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Re: Blackberry Playbook Wont charge

My turn to throw into this.
To determine the fault, try the power supply(PSU), see Charger, on another RIM product. This step will tell you if the charger is kaput or not.

The most common fault will lie in the the connection. This manifests itself in (a) dirt or forien material at the point of contact, or (b) broken wire. Both are usually best prevented. Don't ever fold or kink the cable. This will surely cause this sort of fault. The other is to clean the plug and socket with a burst of compressed air followed by dipping the connector end (unplugged from wall obviously) into a cap of isopropyl alcohol. The purer the better. Switch cleaner is also a very good choice. Rubbing alcohol at last resort. Then plug into device socket gently a couple of times. Repeat. If this doesn't rectify, chances are your socket is worn out or just plain busted.

There are many other things that can cause this sort of fault. These are most likely.

OK. My problem. Mine has a fault actually in the switch mode part of the supply. As I have a few other PSUs, I was able to figure this out pretty quick.

I have a couple playbooks and bbs. I also have tons of other gear from other manufactures. I am an electronics technician. I've succsesfully troubleshooted a problem with my switch powersupply. I attempt to contact blackberry to discuss it.

This is my problem. There is no where to discuss it except here. I get that things don't always work. I also take exceedingly good care of my power supply and expect at least 7 years from a competant design. It failed in just over/under a year.
I love the playbook. I hate this user experience. I am eagerly looking forward to bb10. But this might be the clincher for me. The service is beyond bad. 90 days for a $500 product? RIM, you may have just lost an evangelist as a customer. I've been singing your praises because of my experience with the playbook and its OS. But no help desk? 90 days? Rubbish.
I can be sure I don't need a proprietary charger for a samsung. Now I have to spend even more money on this thing? Apples stuff may be expensive but at least they take care of the hand that feeds.

You want me to pay for support? Its a power supply that failed. Under this logic, RIM owers me for my time troubleshooting the fault. If I tried to pull that, I'd be out of business! There is virtually no way to repair a switch mode PSU and it appears that I can only use BB chargers for BB. This in itself is ludacrus. 5 volts regulated is 5 volts.

Really unhappy. Most of all because I was looking forward to BB10. But if this is how RIM chooses to do business, I may have to pass to something more reasonable.

Does anybody know how to get through to customer service without the threat of being charged to use their wonderful service department?
Thanks all,
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Re: Blackberry Playbook Wont charge

I had a similar problem - PlayBook would not charge, I left charge it for over a  day, but still all that happend when i pressed the power button was that a red light appeared then five short flashes of green light.

However, after reading on the internet I heard that the little connection bit in the PlayBook's charging port/ microusb slot needs to be central , on further inspection this little prong in the slot was bent to one side, so i used the smaller curved bit of a paper clip to move the little connector to the middle and this worked (please be careful, there probably are better tools to use!!! The curved bit on a paper clip works alright, i would not try to use end of a paper clip because that might destroy the metalic connections)!!  None the less, this fixed the problem for me. I went on to plug in the charger to the microusb port and the charging lighting bolt subsequently came on - FIXED! It is important to keep the BlackBery symbol on the Blackberry charger upright. Here is where i found this solution if it helps:


source: http://www.ifixit.com/Answers/View/95120/Playbook+got+to+0%25+battery+and+now+it+won't+turn+on


Hope this helps and good luck!