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Playbook Issues - Folders, Calendar, Music Player, and more



I am a content Playbook owner. I got one months ago, and later bought one for my girlfriend. I do love this thing however there are some very large issues that I've just come to live with. Does anyone know solutions to these things, and maybe if I'm lucky, someone who works at Blackberry might notice this and fix a few of these during the next patch. These are mostly all 'little things'.


1. Why doesn't my playbook recognize folders in the file system? I would think folders are a pretty straightforward thing. I can organize documents into folders using my computer when I connect by wire, or wifi. But then when I go to view them in the organizing system, they are not in any kind of folder and there is no folder option. Really makes it a mess to organize my Pharmacy School lecture slides. I basically have to just add one class at a time, then replace it with content from a different class for the next test. I would love to have folders.


2. The music player is lovely. Mostly. Say I want to listen to my favorite song to start, then shuffle music and listen to everything, if I search my favorite song name, then click it, delete my search command, and set the player on shuffle, it'll just play that song forever.

Also, why is there no alphabet along the sidebar, or some way to get to a song starting with a letter like 'R' without actually having to scroll the whole way there?


3. This is my biggest complaint. I absolutely love the design of the Calendar app. I haven't opened it in months though. I love it, i'd even love to use it. I use my iCal calendar on my computer and iPhone like it's going out of style. But it appears to be simply impossible to sync directly to my iCloud calendar account. I realize I could patch it through google, and I gave it a try once. I learned that I hate using google calendars, and I quit. Hence the nice playbook calendar app hasn't been open since. Sadly.


4. Sure I plan to get a blackberry Q10 when they come out. And then I'll have bridge and all the features that this playbook is capable of (including my iCal being synced), but why can't I have BBM on my playbook now? Or as a standalone? Why drain two device's batteries to send a BBM when I could just drain my playbook battery during a BBM chatting session? I don't understand RIMs position on this one.


5. Really hope that Blackberry finds a good way to get BB10 to work on 1GB of RAM. I realize they'll have to make it a slightly less amazing OS to do it, but hopefully it isn't much less. I'd love to have access to the HUB.


6. I used to want to keep some of my spreadsheets for daily expenses and stuff on my playbook. Until I realized you can't adjust the width and height of cells on the playbook. Worse yet is when your contents of that cell take up too much space, they just turn into number signs. So when I had my budget stuff on here I had to keep resizing it on the computer and moving it back to the playbook. Finally I just stopped using the spreadsheet app. That's another great app that I've stopped using.


Overall I really do like my playbook and I use it a lot for studying because it sure beats a hot laptop sitting on your lap when you're kicked back in a chair. I'd probably even recommend to someone to buy one. Especially given the price. I feel bad for ragging on the flaws here, I really do love the swipes and overall gestures you can do with the playbook. I really notice it when I use my iPhone or an iPad and have to keep clicking that one stupid home button all the time.


Would love to hear back from someone.