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Re: Play book wont power up or light just blinks

When the green light starts flashing, press the power button twice.
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Re: Play book wont power up or light just blinks

It may be a problem with your charger connection.


I finally purchased the charging stand and after charging for 30 minutes, I did the routine one of the other respondents mentioned in this blog posting about holding down the power button along with the up and down volume keys...she mentioned her kids left it uncharged all the time...I tried her routine and after several unsuccessful tries it finally worked...I really had to be patient and stayed with it for at least two hours...waiting 30 minutes between charges...


If that doesn't work, have you called Support?  They replaced my PB with another one.

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Re: Play book wont power up or light just blinks

Mine has just done the same thing less than 36 hours after buying it. So held the power switch down for 10 secs and it came back on. Just running on the battery. All my files are still there.

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Re: Play book wont power up or light just blinks

I have plugged my PB for nearly 36 hours, but still it register 0% charge.


I've tried the 10 seconds, changing the charger (i.e. using my Bold charger) but nothing worked so far. The thing is the PB was bought by a friend in US, and I'm here in South East Asia.

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Re: Play book wont power up or light just blinks

My probleme didnot solve !!!!! Its just blinking i want to fix it !!!
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Re: Play book wont power up or light just blinks

I had to reboot the device to recover from an app crash - one of the free apps installed when I purcahsed it. When I did the restart the Playbook failed to boot. It was not low on battery - it just failed to boot. Holding the power button down made no difference and I had to reinstall the OS from my PC (for the 3rd time this week).


To say that users should not use the power button is disingenuous - the manuacturer should not include a function which will "brick" the device. And as a restart command is impossible to do without this device is unusable.

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Re: Play book wont power up or light just blinks

Oh yeah, I complained about my PB before but it's fine now. I noticed that if I want to either turn on/off/restart the PB I have to hold the bottom part of the power button. Hope that helped!
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Re: Play book wont power up or light just blinks

I am absolutely stunned that the Blackberry Torch I have which has touch screen and the Blackberry Playbook which I just acquired this week which also have a touch screen do not support any form of the ability to sign documents and make notes by using the screen with suitable applications. Every tablet on the market excluding the Blackberry Playbook offers this feature and it is not new technology, a simple PDF Annotation program that costs $38 allows you to do this. Blackberry has done one thing right, it named it a “Playbook” which is all it is, shameful and Research in Motion will likely go down in history as the Canadian Technology that was on par with the Bricklin! The worst part is they could fix it in 48 hours if they wanted to. Nuts!     

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Re: Play book wont power up or light just blinks

I must admit, as a long time Blackberry phone and also a Playbook user since it came out, that it does lack in some important ways for many types of users.


I use the Playbook for mainly specific tasks and applications. These are email, and some remote business applications that work through the browser. It was important that my tablet uses Flash, and has a very secure browser and secure email.


The bridge mode allows me to access email addresses, phone numbers and notes from the Torch. The bridge mode was another feature that I wanted for my tablet.


For the use I need the Playbook for, it does what I want. I do my more serious work on computers at my office and home.


As for anyone who does not have a Blackberry phone that can be bridged and tethered to Playbook this tablet is not very useful, unless they only want to do some browsing in WiFi service areas, and use remote email services. The available very useful optional software downloads are fairly limited. Most of what I saw were silly games, that you would never expect to see for a true business product like the Playbook. There are some good business and home type software programs for this tablet, but they are limited.



I found the Playbook has some deficiencies that were never properly corrected:


  • Spell correction in the bridged email does not work, but it does show the error.
  • Spell correction in the browser does not work.
  • Copying and pasting in the bridged email is sort of difficult, but with persistance works.This is too time consuming.
  • Has no magnefier type view for editing documents. It's difficult to get the cursor exactly to the point between letters to do an edit.
  • Its Word processor and spread sheet are very limited in features, in consideration of the computing power available.
  • Cannot send photo's, or text documents as attachments in emails (or I did not figure out how to do this yet).
  • Email attachments in general are difficult to manage.
  • Requires WiFi service only, to do updates and install software from on line.
  • Cannot install software and updates using tethering, as like other tablets can.
  • Does not have mobile service carrier capability, such as at least 3G.
  • RIM did some updates that made improvements, but never carried out their major promises for the Playbook. 
  • The Playbook has no built in email client software. 
  • It is difficult and almost impossible to read file folder content directly between the phone and the Playbook. Its best to use a PC computer to manage the files.

All the above does not make sense when you think about it. I can list a lot more...


What puzzles many of the users and the shareholders, is that when considering the level of technology and resources that are available in the tech world, why is it RIM could not make a tablet that is directly up to par with the others?




Jerry G.





Jerry G.
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Re: Play book wont power up or light just blinks

Hello. It seems I did not do a proper charge of the tablet the first time (to excited to wait, I'm afraid...) and now it never charges completly. It shut down completly even with the battery almost charge (apparently) and have to press volume and power key to start the tablet. Does anybody know how can  I fix the battery now? is there a way to redo the initial charge properly?Thanks