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My Device: Bold 9900
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resettofactory does not remove BES

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The Bold 9900 had been used with BES. Now I wish to use it, without BES, on a POP account.

I have used Desktop to reset to factory. I have used the LOADER.exe compand line to /resettofactory.

Regardless, after it reboots, and I try to add the POP account, I get.


Activated Accounts

                    No accounts activated


Account Activation

To activate your enterprise account, enter

details provided by your system

administrator in the fields below.


Activation Password

   Show Password



This appears to me to not be factory because there is no place to add a pop account without activating BES.


I just need to get to Yahoo, without BES. Any suggestions?



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Re: resettofactory does not remove BES

I always thought that a security wipe was the only way to remove an IT policy. To do this, you have to access it from the phone directly. Depending on which OS your phone is running, you'll follow Options>Security>Security Wipe or Options>Phone>Security>Security Wipe. One way or another, you need to do a security wipe on the phone so poke around until you find the correct path to follow.



Let us know if that helps you.  Smiley Happy

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My Device: Bold 9900
My Carrier: ATT

Re: resettofactory does not remove BES

I also have done a security wipe directly on the phone. No joy.

According to KB21918 and KB18998, either one should remove BES.

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Re: resettofactory does not remove BES

sourcery wrote:

I also have done a security wipe directly on the phone. No joy.

According to KB21918 and KB18998, either one should remove BES.

Actually no, give them both a re-read, especially words such as these:



The factory reset performs much like the Wipe Handheld option from the BlackBerry smartphone, with some minor differences.

  • Wipe Handheld - The Wipe Handheld option is performed directly on the BlackBerry smartphone (see KB02318 and KB14058). This option removes all BlackBerry application data (emails, address book entries, calendar events, etc.), and allows the deletion of User Installed Applications and the content of the Media Card.
  • Reset to Factory Defaults - Application data will be removed and so are IT Policies. Third-party programs will  NOT be affected by this operation. They will remain intact.


ResetToFactory, via Loader or the Desktop Software, is the method to remove an IT Policy. Refer:

  • Article ID: KB16307 Actions performed by the BlackBerry smartphone during the removal of stored user and application data


Now, to the OPs situation...what I suspect is that the device was associated with BES before, and no longer is. Once the IT Policy is removed, then the device should be ready to accept a BIS account from the carrier. You can check if the IT Policy has been successfully removed via this:

  • Article ID: KB30076 How to check for an IT Policy on a BlackBerry smartphone

If removed, and only Enterprise is offered for email configuration, then the problem is that the device is not receiving BIS service from the carrier.

To use the proprietary BB services (including Push email capability, BBM, etc.), you must have an adequate data plan from your carrier. The carriers host BIS (BlackBerry Internet Service) for their BB users. Typically, BIS is not available via generic data plans. Many carriers call what is necessary The Blackberry Data Plan. Whatever they call it, it is the carrier who delivers BIS to their BB users -- contact them for assistance. Once you have a Push-email enabled BIS-capable data plan on your BB (at whatever fees your carrier will charge, btw), your BB-proprietary services will function (e.g., you will have Personal/Internet Email added to the email setup wizard, your BBM will function, etc).

With hundreds of carriers in the world, each with dozens of different data plans, it's impossible to tell you specifically what any service plan might actually provide. Only the carriers can answer that question. The best thing to do is to decide what services you desire, and then talk to your carrier about obtaining (from them) a data plan that enables what you desire.


Good luck!

Occam's Razor nearly always applies when troubleshooting technology issues!

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My Device: Bold 9900
My Carrier: ATT

Re: resettofactory does not remove BES

Thank you. Using KB30076 I confirmed that BES was removed.


What I hadn't realized, until you clearly explained it, was that BIS, also know as Blackberry Data was required for any email connection. 


I had passed my phone on to a friend, who is using ATT's GoPhone pay-as-you-go service. GoPhone does not support Blackberry Data. It only supports regular data, so he is getting text messages, but email is not possible.