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synch problems with pocketmac!

it was previously recognizing the Pearl but not allowing me to set preferences and not updating files between entourage and the pearl it would however set redirect for email?


Log File from Pocetmac


and will not synch between entourage and my Pearl, It recognizes Pearl but when I read the log files it says 0 synchs between notes and contacts! I tried the syncclean software to no avail here is the log file...


[09:06:56.668] 2008-06-22

[09:06:56.682] PocketMac SyncManager Started


[09:23:56.644] 2008-06-22

[09:23:56.676] PocketMac SyncManager Started

[09:23:58.089] Blackberry -> /dev/cu.Blackberry

[09:23:59.022] BlackBerry device pin xxxxxxxxxx

[09:24:29.556] Finished:0

[09:24:30.721] Progress:ISyncClientConnectingPhase xx9574528

[09:24:32.186] BlackBerry device pin xxxxxxxx

[09:24:38.342] Begin synchronization

[09:24:38.343] Synchronizing contacts

[09:24:42.365] 0 changes/new records.

[09:24:46.276] 0 changes/new records.

[09:24:46.279] Synchronizing calendar

[09:24:57.324] 0 changes/new records.

[09:25:00.938] 0 changes/new records.

[09:25:00.940] Synchronizing tasks

[09:25:04.438] 0 changes/new records.

[09:25:04.439] Synchronizing bookmarks

[09:25:07.465] 1760 changes/new records.

[09:25:49.160] Checking for mounted BlackBerry media cards.

[09:26:11.146] Synchronizing notes

[09:28:02.971] 1760 changes/new records.

[09:28:27.612] Cleaning up notes sync temporary data files.

[09:28:27.815] Synchronizing email

[09:28:51.210] 10 changes/new records.

[09:28:55.804] Finished:0 


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Re: synch problems with pocketmac!

My advice is don't even try. I have spent HOURS and HOURs trying to get my Macbook with Entourage and my BlackBerry Pearl to be in synch and we just have to face it - Blackberry has no intention of talking to Mac.


I first downloaded Pocketmac (it's free but you get what you pay for, believe me) and it worked 5-10 times, then after that, stopped working altogether. I contacted Pocketmac about the problem and they said they were aware of it and that they would be back to me shortly...but I have not heard from them with any solution since. I tried various sync options and settings but it just does not talk effectively to mac. It's a terrible product. No wonder it's free!


Then I tried Missing Sync. It costs about $50 and I heard good reviews about it. It took me hours to get set up so it would synch and when I did, it seemed to work properly. But I have to tell you, it only half works. First, if you add content to your BlackBerry, the Missing Synch software does one of two things - either ignores it, or deletes the record off your Blackberry altogether.

Secondly, what I discovered (in shock) today, is that the Missing Synch software deletes your calendar history altogether (from both your mac and Blackberry) after a month.


I am at a loss as to what to do since I love both my Mac and my Blackberry. But how do these companies expect us to function when these two critical tools don't talk to one another?


Of course, what they will say is - get Blackberry exchange server - but for we little guys who don't have the budget to pay for a $1000 +++ piece of this software, we are simply out of luck. I don't think they really care.


Sorry to be so negative but after spending over 50 hours on trying to make this work, I have come to the realization - it just doesn't work well. 

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Re: synch problems with pocketmac!

i have had a nighmare synching with BB & Pocketmac.  I gave up on Mark Space because of some limitations (see below) and have Pocketmac working now.  I use it with Entourage which I prefer.  I hope the information below is helpful:


ACCEPT iTUNES LICENSE - daft, but if you have a new Mac you must open iTunes and accept the license otherwise Pocketmac will not open.


DELETE YOUR OWN ADDRESS RECORD ON BB -  when overwriting the Mac with data from BB, it seems to hit your name (which cannot be deleted from Mac) and hangs.  So delete from BB first and it will complete.


ADDRESS LINE 2 MISSING - the sych with Pocketmac and/or Mark Space to Address Book or Entourage skips Line 2 of the BB's address book.   This means most of your addresses are useless.  I could not find a way of sorting this, so laboriously went through my Conatcts in Outlook and moved all data out of Line 2 into the other fields.  Then synched with BB and then Entouage.  Tedious but solved.


ADDRESS CATEGORIES NOT SUPPORTED - this is the case if you use Mark Space software with Entourage, and there is no fix.  Pocketmac is fine, which i suggest you use. Mark Space works ok with the Apple Address Book.


GOOGLE CALENDAR - this continuous net synch process works with iCal and your BB, BUT NOT ENTOURAGE as well.  Wait for Pocketmac to get Bluetooth connectivity, and you'll have a similar service without the cable.


On balance I have found Pocketmac more user friendly than Mark Space, and now runs ok.  It allows you to overwrite the Mac easily, which Mark Space does not.  I think the above issues are the main difficulties and solutions were hard to find.  If your have various Error messages after running you can find solutions to these easily by searching on them specifically in Google.  But do all of the above first.




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Re: synch problems with pocketmac!

[ Edited ]

i have had no issues synching my blackberry with Entourage through pocket mac since I called pocketmac there was a issue with another software that would not allow pocketmac to operate properly it has been fixed via a reinstall!


the issue I have now is that Blackberry / RIM does not support Macs for their software updates (OS 4.5) which will not work with Pocketmac !

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