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Hi guys.


I got a BlackBerry PlayBook OS recently and I've been concerned about computer viruses possibly malfunctioning my tablet. 


Do any of you guys know if there's a trustworthy downloadable firewall for my tablet (maybe recommended by BlackBerry Enterprise, preferrably) or if it came with one? Or are computer viruses not compatible with tablets like my PlayBook so I needn't worry?


I would have looked up "BlackBerry PlayBook Firewalls" on Google, but I wanted to check first for if there are reliable firewalls or proxies out there already. 


Feel free to correct me, I'm not very good with computers, I only know how to operate them.





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Firewall will not prevent infecton by virus, it merely stops others connecting to your devices uninvited, i.e. "unless I request a response, don't allow it through". That's a hacking preventer   If you have a firewall on your router that's fine.


No virus, trojan or other malware known as a virus can infect your QNX based Playbook.  Only precaution is use private browsing so the wife doesn't find out what videos you have been watching!


You can pass infection on to another person by forwarding already infected office documents, but that's their problem.


Dont need antivirus on Playbook, Ipads, Macs or Linux machines.  Period. 


Just watch what you download and install. Get apps from Blackberry World only. Sideload with extreme caution. 

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My Device: BlackBerry PlayBook OS
My Carrier: Belkin


Okay, thanks!

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Just to add to the excellent answer you received, the Playbook in its sharing setup by default has sharing turned off. With the inherent security this tablet has, up to now there has been no possible way it can be entered from any network. If your tablet is password protected this even makes the protection stronger.  Maybe in the future someone may find a security hole, but personally I have my doubts because of the way the QNX system has been designed.




Especially Windows, other OS's, and Android Related:

In any case, don't open suspect attachements, or Spam mail. Don't click on any weird type links. If you get a link in an email that looks like it is from a friend, check the link command text itself before attempting to click on it. There are Trojans that get in to the user's mail system and mass mail out its links and attachements to the members of the user's computer email lists.




As for any Trojans, malwares, or viruses I have not heard of any for the PB tablet's OS. I did read some articles indicating there are some for some for the phone models. I have no idea about the reliability of this information. I know many users of the BB phone and I have not heard of any security incident with this phone.  If the users are vigilant in what they install and take care there should not be any issues.


As for Android and the other big competing OS (I don't want to mention any names), these are big targets and are dangerous for security. In these formats there have been many thousands of serious incidences. Some of the manufactures took a very long time to admit to any problems even though they are fully aware.


If you get and email and forward it, it is normal its content (baggage) will travel with the email.


I use the Playbook for many hours per day. I mostly use it WiFi to my phone or on my home WiFi network. I never use public WiFi, because there is no possible way to know how deep the owner of the WiFi equipment is monitoring his system. He can be keeping detailed logs of traffic and all the events even though he cannot get in to the devices themselves. If the users have file sharing turned on they can be open for access from outside of their device. 


From my experience as an IT support person, public WiFi for business use is very risky. Use your phone as a modem, or use your personal WiFi connection at home with the tablet if you have anything confidential to access on the net. If you are using a Blackberry phone as a modem, this is extremely safe.




Jerry G.