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New Developer
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Registered: ‎12-23-2010
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My Carrier: Telstra Australia

Serious fixes needed by RIM for PB/My Review/I'll review your free app

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Hey there guys


So it was just yesterday that I received my dev PlayBook. So far, it's going pretty well. I do like BlackBerry's new platform and it looks like it has some great potential.

Now, I know it's just a new platform, but wow some of these things are already slightly painful. They almost make me want to sell this to go get a Honeycomb tablet! Luckily I will try hold out.


Bad things:


- I just received a new update today with Video chat. Already, the update has actually seemed to do good and bad things to the device. Some parts of the device seem more choppy.

- My browser is just driving me mad. I've done reset after reset and close after close, but pages keep often half-loading, getting stuck 3/4 loading, clicking 'login' on these forums on the device and it stalls on that webpage, and sometimes the app crashes (seems to have only been noticable after the most recent update).

- Apps: really can't wait for that Android player, there really isn't that much to do on here just yet Smiley Happy

- Feedback button or similar? Unless I've missed it, RIM has released these products to REAL consumers (not just developers like us who generally tend to not worry about bugs as much), and if they release a brand new platform that is bound to have quite a few bugs (and let me tell you, it does), they really should have a feedback or error report button. Especially with this browser thing Smiley Frustrated

- Those email and calendar apps! I really hope they are coming within the next 60 days Smiley Wink It's kind of strange that they managed to add video chat and an official Facebook app before a native email app.

- File browser: I've got a lot of downloads here that I can't really delete, like PDF's. I don't know whether there's some big button that I'm missing but it's a little annoying Smiley Happy Please bring a file manager or something (if it's not developable by developers, haven't looked into that personally) 

- Autocorrect: the keyboard looks and seems quite nice at first. Until you realise it doesn't have an autocorrect like the iPad does. It's fairly hard to be completely accurate on a tablet keyboard in the first place, let alone a 7" one, so please pretty please do away with the red underline and bring in some live-correction-action Smiley Happy

- That power button. I think mine is raised but it's still a pain in the *@&@#(@#*&#$&@. Smiley Happy


Good things:

- Apart from the Browser being an absolute sh*t and half-loading and quitting on me all the time, it's quite decent. Nice rendering, Flash is brilliant and it's quite a good experience. But I seriously hate it right now because it just doesn't work.

- Hardware (except for that power button). The specs are brilliant, design is nice, build quality is great, speakers are good, brightness is good, battery life currently seems fairly decent, and it only got good comments when I showed colleagues. 

- The case. Sorry, but this is very cool. Why can't all brands do this? That little sleeve is awesome Smiley Happy

- QNX, apart from some of it's bugs and it's somewhat lonely App World, is working quite nicely. Multitasking is very fluid and it is a size of relief.

- Size (good and bad). I love the size as I can really take it anywhere, and hopefully use it as a personal calendar/notetaker/slate kind of thing (when CALENDAR functionality comes Smiley Tongue), but mind you some things, like the browser experience and keyboard, would be nicer on a bigger screen.

- Most included apps: the included apps are well done and quite nice. Word to Go would do great with Dropbox integration (please? Smiley Very Happy) and a file manager would be awesome.



At the moment, there seems to be more negatives about the PB than positives. I couldn't imagine myself buying this until it had matured with stability, apps and Android players etc. But other than that, I like where it's going, just please RIM, change a few things as soon as you can, it's been hard enough avoiding iPad and other tablets since 2010 Smiley Happy


DEVELOPER PART: Also, if you have a free app and you'd like me to review it or give you some feedback, feel free to let me know and I'll give it a go.


PS: let me know if you experience anything of the same calibre, especially interested in the browser bit. It's the most used app that I use on any device and it's absolutely driving me insane with it's instability on my PlayBook.


PSv2: Apologies for the smilies-overload, lol.

Posts: 6,541
Registered: ‎10-27-2010
My Device: HTC One, PlayBook, LE Z10, DE Q10
My Carrier: Verizon

Re: Serious fixes needed by RIM for PB/My Review

Is there a question in here about Adobe AIR development for the PB? There are other forums that this kind of post is more appropriate. If you have specific issues, please report them to RIM via their issues database so they can be reproduced and resolved. The PB general forum is a good source to look for solutions and provide recommendations.
New Developer
Posts: 29
Registered: ‎12-23-2010
My Device: Not Specified
My Carrier: Telstra Australia

Re: Serious fixes needed by RIM for PB/My Review

Apologies, was still typing. I did end up asking if anyone wanted me to review or write them feedback on their free apps. Also what I was writing was based on being a dev/it being a dev device, which is most likely slightly different to the view of a consumer.
Posts: 274
Registered: ‎11-01-2010
My Device: PlayBook?
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Re: Serious fixes needed by RIM for PB/My Review

Interesting, I haven't had much issue with the browser. I agree with some of your points but I really love my PlayBook Smiley Very Happy


Not ideal, but for a short term fix, couldn't you delete your downloads by connecting via USB to dektop?

Regular Contributor
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Re: Serious fixes needed by RIM for PB/My Review

I agree with most of your article. The Browser is good, but it sucks (already crashed for me about 5 times). The Flash integration is still WIP (some videos not working, often choppy, some flash content not working at all). And arrow keys on the keyboard would be nice. (You can't play most of the flashgames without arrow keys ;-)) Rim really shoul've given the developers about 4-5 Months more. The Software and the available apps are such a big downer that I would not recommend this device to anybody.
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Re: Serious fixes needed by RIM for PB/My Review/I'll review your free app

While I'm still waiting for my PlayBook can you test my free Math Clock app?

Any feedback is highly appretiated.


Things I'd like to have tested:

1. startup time

2. orientation (I forced it to not change orientation so far)

3. clock style change speed

4. 12/24h formats


Regular Contributor
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My Device: Playbook 16
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Re: Serious fixes needed by RIM for PB/My Review/I'll review your free app

agree 100% I've had the browser close out for no reason