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Re: Forget About BB10 on Playbook

 Thorsten, let me down, and therefore I have lost my trust in BlackBerry. No longer worth believing in these people say this was a good brand and let it be. : (

I am willing to participate in a class action. Man Frustrated

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Re: Forget About BB10 on Playbook

I have two Playbooks and I cannot believe this news.  At the very least Blackberry needs to turn over all specs to the Android community and let volunteers create the OS from now on, so we can start using the tablet as tablets are meant to be used.  If Blackberry needs to cut their losses, FINE, but at least provide us with a way to get functionality out of Playbooks!


I NEED SKYPE and after investing in 2 Blackberry Playbooks, I don't have more money to waste on other tablets, like Samsung, etc.

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Re: Forget About BB10 on Playbook

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This is unfortunate.


I guess we now know the real reason Netflix hasn't released a BB10 app - they know people want screens bigger than phones to watch TV on, but with no BB10 on the PlayBook BlackBerry has little to offer Netflix.


I feel bad for the early adopters who paid full price for their PlayBooks (me included) and those late adopters who sucked them all up when the price fell believing they would eventually get BB10.


I also feel bad for the developers who put effort into the platform thinking the PlayBook would get BB10.


At the very least the PlayBook should be updated to run Cascades and other BB10 apps. 



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Re: Forget About BB10 on Playbook

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After buying so many Playbook (for myself, my brother, my spouse - just a few months ago, and countless friends that I convinces to buy one) I not buying a single BlackBerry product anymore.


How can a company release a product without a single update to them! Not only I'm talking about Playbook 4G, but all those BlackBerry phones release in 2012... All other major companies, including Apple and Samsung, provide updates for at least 2 years. At least you were fair by saying the phones won't receive any updates, but Playbook, really? This is just cheap. At least don't lie next time, but then again - who is going to believe you again? Certainly not me.


*So* disappointed in BlackBerry...

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Re: Forget About BB10 on Playbook


not sure if I missed something but there has never been any promise by the CEO of BlackBerry that the PlayBook would get the BlackBerry 10 OS.

If I look on the internet, I see people posting a screenshot of a tweet from the official "BlackBerry Mexico" account on Twitter, but I could not find it myself
question 1 ==> Did it really exist?
question 2 ==> why would BlackBerry reveal such information through a country account?

Even reading the CrackBerry blog, I could not find anything that says "yes trusted sources told us BB10 was coming for the PB". The most positive rumor I found is dated end of may here:

and I quote the very first sentence of that blog article:
"At this point we really have no clue if we'll see BlackBerry 10 for the PlayBook."


I know a lot of people on the CrackBerry forums, and even here on the present community forum, are very enthusiastic about their PlayBook(s).
And I also know that people love to "read between the lines", but really, all this was just a rumor.

You can be angry that the rumor is not true after all, but you can't blame BlackBerry for promising and giving hope and then crush hope.

And this is not defiance towards the CrackBerry editors. They have always chosen their words carefully in their blog articles. Conditional tense, and the use of "may", "might", "perhaps" and "maybe" should always be noticed.
And explicitly relaying rumors is part of what makes CrackBerry, CrackBerry.


It was just a rumor and far too many people relayed it as a prediction/promise.

The search box on top-right of this page is your true friend, and the public Knowledge Base too:
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Re: Forget About BB10 on Playbook

"you can't blame BlackBerry for promising and giving hope and then crush hope.".  This is a silly statement meant to further enrage Playbook owners.  A promise was made.  It wasn't "we will try to get BB10 on Playbook", it was "BB10 is coming to all Playbooks".  There's a difference, so stop trying to troll.

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Re: Forget About BB10 on Playbook

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"not sure if I missed something but there has never been any promise by the CEO of BlackBerry that the PlayBook would get the BlackBerry 10 OS." Uhm yeah you missed it all right:



Push play and skip to 6:30.


TH said that the PlayBook will get updated to BlackBerry 10. It is on video for all to see.

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Re: Forget About BB10 on Playbook

Yeah.  Not too impressed either.  I bought three PB's (16, 32, 64) under the assumption that BB10 was coming to the PB's (since it was stated by BB).  I also convinced 5 other people to buy them as well.


For some of them, they admittedly don't care if they have BB10 or not as it is essentially now a media storage device for music and shows to keep the kids occupied.  I guess that is what mine will become as well.


But I will never buy a BB tablet again since BB has lost all credibility in this market (and continue loosing credibility in the phone market as well unfortunately).


As someone posted on CrackBerry, 'never buy a device on what it may do, but on what it does today'.  Unfortunately, if I were to have followed that, I wouldn't have bought my Z10 and I would have stuck with my 9900 and it also means I wont be buying an Android tablet since they still have issues to be addressed as well.  Guess I'll park the tablet purchasing for another year.

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Re: Forget About BB10 on Playbook

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Blackberry can rot in HELL.

Not another dime on this poor excuse for a company.

Loyalty is gone.

They have lied every chance possible.

They have a pathetic leader.

Their ecosystem is beyond **bleep**.

...I can't wait to join in on the class action against the bait and switch used on playbooks.

...Your on video captain BS!!

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Re: Forget About BB10 on Playbook

For the record, here's the transcript:

Q: (CNBC Announcer) "So if i could follow up, you say the same as Blackberry 10. does that mean you will scrap the Playbook entirely and start over with a new tablet?"
A: (Thorsten) "No. Uh, what we will be doing is, the teams are working on this, we will take it the other way around. We will provide Blackberry 10 software updates for all of the Playbooks that are out there. So the Wi-Fi and 4G version, they will all be upgradable it blackberry 10."