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Join the BB Playbook Application Initiative

[ Edited ]

I started this thread over on crackberry.com and thought that this might be a good venue to help expand our mission.



 Like the rest of us in the Blackberry community, I too am quite anxiously awaiting the release of my favorite Apps on the Playbook.

However, instead of coming here to discuss and complain about specific websites or applications, I propose that we start the Blackberry Playbook Application Initiative.
  1. Go to the website or forum for the application or hardware in question
  2. Is there a thread already talking about Playbook development?
  3. If there is, grab the link and post it in this thread. If there isn't one, start it and then post the link in this thread.
  4. As the application thread links are posted, they will be added to this list.
    {Please let me know what kind of app it is.}
    {ie: Multimedia, Utility, Gaming, etc.., to speed up the process.}
  5. Once a thread has been created, and you want to see that application developed for the Playbook, go THERE to THAT THREAD and tell them that you want it. Show them there is a demand for it within a single thread on THEIR site.
  6. If you see in THIS thread that we have already received either a "we're looking into it", "considering it", "haven't decided", "not enough demand", or flat out said "no", that does not mean that we cannot get them to reconsider their decision. Keep posting, e-mailing, and calling. The same is true if they said that they are working on it. Let them know that we are waiting.
  7. UPDATE:If you are leaving comments is a forum, please let them know that you are taking part in, or a member of, "The Blackberry Playbook Application Initiative".
    I have been receiving reports from a handful of moderators that, at first glance, thought the sudden increase in postings was a result of their board being spammed (at least until they saw the different IPs). Thankfully, after explaining it to them, they recognize, respect, and admire our cause, but suggest that it would be a good idea to advise them in your posting that you are part of a coordinated effort, etc... I have even created a bit.ly link you can use if needed, or anyone asks, or that you can Tweet and repost (http: // bit.ly/ BBPAIP).

Official Blackberry Applications/Protocols:
Third-Party Applications:

Cloud Storage
  • Box.net (via Epsom_D2)
  • Dropbox(must log-in first to vote)
    As of 4 PM EST on 5/26, 5096 votes, 330 Comments. Keep it up.
  • PogoPlug
  • SugarSync (via a_silent_song) - keep it up
    Thanks for your comment. We are creating an enhancement request to make our Product Management team aware of your suggestion.
  • Glu (via ewilli01)
  • PopCap Games (via drethos) {Bejeweled, Plants vs. Zombies, etc...}
    Thank you for contacting PopCap Games Customer Support.

    We are unable to provide any information on specific upcoming releases, but we’re hard at work on porting our games to virtually every console and handheld platform on the planet!

    Our upcoming plans include Sony PS2/PS3, Xbox 360, various Nintendo platforms including Nintendo DS, as well as more games for mobile phones including the Android platform, BlackBerry and other portable devices. Stay tuned to our web site PopCap Games - Home of the World's Best Free Online Games or sign up to our Newsletter for news and updates!
  • Adobe Premiere/Photoshop (via diegonei)
  • Audible (via a_silent_song) - Contact via support on website
    Thank you for contacting Audible. I understand you are interested in using your BlackBerry PlayBook with our service. At this time, Audible is currently working on making all existing devices compatible. While the brand is not new to our service, there is a general interest in consumers like yourself to convert the entire BlackBerry model brand into an Audible supported device. As of right now however, our development team is looking into the possibility of creating an app for the PlayBook. At the moment, we do not know if we will be able to create the application for this device or an ETA for its creation.
  • Grooveshark (via computerwiz908 & FineWolf)
  • Netflix:
    For general Netflix site suggestions, please call customer support at: 1-866-716-0414
  • Pandora: See posting #7 below (and keep it up, they appear to be listening)
    Thanks for reaching out and for your interest in Pandora. We have been getting very similar emails to the one you have just sent.

    Our goal is for Pandora to be available everywhere, anytime, so listening on more devices is definitely something we'd like to see in the future. It may be something that's already in the works...stay tuned!
  • PlayOn (via jkurlanski) UPDATED See Post #111
  • Rhapsody
  • SlingPlayer (they didn't say we shouldn't stop asking though)
    The Forum House rules clearly states that we will not pronounce about any unreleased Sling Media product. Therefore, we will not post any information about any application for the BlackBerry PlayBook. Make sure to check this link if you want to read about the House Rules.
  • Sonos (via vardata)
  • VLC (via lcohen999)
  • XBMC Port
  • Zune software client for PlayBook

Note Taking

Password Manager
  • LastPass - now we need to tell them to ask RIM for the NDK.
    UPDATE 2011-05-24 15:27 Thanks - we're still evaluating the playbook and will wait for the NDK to be released before we make any decisions.
RSS Reader

Social Media
Task Management

  • Jump Desktop (via Category 5)
  • LogMeIn (via sterod)
  • Tether (via F2)
    As of 4/12/2011 "At this time information on the BlackBerry Playbook has not been determined. Will update once more information is available."


As more applications are found and threads are started, this list will continue to grow.

Marc K.
Twitter: @technomensch
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Re: Join the BB Playbook Application Initiative

I agree we need to work on this and get the major apps on the playbook, but RIM has to hurry up and get two main things done, first get the NDK released as soon as possible and coordinate for these companies to get access to it, second get the Native email and PIM released so people don't have any reason to delay buying playbook.

I love my playbook
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Re: Join the BB Playbook Application Initiative

Great job.

It would be nice if there was a website that the status of all these apps were in one place where people can see and vote on (and add comments why it is important to them and/or how many copies they would buy if it was ported).  Also allow the developer/software company to see the interest level.  Problem with forums, these kinds of things get  lost and/or threads get too long and off topic that the original post become lost as well. 

Posts: 19
Registered: ‎03-29-2010
My Device: Bold 9800
My Carrier: AT&T

Re: Join the BB Playbook Application Initiative


  1. If there was a website that consolidated the demands, there is no guarantee the companies would see the responses.  We already know the forums are being read based on the responses by:
    • Skype
    • SlingPlayer  
    • Evernote
    • LastPass
    • WordPress for Blackberry
  2. Based on the email campaign, we have started to see a change in the response from Pandora.
  3. I keep checking the above forum threads to make sure they are staying on topic, and because the community wants this to be successful, it would appear as though we are all playing nicely, working together.
  4. Please don't be negative.  We have a better chance at showing there is indeed a demand by reaching out directly to these companies than if we all come to forums like this, and crackberry, and everywhere else BUT THEIR forums and whine and moan and complain that we're not seeing this application, or that on the Playbook.  
  5. I am not going to try to change your opinion, only state my reasoning behind it, the results that I'm seeing, and the comraderie that I am witnessing within our community.  You're entitled to your opinion. I'm entitled to my opinion.  Our fellow readers are entitled to THEIR opinions.  Let their actions speak louder than just "talk",
  6. I hope that we can at least agree to no longer clutter this thread with this kind of discussion.  Let's get back to the task at hand, which is to:
    • post links to forum threads
    • post e-mail addresses and phone numbers
    • post responses we receive
    • follow-through and follow-up

Marc K.



Marc K.
Twitter: @technomensch
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Re: Join the BB Playbook Application Initiative

sounds like a good idea. i hope it will work. make more easy links to apps and easy fill forms so people can send their opinion.

good luck to this project


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Re: Join the BB Playbook Application Initiative

I want This:

Yahoo Messenger
Twitter Apps
Windows Live Messenger
Google Maps with Latitude

I hope will be available soon
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Re: Join the BB Playbook Application Initiative

Thanks for this post Please listen and respond by developing the above mentioned apps quickly, BB!
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Re: Join the BB Playbook Application Initiative

It would be great to get SpringPad, Flipbook and Instapaper on board. Also having Pulse, PopCap games and Zynga would make this device shine.

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Re: Join the BB Playbook Application Initiative

i would like to have some kind of emulator for exe on the playbook, so you can install things like utorrent, msn and other cool things. if that isnt possible, maybe just a utorrent app, or msn app or a free android player that can run android +3! it would be great and i would recommend it to everyone!!
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Re: Join the BB Playbook Application Initiative

A great initiative and should be supported by RIM.