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Re: Future Things We Want Rim To Fix On The Playbook (Organized)

We need access to all of the options that are available on the phone's email application, it should be seamless to switch between the two. Unless it is equal or easier to use the playbook, people will just pull their phone out to deal with emails.

One important addition would be the ability to be able to save email attachments to the PB, right now it is only possible to save to the phone memory or media card.

Another thing that bugs me is the spell checker, no point red underlining a word unless i get suggestions for the correct spelling. Something that is so easy on the phone !

I would also love to see integration with Blackberry Travel, as that is a great application which would be so much better on the PB.

I could go on and on, but it would be nice to know I wasn't just talking to myself !
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Re: Future Things We Want Rim To Fix On The Playbook (Organized)

about the ability to save email attachments on the PB, you cannot and this is by design. Your BlackBerry smartphone is ruled by an IT policy, and this IT policy extends to the PlayBook, but in the Bridge vinicy. This means you can view those files on your PlayBook only through the Bridge, aka open them from your device through BlueTooth.

I know it may seem unnatural, but it is natural when security is concerned. If you lose your BlackBerry PlayBook, the BES admin of your company cannot remotely delete the content of your PlayBook like he would on your BlackBerry smartphone.

That being said, once OS2 is released on the PlayBook, for non Enterprise email, you will be able to save attachment files on your PlayBook.


About the features of the Messages application on the smartphone, I once started counting and found more than 60 functions before I stopped. I am deeply convinced that only 10 are used by 95% of users, and those 10 will be available for sure on the PlayBook. I doubt all the other power features will not be available on the tablet. This is part of the reason why BlackBerry10 devices are not planned before end of 2012. Because it is acceptable (sigh) to have a mail application that is limited on a tablet, but this is not acceptable on a BlackBerry smartphone.


About the spellchecker. This is incredible. We are of course talking of two features :
1) spell check (works on the PlayBook everywhere)
2) spell corrector (works in Docs To Go only)

the spell corrector is already available on the PlayBook, but only in Words To Go. I have read (but I won't look for the source today) that the spell corrector already works on the beta versions of OS2 so I hope it won't be removed when OS2 is officially available to the public.

The search box on top-right of this page is your true friend, and the public Knowledge Base too:
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Re: Future Things We Want Rim To Fix On The Playbook (Organized)

Don't get me started on IT policy, lol.

I can understand what you are saying, but if i want to save an email attachment to my PB it just means I have to transfer it via my laptop instead of saving it directly, making the ITsecurity policy redundant.

Good news about the spell corrector.

I am curious about whether the native email planned for 2.0 will allow access to corporate email accounts which are managed through a BES, certainly hope so.

Thanks for your replies.
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Re: Future Things We Want Rim To Fix On The Playbook (Organized)

In terms of the spell checker,  you will be pleased with the OS2.0 solution that is in the current beta.  There is a universal predictive text feature (which I'm using now) that is insanely good.   However,  I share your thoughts regarding the bridge email--it should be capable of doing anything that the native phone email can do.   


I have a bigger issue with the bridge calendar,  though.  Right now, it does not allow you to set time as free/tentative / out / busy.   Very. Annoying. Also, you can open "supported" attachments to appointments, but you cannot actually atach items to appointments.  Which relates to an annoyance I have with the bridge email.  No "download attachment" option.  Even if this all has to happen in the phone environment, why not make the features available?  I'd like to be able to download an attachment from a email,  then create a calendar entry and attach the same document to the calendar entry.  It's very frustrating to be unable to do that. 

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Re: Future Things We Want Rim To Fix On The Playbook (Organized)

I will go through this list and re-do / edit it once 2.0 comes out but seriously, I hope this stuff makes it into 2.0 and they just haven't been announced.

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Re: Future Things We Want Rim To Fix On The Playbook (Organized)

you guys are expecting too much things. Calm down.
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Rename book marks

When is rim ever going to add the enhancement to rename bookmarks. 


This is a basic function that should have been rolled out with os1. I am shocked os2 has come its still nit there. 


RIM its time to get it together and stop the embarrassment.  

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Re: Future Things We Want Rim To Fix On The Playbook (Organized)

Sheets To Go app should allow for freeze pane functionality for columns and rows

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Re: Future Things We Want Rim To Fix On The Playbook (Organized)

I agree with all that's been asked more or less. I would like to add my pet peeve lol can someone at RIM or I suppose Tungle seeing as they created the calendar to give us a date changing calendar widget and not that static 31st that we had to put up with on BB phones for ages, is that too much to ask for??? 

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Re: Future Things We Want Rim To Fix On The Playbook (Organized)

- i like to organize my bookmarks in folders or synch with google bookmarks.

- Multi user support, to share my playbook with my family without share all my mails, calendars, apps etc.