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How to use the PlayBook - No one seems to know!

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I recently purchased the new 4G LTE PlayBook and so my 64 GB Wifi PlayBook, which I've enjoyed for the past six months, has become somewhat surplus to my needs. I decided, rather reluctantly, to sell my 64 GB model to help offset the cost of my new one and placed an Ad for it on Kijiji. Needless to say, it wasn't long before I was having an "All things PlayBook" discussion on the phone with what I thought was a potential buyer. After our lengthy chat on the phone, we agreed to meet up at the food court in a local shopping mall for what I thought would be an easy Show andSell, but I am afraid I misjudged this fellows motives.


 The meeting at the Food Court yesterday definitely didn't go the way I had anticipated: what I thought was going to be a "Show and Sell," turned out to be a lengthy "Show and Tell" and I'm fairly certain this is what my "Potential Buyer"had always intended. After we met up, I spent the next hour and a half demonstrating to, or should I say teaching, this fellow all about the BlackBerry PlayBook: all the hardware features, the OS features and setup and, most importantly,the finer point of navigating it's  excellent User Interface. Now after that hour and a half, I'm happy to say that this fellow is thoroughly impressed with the PlayBook, but he did not end up purchasing it  and I was left to wonder why? 


It was plainly obvious that this fellow was keenly interested in the BlackBerry PlayBook. It is also quite obvious now that he never intended to purchase my 64 GB model unless, of course, I sold it at a very low price - which he knew I wouldn't prior to our agreeing to meet. What I'm fairly certain he wanted out of this meeting was a good solid demonstration on how to use the PlayBook and who better to do that then a current owner that is upgrading to a newer model. Although one would think there would be an easier way to obtain a hands on demonstration of the PlayBook and it abilities.


What I can tell you, from first hand experience, is that the vast majority of sales staff in stores where the PlayBook is available, don't have a clue on operating a PlayBook. It's sad, but true. I recently went to a BestBuy to have a look at the Nexus 7 tablet. I wanted to see how well a 1280x800 resolution display in a 7 inch tablet performed at web browsing - very, very well I'd point out. When approached by a member of the sales staff, we quite naturally got into the usual techno-babble discussion about tablets and he proved to be quite knowledgeable. When the discussion got around to the BlackBerry PlayBook (and I took him right to the display), he admitted to me that he was not at all familiar with the PlayBook - which I have found to be an almost standard response where ever I go. Now what are the chances that your average "Joe Consumer" is going to end up taking home a PlayBook from one of these places.


Even a reasonably tech savvy individual who will first research tablets on the internet ( you know, the typical comparison shopper ), then go to the stores for a firsthand appraisal of the various products, is not going to get properly introduced to the PlayBook's excellent hardware, superb Operating System, or fantastic User Interface because the sales staff are usually incapable of providing that information.  I see this as an area where RIM must make improvements.  The sales staff at the stores are the frontline soldiers, the people that the consumers will eventually go to when it's finally time to make their decision and purchase. And if the sales staff are shying away from the PlayBook because they don't understand it (and I encounter this constantly), then the chances of an even less informed consumer actually buying one are extremely slim. If BlackBerry wants to increase the sales of their PlayBook tablet, then they should educate, motivate, or somehow win over the people who can lead the paying customers to their products. As it stand now, it's just not happening.


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Re: How to use the PlayBook - No one seems to know!

It's marketing. I swear by my PlayBook. I had the great opportunity to use the other two major tabs. The Playbook OS is head and shoulders above the others. So your experience may support the criticism that RIM should never have entered the consumer market. Their marketing is so business oriented they don't understand marketing to the Consumer segment. In this regard they are in a similar situation that IBM was in in the early 1990s. OS/2 was by far the superior desktop OS but they failed in marketing to the consumer.

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Re: How to use the PlayBook - No one seems to know!

The Sales people sell the product that makes them the most money, pure and simple. They make very little from the PlayBook, most from the iPaid.
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Re: How to use the PlayBook - No one seems to know!

I think not having a competitive app market really hurts the playbook sales. If this tablet do everything my BlackBerry Torch does but better and on a larger scale, this would be the best tablet out there.

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Re: How to use the PlayBook - No one seems to know!

I think the competitive app market is full of bull. It is a bandwagon all media climbed on. Having 600 000 apps? Who really cares? Just like having 500+ TV channels.  The only two apps I miss is a good Office app and Skype.  Not that Skype. Is really that useful, it looks funny to me talking to a tablet,  Talking about an open office environment, no secrets here. Yet, it would be nice to have. 


I agree.that RIM has a real problem marketing to average folks. 


I love my little machine as it is. 

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Re: How to use the PlayBook - No one seems to know!

So unfortunate but so true. Ever try talking to that same salesperson about buying a BlackBerry smartphone? They will try to sell you on the competition. With respect to selling to make the most money, Best Buy staff are not commissioned salespeople so they don't make any more money for selling a more expensive tablet. I have loved my Playbook since day one. I bought my PlayBook at Staples and got a basics demonstration and the salesperson tried to sell me on the ipad. He also questioned why I wanted the 64gb. 


Shame about RIM, they should really get on the bandwagon and sell to the average consumer. I often wonder if they even bother reading these forum posts to solve some of their own issues. We are the users and we can tell them where they got it wrong as well as where they got it right...If only they took the time to read.

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Re: How to use the PlayBook - No one seems to know!

Wow talk about talk about having a set of grapefruits.
You seem like a good natured person this guy went to a lot of trouble to get a free class on playbook 101 he could have gotten all that info on YouTube I would be curious to know if he purchased a new PlayBook after his playbook 101 class with you.
You are a better person than I
I don't think I would have been very nice to him after the scam he pulled. And you are absolutely correct about sales staff at the big electronics stores pretty much clueless about the playbook I did all my research on the playbook on YouTube I wanted to hear from pb owners and after purchase I learned all that I needed from forums and YouTube its a shame that so many people wind up with different tablet because the playbook is treated like a unwanted step child by sales staff
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Re: How to use the PlayBook - No one seems to know!

I have walked into a few stores and updated the playbook OS and showed a few people how to operate them


most displays had no wifi and not many (if any) apps were installed


one place didnt even have it powered up, but all the othres were


AT&T store was pushing android stuff and not mentioning others. The sales men were using android devices too.




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