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Re: whatsapp chat history recovery?

Runyamhere, hi I followed your instructions on my blackberry 9800, but my phone makes a new file as soon as I remove it from the computer.
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Re: whatsapp chat history recovery?

You can get access to the WhatsApp data base located on the SD card only as a root user I think. if you open "\data\data\com.whatsapp" you will see that "databases" is linked to "\firstboot\sqlite\com.whatsapp\"

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Re: whatsapp chat history recovery?

  Please visit : http://www.whatsapp.com/faq/bb/21040067

Here below the same text pasted. Works like a charm!


My chats are gone, how do I recover my chat history?

Message history is removed from the BlackBerry's internal memory after restarting your phone. If your chat history is not saved to a media card (SD card), it will be completely erased after restarting your phone. This is how the BlackBerry system is designed.

  1. Check your chat history settings.
  2. Check for problems on your media card.
  3. Attempt to recover your chat history.


Check your chat history settings

First, check that you have a media card in your BlackBerry (see this article for more information), then check your settings inside of WhatsApp to make sure they are correct:

  1. Open WhatsApp.
  2. Go to the Settings tab.

  3. Go to Media Settings.

  4. Make sure that Message History is set to Media Card.


Check for problems on your media card

If your Message History is already set to Media Card but your chats are still missing, there is likely a conflict between your media card and WhatsApp. To fix this, we recommend these steps:

  1. Make sure your media card is not full. You can check this in BlackBerry Media folder button > Memory Use.
  2. Make sure your media card card is not set to read only (if you can save and edit files on your media card, it is not read only).
  3. Remove and reinsert your media card.
  4. Go to BlackBerry Options > Device > Storage, press the  button, and then selectRepair.


Attempt to recover your chat history

You may be able to recover some of your chat history on your SD card by restoring an older chat backup:

  1. Delete WhatsApp, then reboot your phone by removing the battery.
  2. After your phone restarts, open your BlackBerry Media folder.
  3. Press the  button and choose Explore.
  4. Go to Media Card > databases > WhatsApp and find the file called messagestore.db.
  5. Rename that file to "123messagestore.db". This will prompt WhatsApp to restore the next most recent chat history that was saved. A new chat history backup is created every day.
  6. Reinstall WhatsApp.
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Re: whatsapp chat history recovery?

Hi All,


here below the procedure that allows to restore your whatsapp chat history when you move to a new BB10 device from a previous BB10 device.


1) Backup your whatsapp conversation on the old BB10 device (open whatsapp > Settings > Media Settings > Backup conversation). The backup file will be stored in Device/misc/whatsapp/backup

2) Copy the backup file just created into the new device in the same path, so in Device/misc/whatsapp/backup

3) Rename the backup file just copied in the new device using this filename: messageStore-yyyy-mm-dd.1.db.crypt (filename convention is critical! if you do not rename the file using this convention, the backup file will be not properly recognized and you'll be not able to restore old messages)

4) Install Whatsapp on the new device

5) Once the whatsapp installation procedure will be completed, you'll be automatically prompted to restore your old chat hstory since a backup file has been found in your new device (thanks to steps 2&3)

6) Accept and magically your old conversations will be there.


Hope it helps all the whatsapp users having BB10 devices.

It worked fine  for me (and i've repeated the procedure several times).


I've not verified the procedure on old BBOS devices, but i guess the same procedure can be used.



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Re: whatsapp chat history recovery?

Hi, and hope you might be able to help with this.
I love your application and wish to continue using it on my new BBerry (q30 passport) as I did on my old (q10), both of which are BB OS10.

When I look online for step by step on exporting and restoring my message history, the best description I find so far is yours.

My issue is that when I install and activate whatsapp on my new phone (passport), I am not getting a prompt to 'restore'.

I have successfully backed up my chats from old phone and exported to my desktop, with a file name of "messageStore-2015-08-09.2.db.crypt"

I have tried:
* leaving the file on my desktop and installing/activating WhatsApp while Passport connected to desktop
* copying the file into the misc folder
* copying the file into a created misc/whatsapp folder
* copying the file into a created misc/whatsapp/backup folder
* doing all of the above with a rename of the file to "messageStore-2015-08-09.1.db.crypt"
* searching in FAQ, help online or settings in WhatsApp application itself

None of these seem to have any effect, and when I install & activate WhatsApp, I get a 'clean' install, with no option to restore my existing.

Hoping there is a simple solution, particularly with all of this detail.
I look forward to your help.. Thank you.
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Re: whatsapp chat history recovery?

Hi Kevin,


honestly i just swapped to 2 Q10 devices. I didn't try on Passport.

Anyway i'm surprised that the procedure is not woking because as you said both of them are BB10 devices.


You can try to proceed in this way:

Once you've installed whatsapp on Passport, try to generate a "dummy" backup of the whatsapp chat ("dummy" just because on the new device there are no old chats).

Then look for the backup file just created, in order to check whether on Passport there's any difference either in the path where the backup file are stored or in the filename convention".


Once you've verified these 2 info, you can try to uninstall whatsapp, and copy your real backup file in the proper path and using the proper naming convention. and then reinstall whatsapp.


I'm pretty sure that even on Passport, backup file will be created in this path: misc/whatsapp/backup

So it's probablu only a matter to find the correct naming convention.


Looking on the web there might be some problems in case of cross platforms (from Android to BB10 for instance), but  i don't think this is the cause of the issue you are facing.


Good Luck!





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Re: whatsapp chat history recovery?

Hello ChampioNi, Thanks a lot i resolve my problem with your steps Smiley Happy . Best regards, MehdiT