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Re: Positioning cursor in editable text-field

yes, agree, it needs better accuracy. either they need to make it better or add some left/right/up/down arrows to the kb. it is frustrating to say the least.


zooming it is fine, but really, if we wanted to zoom, we would get iponeys. you have to constantly zoom on everything with those.
this does not negate your effort of a solution Smiley Wink as in web-cases, it makes a small difference.

hope this gets better.
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Re: Positioning cursor in editable text-field

It's ridiculous that people are suggesting playing games to 'train' yourself to touch the screen more accurately. Truth of the matter is, placing the cursor (when it decides to appear in the first place) is a nightmare on the PlayBook. I'd love to see the cursor placer that appears in WordToGo appear across the entire OS - it's so easy to pinpoint a place with the WordToGo cursor - even easier than the magnifying glass on the iPad.

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Re: Positioning cursor in editable text-field

Thanks, but I don't have the issue and have played the game for hours. PlayBook is a lot more accurate than my Torch, maybe that's why I don't have the issue.


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Re: Positioning cursor in editable text-field

Placing the cursor to edit text is not a nightmare but it is definitely a bad dream.  It is very hard on email where there is NO ZOOM function.  It is also very hard to fix a typo in a url in the browser's address bar.  I've suggested that they create another keypad that comes up with a diagonal swipe from the lower right - brings up a cursor keypad - left/right/up/down, pageup/down/home/end.

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Re: Positioning cursor in editable text-field

chrisfoxx is right - the blue arrow that helps selecting text in WordToGo is awesome! 

Since those arrows already appear to select text, RIM should also use them to make placing the cursor easier.


A cursor keypad - like f2 suggested - is also a nice idea but there should be plenty of better sollutions for touchscreen devices.

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Re: Positioning cursor in editable text-field

I'm preparing a write-up on seekingalpha about RIM. Other than a $70 to $40 share drop due to expectations for the playbook not being met, the rest of the business is very solid. At these prices ($39) there is not additional money to be made shorting RIM.

Maybe the shares will over-shoot negativity, but the scary thing for investors betting against rim is that RIM just needs to launch 6-12 mainstream apps (this depends on 3rd party ie skype, netflix) and suddenly playbook is a success.

Remember that there was no real 7" portable mobile device for tablets out there, and now there is. IPad 2 is successful because there was no previous option available. ipad is also about 2 lbs, and most buyers leave it at home. This is great business for apple, but gives an opportunity for RIM to truly crack the mobile business.

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Re: Positioning cursor in editable text-field

Also, I agree with the OP - the cursor position setting is frustrating, and the space bar button is too small!

On the plus side, we have copy and paste (hold down finger on a screen to access these functions). You can even copy photos on websites. Hold button down on picture to save photo.
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Re: Positioning cursor in editable text-field

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Hey Chrispycrunch,


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RIM is in tough - they have delays and a stillborn interim OS7 - QNX is going to be a great OS but they may die in the delay.

They are screwed for at least 9 months.

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Re: Positioning cursor in editable text-field

Dear Community Members,


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Re: Positioning cursor in editable text-field

Simple solution to the most annoying problem... add a cursor key to the keyboard!!!