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Re: Full and complete BB10 On Playbook - Fair, Just and Deserved.

Thorsten said it will happen, never said when


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Re: Full and complete BB10 On Playbook - Fair, Just and Deserved.

I have been a Playbook owner for awhile now, and how they have handled device is exactly why I did not purchase the Z10.  In a media centric world lack of support for things like Hulu, Netflix, Skype and many other sources is just short sighted.  The fact that over the entire time I have owned this device there has been no offical attempt to make it in any way competitive with any of the on market tablets says a lot about BB's intentions in regards to keeping product support alive.


My playbook has been relegated to a glorified web reader, while the Nexus and Galaxy Tab have utterly replaced it in EVERY way.  What really saddens me is the OS is so clean and viable for its developers to abandon it as they have.


Personally I feel very upset with BB over the whole deal with this device, make an effort to show all of us who remained loyal enough to have your product that its not all in vain.  Update the playbook to the newest OS so that we can all bask in the promised new vision of BB.


Until I see something come to lite I personally won't advise others to buy any BB product over more viable ones on the market right now.  Your care of your customers is whats hurting you most now, leaving us out to grab for new people isn't smart.

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Re: Full and complete BB10 On Playbook - Fair, Just and Deserved.

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I too am holding off purchasing any future BlackBerry products until they stay true to their word about releasing BB 10 for the PlayBook. In fact, if they don't, I'll most liklely leave BlackBerry for good when it comes time to update my hardware even though I am not a big fan of Android stuff, it's slowly growing on me since I threw it on my HP TouchPad to test out.


The thing is, the more people see my PlayBook out in public, the more they like it and want one for themselves. When I compare it to the iPad Mini, it becomes apparent just how clumsy iOS really is. Gestures and multi-tasking on the PlayBook ARE it's major selling points to me. I come from the HP TouchPad running the defunct webOS and it's selling point was multi-tasking and gestures too. It was just SO EASY to use.  Using iOS and Android requires a steaper learning curve than using the PlayBook. They are NOT as intuitive as BlackBerry's OS...be it 2.1 or hopefully SOON, BB10. Try an iPad or Android tablet one of these days in a store...you'll be swiping all over the place out of habit and quickly become frustrated on how to use their OS's. The PlayBook just needs support (OS updates and bug fixes) and more big name apps and you could easily reintroduce a new generation tablet with higher specs (RAM, CPU, Camera with LED flash and better connectivity options) and have a winner - I'd buy one for sure.





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Re: Full and complete BB10 On Playbook - Fair, Just and Deserved.

don;t upgrade to z10 if you like your playbook, I upgraded from my 9900 to z10 and now my playbook is almost useless no bridge and the remote is now clumsy were as people loved my 9900 to playbook for power point demo's it doesn;t work now. Sad sad
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Re: Full and complete BB10 On Playbook - Fair, Just and Deserved.

I realize we all have our way of working. 


We have three Playbooks and a number of Z10 phones. One of the Playbooks is a 4G on its own data plan.

I found the Playbook cannot tether with the Z10. Blackberry is aware that this is a global problem. They told me it is an issue with the Playbook protocol for Bluetooth tethering.


I found I get excellent results using WiFi hot spot from the z10. This works very well with the Playbook tablets. The 4G can work on its own.


As for the Bridge software with the Playbook, my preference is to use the built in email client. I use the Playbook as an independent tablet from the phone when it involves applications. I can wait for Blackberry to come out with their new Bridge software. I was told that in about a month's time there are supposed to be more updates coming out.


I have been using the Z10 since it came out. I have been using Blackberry phones for many years. They are very secure and I've had very few reliability issues with their products.


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Re: Full and complete BB10 On Playbook - Fair, Just and Deserved.

@Gunpackingsaint: you're robbing yourself of a fantastic BB experience if you spite the Z10 just because of BB is foot dragging on the PlayBook.  My Z10 and PB make a fantastic combination, especially when I bridge through the Z10 for an internet connection on the PB.  Like others I am anxiously awaiting BB10 for the PlayBook, but having updated my Z10 from 10.0 to 10.1 and reading about what is coming for 10.2, I can fully appreciate why BB is not putting a lot of energy into PB.  There were a lot of great little improvements from 10.0 to 10.1, and the feature set for 10.2 will be an even greater leap forward.  I think (hope) at that point, however, the development effort will have progressed enough to put some energy into PB.  Regardless, you should, for sure, reward yourself with the Z10 experience, you won't be disappointed.

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Re: Full and complete BB10 On Playbook - Fair, Just and Deserved.

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Re: Full and complete BB10 On Playbook - Fair, Just and Deserved.

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Here is hoping that they do not heel drag on this. Amazon pretty much lost Canada as an e- customer base as it refused to sell it's flagship "fire" until now. That is how I ended up with my PlayBook...and am soooo glad I did not get a Kindle now. It is bothersome however, that the "announcement" via BB Mexico was quickly yanked...no doubt by angry HQ. I would have thought a "correction" or clarification would have been the smarter buisness move. People will wait, rather than jump ship, if reassured that BB10 is, in fact, on it's way for PlayBook in the very near future. Loyalty is one thing, patience is another. And here is a bit of marketing advice for Thorsten...follow Apple's lead, don't be cheap, spend the advert dollars, you know it pays off, and makes shareholders less skittish. So far I am contented with my Curve 9380 and my Playbook...but that could change, as they have announced BB messenger for android, and some very shiny anroid tabs out there....so I'll end this with a hope, that you folks are indeed working overtime in a huge way, to make this happen.


P.S. Have no fears that I will cross over the the dark side...."Apple inc." ...I just do not feel all that comfortable in skinny jeans, jelled hair, a murse and summer scarf...and I hate Starbucks Man Wink

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Re: Full and complete BB10 On Playbook - Fair, Just and Deserved.

Jim425 wrote:

I know just how you feel.  Am in the same boat you were in and trying to make up my mind to jump to Android products, might as well get a device apps were written for instead of the hokey side loaded approach which often freezes PB use.  Have already decided not to buy a Q10/Z10, just on general principals, about not supporting the main reason for sticking with PB, the bridging capability.  Still cannot understand how BB wrote off that feature.  Probably figured there were only a couple thousand of us without realizing the credibility negatives they have earned along the way.   Bought a Verizon Jetpack so would not have to wait for 4G LTE but of course that means having another device at home or in the car.  No big deal but at least put off urgency of getting new 4G phone.

Many Android Apps run just fine on the PlayBook and the Q10 / Z10 have more memory so there are fewer problems there.

The BB10 is a brand new OS, so BlackBerry hasn't written off those features they will be added in time.  Considering BB10 is in beta testing for PlayBook I wouldn't think some love for BB Bridge would be that far off.

Perhaps carriers made a stink about BB Bridge now that BB is not longer using BIS.

Overall I am loving my Z10 you should reconsider BB 10 if you are a BB user.

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Re: Full and complete BB10 On Playbook - Fair, Just and Deserved.

MaRichter wrote:

Jim425:  Negative Credibility is of utmost urgency for BB. I wonder why there seem to be no chance to update PB (WiFi as well as 3G/LTE) ! No OS10 with a lot of consequenzes to Apps. No Skype ... and I learned these days, that you can order Kindle books and read them - on BB - but only if you`ve got OS10 onboard! I personally waited as well for a PB 10,1" wich apparently will not come. So I also have to rethink smartphone and other tablet-configuration - Android most probably (never Apple) - dommage!

I think the PB 10 is still in the works.  Understand that BlackBerry right now is focused on the BB 10 phone messenging.  It's a great device and they have to get the message out NOW about it.  Adding the PlayBook into that mix would only dilute that messenging.   Given the PlayBook has only 1GB of RAM and the BB10 Phones have 2GB of RAM they are obviously fine tuning the OS for the smaller memory footprint.

That isn't an overnight process and it wouldn't do anyone any good for BlackBerry to release a sub-part BB10 for the PlayBook.


I for one think Google has enough of my personal information which is why they will never get my smart phone business.  Especially considering some of the privacy fiascos they have had with their phones.  I find Google's gestures to not feel natural at all.

I feel like Apple products are made for "beginners".  It's like a smartphone with training wheels.