 3 days left to return it if i want to cancel it and get a refund.


i changed as an upgrade from a nokia n81 8gb to the blackberry torch as ive always like the slide phones.

i was on a low contract of £10 a month for 100 minutes and 500 txts. i upgraded to £25 with 300 minutes,unlimited txts and 500mb net usage a month and also i paid £100 for the phone.

i know i will never use that amount of calls or txts so i want to be 100% happy with this phone before my 7 days return policy runs out.


ive had mobile phones since day one of the brick and shoulder battery pack and this one has been the most confusing phone yet but like all new technology its great forums like this one that hopefully helps us confused users with our troubles.


first one which ive sort of sorted but was a right pain was transfering all my 280 contacts from my old nokia N81 which the shop said he had done but he hadnt.

my sim card had 100 contacts which the shop had transfered for me but whatever i tried i couldnt get the rest sinked across.

i had to put the sim back in my n81 and delete all the sim contacts. then manually send one by one the next 100 to the sim.take it out and put it in my torch and transfer them to my contacts list. a couple of hours later i had all 280 on my torch. only problem is is they all show up as work phone numbers which they arent.


so question 1 is do i have to go into all 280 contacts one by one and edit them to change to home/mobile/mobile 2 etc

also some contacts have 4 or 5 numbers for each of them but they now show up as single numbers with 5 entrys of the same name. ie jim work/ jim work/ jim work instead of jim home/jim work/jim fax/jim mobile


i have 4 main emails

yahoo.co.uk - fails every time i try to set it up. always auto finishes .com and then i have to edit it to .co.uk (this is my main email i use so i need this one more than the rest)

msn.com already set up

hotmail.co.uk not bothered with this one

nhs.net (secured work email which im a bit dubious to set up as it has patient confidential data on it)


ive tried numerous times setting up the yahoo account but it fails every time.

does the yahoo setup only accept .com accounts and not .co.uk


on the touch screen im trying to add certain shortcuts to the favourites screen but have no idea how to do this. nothing in the option screen has a save to favourites button.


next problem is about adding birthdays to the calender.

the only options i have are new appointment,new alarm and new task.

how do i add a birthday. it gives you the option of using facebook or my msn account but most of mine are in my yahoo.co.uk account callender so as above i cant get my yahoo account to activate.


theres more but these are the main ones so far so any of your help and advise would be appreciated.



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Re: new BB torch owner

For the contacts, you will need to edit them - you can either use Blackberry Desktop Software to sync the blackberry with your yahoo account or with a PIM program such as Outlook on your computer.


Have you tried adding your Yahoo account via your carriers BIS website? When setting up the account there it just asks for your email address and password and works out the rest. NB - with a yahoo email account you can sync your contacts over the air to your yahoo account which will help with sorting out having them as Work.


To add an app as a favourite, just hold down the icon or press the Blackberry Menu key and select Mark As Favourite.


For birthdays, you need to add them to the contacts entry rather than to the calendar.

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Re: new BB torch owner

thanks for the reply.

no matter what ive tried it just wont set up a yahoo.co.uk account. in the end ive set up a new yahoo.com and it loaded straight away. ive now set up mail forwading from my original account and its working fine.

why are things never straightforward Smiley Mad


now why didnt i try keeping my finger pressed on the app to get up that option of add to fave DOH! thanks for that.


i need a reminder set up for birthdays so in the contact field is no good for me.



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Re: new BB torch owner

heres an update so far.


in the end i decided to keep the torch. slowly getting used to it at last.


whatever i tried i had no progress in syncing with yahoo. in the end i took the very long route,ie.

i typed all of my contacts into an xl spreadsheet with work/mobile/fax in seperate colums.

then i edited each and every contact and added the numbers in their correct order and then deleted the duplicate contacts (i know,i must be mad). anyway contacts now sorted and upto date.


next problem im having is my msn/hotmail emails are being sent fine but im getting the usual spam folder sent to my phone as well now. is there anyway to block them or delete them before opening. whats happening at the moment are some are just being shown by the email icon at the top of screen but not opened and others are just opening on screen without touching anything.i have got the phone in a case and as soon as i open the flap the email opens but not all of them.hope that makes sence.


next issue.callender

firstly i dont use outlook at all.

ive been using yahoo callender for years which sends me a notification by email for upcoming events/birthdays/meetings. yahoo.com callender cant be synced to BB as of yet and is only a beta for the iphine.


could anyone recommend a callender that can be synced to my BB with an email reminder and also an alarm reminder on the phone. i know im asking for a lot but i can hope Smiley Happy

i use mozilla firefox if that helps. ive also got ReminderFox loaded but thats a bit naf.


fingers crossed you can help me out with these and then ill be a happy bunny.