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I lost my "PlayBook HiDef Demo.mp4"



I wiped my Playbook shortly after I got it and I didn't backup anything. So the shipped "PlayBook HiDef Demo.mp4" is gone. Can I get it back from web? The video was really usefull to test the mediaplayer control.


If there is no official download link it would be really nice if someone would share it with me.



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Re: I lost my "PlayBook HiDef Demo.mp4"



The only way I've seen so far is to reload your PlayBook using a PC with the desktop software running when you do a restart.  There are step by step instructions in other topics on this issue.



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Re: I lost my "PlayBook HiDef Demo.mp4"

solution here is to get a better video from a pod cast



or you can do a debrick which wil reload the OS.


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Re: I lost my "PlayBook HiDef Demo.mp4"

Well, I got back my demo video eventually but there were a few roadblocks to master. If one googles for ‘playbook demo video restore’ and checks out




Dim-Ize gives us 7 steps. Well, it depends on certain initial conditions, i.e. how fast one is to respond because that pop-up window of opportunity vanished after a few seconds and I missed the boat.


Then my desktop manager offered to upgrade my playbook (wow !) and I said ‘Yes’ and 47 minutes later I found out I still had no ‘demo video’, ‘no ‘NFS Undercover’, no ‘Tetris’, and no ‘Paradise Cove’ music. Hmm.


So what went wrong? Other people had success. So then I found this explanation from rat-7 a bit more revealing about the hidden factory rebuild option for the playbook:


1) you turn the Playbook OFF

2) you install the latest Blackberry Desktop Manager on  your computer, if it is not already there

3) with the Playbook still turned OFF, you plug it to the computer using the USB cable

4) you turn the Playbook ON, and then briefly the Desktop Manager will offer you to UPGRADE, click on that option ( you have 10 s, don’t try to decipher the text message…BB4matt))


it will take sometime, and it will re-install the Playbook exactly like if it just came out of the factory


Well, even if you do not turn the playbook on, it will turn on by itself, with other words, when the playbook is ‘off’ and one plugs it into a PC with DM 6.1 b38 running, DM sends a ‘wake-up call’ to the playbook. Now, when the following window pops up, one has 10 sec to hit the ‘Update…’ button to force the factory default setting to be reloaded, i.e. updating to ‘factory default’. Here is the confusing text of the pop-up when we know our battery is OK, that we can communicate with the PB, and that we can make back-ups but we don’t have the demo video:


“Blackberry Desktop Software cannot communicate with the connected device.

If this device is rebooting or has a dead battery, click Retry to attempt to reconnect once the device reboots.


If clicking Retry doesn’t connect the device, or the device isn’t rebooting with a charged battery, you might need to update your BlackBerry Tablet OS to correct the problem.

Troubleshoot your device connection

then there are three buttons: Retry, Update..., Close

So here is then the secret entry port to the PB ‘Hogwarts’ download site. Well, thank you rat-7. This method is also known as the ‘debrick ‘method. Remember, how Hagrid ‘debricked’ the wall when he took Harry to Diagon Alley, watching that movie was like magic happening to the bricks but it also was magic to my PB.


Above were my detours, because one is not born as a wizard. This forum is a bit like going to Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, don’t you think so? Who would look into this link for this demo video problem:




Don’t forget to update your PB before you restore to factory default settings in case you paid money for an application and you want it back the easy way, and your data….


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Re: I lost my "PlayBook HiDef Demo.mp4"

I found it, go to google type in paradise cove I.mp3

The song is paradise cove I