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Accepted Solution

new software failure

1)  Have years of back up files with address book files

2)  New desktop software says all address books in every backup and some other files are read only and will not allow download.

3)  Have used older version of software to restore phones and address books from these files before.

4)  Central AM Support staff says all of the files in every back up and are greyed out must be corrupted, even thou some have been used before.

5)  They were never grayed out with old software.  Only with new software and only certain file parts.

6)  Offered to send support the file to look at.  They were not interested.


Obviously not possible that only parts of every file over years of back up were corrupted.  they were not even recently accessed.

Unfortunately, the support staff convinced me to de-install older version before installing new version thus do not have.

Does anyone have a solution?  Obviously the RIM support does not or will not.  They even say they don't have an older version of the software to send.

Anyone have Older versions of the desk top software?

Anyone have any suggestions?






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Re: new software failure

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Hi and Welcome to the Community!


Here is a resource for older Desktop Software versions:

Do understand that formal support (which this site is NOT a part of) is actually not allowed to provide access to older versions. I actually disagree with that restriction on them, but my disagreement with that policy does nothing to change it. So, sadly, they were simply doing as they are instructed to do within the rules that they are required to follow. Fortunately, here on this site, we are not quite so constrained!


If you need a truly "clean startover" process, here is one:

You also may want to investigate PC-based apps that can extract the data from those backup files (there are several free ones that, I am told, work quite fine). What you report is quite odd, and if it were me I'd be worried about the suspicion of corruption...it never hurts to have multiple sources of the same backup (e.g., the BBB/IPD file along with the extracted contents).

Good luck!

Occam's Razor nearly always applies when troubleshooting technology issues!

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Re: new software failure



Thanks for your responce.  It was very helpful.  I tried one of those free programs to read the ipd file.  All of my contacts were there in all of my back ups.  Thus, all of my files as BB support stated were corrupted were not corrupted.  (2 years worth of phone #s lost).  Still could not get to load addresses to my curve.  Did get a torch to see if that was the problem and the address selection showed up and the address file was down loaded fine.  Since at that point I was safe, I updated the software on my curve and viola the address icon allowed me to select it and could down load addresses.  It took them all so my phones as of now are good (yet almost full).  One real problem with these things is I have not found a easy way to delete old emails or limit the time span.  Have 4 years of messages on this thing and don't have 10 hours to delete them one at a time.

The issue was the new desktop software was not compatible with curve software three steps back 4.2-4.5 and required SP3 which no one stated and I did not have.  The real disapointment here is that BB support/ and a supervisor to boot told me all of my files were corrupted which was not a logical conclusion, and thus could not help me, and sorry you lost all your address data.  Furthermore, in disregard to safety of my ability to access my phone and data had me un-install a working program and try to install and upgrade that failed due to not having a software feature in my operating system.  They did not care or understand the issue but would not help until I upgraded the desktop software.  I needed to call a consultant friend to find a version I could load.  Lastly, the supervisor refused to let me talk to his boss who might have been technically compitent to not make an irrational judgement about my files, with a too bad see ya attitude.  A previous super after I had the SP3 problem told me he would try to find a SP3 I could load and call me back, never did.  It was not easy finding one on the web.  Most all I found were image files and then had CRC issues.

In essence they need someone at all times in their center who understands computers and how they work and not just people who push buttons and answer pat answers.


i used the program magic something to check my files.  What we need is a program with more features that can fix and recover these files.  Maybe something that goes to a txt file, allows you to edit out or fix corrupt stuff and then back to ipd/bbb.  People these days have their entire businesses on these devices and need to know they will not be left out in the cold and their data is safe and recoverable.


Thanks again.  Your help was very valuable in confirming my suspision that all the data was there and I just had to get good help/phone/version, some logic and technical savy to undo the technical problems caused by BB support.

If I was not an EE and did not understand these types of things I would have been Fkd.


THX Big time