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Re: BB 10 Playbook OS

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JSanders wrote:

So why is your dander up? You're an Apple fanboi obviously, and your work involves supporting BESX, it appears. 

I wouldn't go so far as to call me a fanboi, although I am certainly a fan. I understand that fact that there are other platforms out there, that all platforms and vendors have their strengths and weaknesses, and that Apple isn't the be all and end all. However, with that said I don't find much of the anti-Apple sentiment on these boards to be particularly accurate, including that which comes from you.
Regardless of how you feel about them or their products (which are very high quality products in my opinion), they revolutionized the smartphone market and radically changed what the average consumer carried in their pocket in a very short period of time. The fact that your Z10 or Q10 has a touchscreen on it, among other things, can be directly tied to the iPhone launch in 2007 and the radical changes that the market went though as a result.
And yes, I am a BESX admin, which means I do spend a lot of my time dealing with BlackBerry devices and back end servers, so I do have some idea what I'm talking about.

JSanders wrote:

swotam seems to think anyone and any comment with he disagrees is "stupid" (the most overused word in the language by adolescents <-- my opinion). Don't get me wrong, I respect the time and work he spends with the BES users in this forum, without a doubt.


Can we actually have a discussion without flaming words like "stupid" and "lies" and such? 

The only time I used the word "stupid" was in regards to your argument about iOS7, but perhaps "misguided" would have been a better choice. Either way, it's not a valid comparison in regards to the overall conversation about the Playbook.
Unlike the iPhone or iPad, the original Playbook model is the "current" model. It has never been updated since initial launch except for the inclusion of LTE at some point along the way, so a customer who bought one on launch day and a customer who buys one today are buying the exact same product. As a point of reference, the Playbook (launched April 2011) is roughly the same age as the iPad 2 (launched March 2011). Note that in the Apple product lineup, the iPad 2 is still considered a current product since it is still offered as a lower cost alternative to the Retina iPad.
To use your comparison, RIM not bringing BB10 to the Playbook would be equivalent to Apple not bringing iOS7 to the iPad 2 after publicly stating that they would.
The difference is, iOS7 will be available for the iPad 2, so customers with Apple's 2 year old device will have the choice to update to the latest OS, whereas Playbook owners are now stuck with their 2 year old device (even if purchased yesterday) that has a somewhat vague future and an orphaned OS that BlackBerry is not likely to spend much time on.
At the end of the day, which customers do you think were treated better?
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Re: BB 10 Playbook OS

, We have several threads running already on this issue, and as long we can keep it civil and at a level of mature conversation, I don't see what's wrong with this one, as it is. I am not going to create yet a new thread on the same issue and have it stickied to the top, only to become yet another flame-magnet for those who can't type without devolving to belittling gutter language and personal attacks.


, yea we can make comparisons all days long. Apple would not be where it is today had it not been for RIM's earlier mobile communications innovations and leading the market at that time, in which Apple saw opportunity and jumped in a very timely fashion AND with a good consumer product. We can discuss who was first and best all day long. My PlayBook works well for what I use it for as it is. I would love to do more with it, and personally I do think it could see some very useful upgrades on just the hardware it has now.


No argument about the the fact that Heins reversed himself.

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Re: BB 10 Playbook OS

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Putting the disappointment of BB10 not coming to the PlayBook aside I have to admit that my PlayBook is still excellent for what I use it for but one of the things bothering me most is that Skype will not be coming to the PlayBook as expected. I feel like I have lied to friends and family who I recommended or purchased a PlayBook for. 


Respect to Microsoft and BlackBerry for bringing Skype to my Z10 but I have to ask if anyone knows or has heard of anyway a BB10 or Android version of Skype can or will be converted for use on the PlayBopok ? I am aware of the sideloaded version which used to work but wondered if anyone had any good news or gossip about Skype for the PlayBook in the near future ?