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Message to Product Management (Feedback loop)

Hello - I tried calling the RIM Playbook 90 day support line with my feedback. They said that they have no way to provide feedback to product management. This is unfortunate as this would be a great feedback-loop for the product managers of the playbook. 

Anyway - I wanted to provide my feedback, enhancement requests, etc. of the device in a positive way (I've been a product manager for tech products before). If there is a better way to provide feedback, please let me know.

I've been a BB user for a long time and currently have a 9700 and a new playbook. I work in a small tech company - less than 20 people. We do not use BES. 

Playbook feedback.

1) VPN setup - Please add the popular (but not very secure) Microsoft PPTP protocol to the VPN options. Even though this protocol has been hacked pretty much since it was invented, it it still pervasive and the easiest way to set up a VPN. Linux, Windows, MAC, and iOS/ iPAD support this as a client. As an alternative, OpenVPN would be a good, it doesn't require hardware support - since we can terminate with linux. 

2) File Browser - While remote, it would be useful to connect to a lan drive a pull data off. MS/CIFS, NFS, SFTP, FTP. (I'm familiar with the file-sharing push- but this is back-to-front logic.)

3) On-Screen cursor keys - While in bridge mode, I noticed the email window cannot be resized. Creating/Replying to an email is more difficult than with the BB-phone. Placing the cursor to the correct position in a word to correct spelling mistakes is very difficult. Micro cursor adjustment is needed, which is hard to do with the top of the finger. A pop-up cursor (and auto-correct/predictive type) would help substantially. 

4) Enable SMS messaging from bridge mode


Thanks in advance. 

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Re: Message to Product Management (Feedback loop)

More feedback from a PM in a large tech company..


[1] I love the ability to swipe between running app's, but this function should be broadened beyond apps to "things I'm doing."  For example, I'll be doing 5 things..  Gmail (in browser), Facebook (in browser), reading Google news (in browser), looking for new Apps (in App World), reading some document (in Adobe Reader).  The swipe function only lets be swtich between things at the "app level" (Browser - App World - Adobe Reader) whereas I'm always thinking I should be able to switch between things at the "what I'm doing level" (Gmail - Facebook - Google News - App World - Adobe Reader).  When PB eventually can run Android apps, it'll be even worse as more of the "things I'm doing" are bundled behind the player rather than being swipeable like other PB apps.  One last point on this..  there is a discontinuity between the swipeable things and icons.  I can have separate icons for PB apps, web pages, and [eventually] Android apps - all on the same "level" playing field (for icons).  But once they're running, those browser pages are hidden behind the browser app, Android apps behind the Android app player, and PB apps "level" with the browser app and Android player app.  This is an inconsistent user experience and I hope RIM will seriously consider changing it.


[2] I need to be able to organize my icons better.  The "All" tab is so useless and extraneous.  I want to customize my tabs, bundle icons together, etc.  Apple got it right here.  No "All" tab.  Icons live in one and only one tab.  Customizable tabs (add, remove, rename).  Nested icons a bonus (again, see Apple iPhone).


[3] File browser.  I know the files are organized in folders.  I see it when I connect to my device from my PC over WiFi.  A simple file browser in the PB would be great, especially if I can tap a file to have it load into the associated app.


I've got lots more, but these are my top 3.  From one PM to another, please take these RFEs into careful consideration.  Thanks.



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Re: Message to Product Management (Feedback loop)

I would like to strongly support the following observation and request:


"Placing the cursor to the correct position in a word to correct spelling mistakes is very difficult. Micro cursor adjustment is needed, which is hard to do with the top of the finger. A pop-up cursor (and auto-correct/predictive type) would help substantially. "

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Re: Message to Product Management (Feedback loop)

A fully developed PIM app suite is needed.


It's understandable that the first round bridge apps are pretty basic as they are kind of late beta quality.  That said, the tasks app has absolutely no sorting, filtering, categorization, etc..  Calendar is still pretty buggy.  EMail is buggy and limited.


I hate to say it, but the native PIM preview at BBWC was good to see in terms of knowing it's coming, but the apps as shown had little or no functionality beyond what is there now.  And no tasks app was shown - either it remains an afterthought, or it was being totally rewritten and wasn't ready yet, I dont know.  Hopefully the latter.


I love where this device could go - just waiting for it to go there!

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Re: Message to Product Management (Feedback loop)

Another vote for some cursor control from the 'keyboard'.  I can do this on my Bold... why not on the Playbook?


A 'tab' key to get between fields would also be very useful.

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Re: Message to Product Management (Feedback loop)

if you wish to contact product feedback at RIM you can join the Global Playbook Community at the Beta Zone
(requirement is that you can register at the Beta Zone, which some countries cannot do (like France).

The search box on top-right of this page is your true friend, and the public Knowledge Base too: