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Shop Blackberry Canceling Orders For Playbooks :\

So..I just got an E-Mail stating:

Dear Cardholder,

Your order number SBBXXXXXXXXXXXXX placed on the store.shopblackberry.com website has been cancelled as it was flagged as a high risk transaction. If you wish to place a replacement order, kindly call our call center at 1-866-957-0761 and a customer service representative will assist you.

Very best regards,

The ShopBlackBerry.com Team


Who else got this E-mail? And what the heck does "high risk transaction" even mean? 


Wanted my Playbook pretty badly too and I can't re-order since the 16gb are all out of stock. -___- 


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Re: Shop Blackberry Canceling Orders For Playbooks :\

That happens to other people, you may wanna check this post out before you ask this quesion

I still held my opinion that they sell out the 16GB with low price and want you to order another version
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Re: Shop Blackberry Canceling Orders For Playbooks :\

RIM Sucks!!!


I have been a loyal to BB even in their bad times but the current experience has broken the trust.


They cancelled my order after 5 days saying high risk transaction. I placed order on the very first day and after 5 days they come back with such a stupid reason.


Now I cannot place even a new order as 16 GB PB is out of stock.


I think it is time to shift to iOS or Android.

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Re: Shop Blackberry Canceling Orders For Playbooks :\

I too got the same one this morning! This is pretty disgracefull on the part of BB. They don't deserve a part of that market whatsoever!!! To stoop to such low means to sell product. This is exactly the kind of behaviour that will put them out of business. They're concerned about sales? Wow! Who is the genius behind this idea? I'll be sure to save my "reorder" for an ipad. They know what they're doing!! Big mistake going with bb. Any other time of the year would be fine but to ruin someone's Xmas is inexcuseable!
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Re: Shop Blackberry Canceling Orders For Playbooks :\

no one thought they would sell so well


it is unfotunate they didnt have enough for everyone


hopefully there will be more stock soon


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Re: Shop Blackberry Canceling Orders For Playbooks :\

well I'm glad im not the only person having this problem! After spending 58 mins on hold I spoke with a sales person and they tried to tell me that my transaction was cancelled cause it was "High Risk" He said that the bank refused the transaction and that I'd need to contact my bank. Anyone who owns a credit card knows that anytime there is a questionable purchase the bank will call you immediately to verify that the transaction is legit. I asked him to re-order it ( as the email suggested I do) and he told me they were sold out even though they still have them on sale on their website. BIG SURPRISE! He also said they couldnt put it on back order cause they dont know IF they will have more stock which would suggest they might not be producing them anymore..... After getting absolutely nowhere with the sales person, I asked it be escalated to management. After being on hold for another 15 mins I was told RIM would reaspond to me via email within 24-48hrs.


This has been the worst experience dealing with RIM I've ever had!


I suggest anyone having this problem to keep calling them back, email them, and keep complaining to them until they honor our purchases. This is un acceptable!


No wonder RIM is in such bad shape, this company is useless and doesnt care about their loyal customers!


Maybe its time to jump into bed with the enemy and switch to Apple!

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Re: Shop Blackberry Canceling Orders For Playbooks :\

[ Edited ]

The site seems to be updated now. They say they are out of 16GB. I was asked to register and be notified when more stock comes in. Hopefully, (and it wasn't clear) I will still get the sale price. I would never pay $499. To their credit, they seem to have been monitoring these forums and have corrected the weird response to orders.


I had looked at the Amazon offer on the Le Pan which has only non-upgradeable Android 2.2, and was on sale for $168. However, it has now been raised to $198 and is also out of stock. It seems to have received great reviews even though the OS is old, but at $198 the BB is better. (There is a new Le Pan with Android 3, which sells for under $300). Of course we all know when the novelty wears off these things will be even cheaper.


For now, if the BB comes in and is still on sale I will order one. Two hundred bucks nowadays is pretty cheap for a toy.


P.S. To the guys whose purchases were marked as high risk - was there any reason? i.e. was the card near max or a payment behind? Or is it just some glitch or BB's way of saying no stock?

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Re: Shop Blackberry Canceling Orders For Playbooks :\

Same Here,  I've tried calling the number, but no answer.

I wonder if I can get a discount on the 32G unit which is in stock?

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Re: Shop Blackberry Canceling Orders For Playbooks :\

I wouldn't bother.  I've had the exact same issue with my 32GB PB order.  Can't get through on the phone, just waiting for those to be 'sold out' too

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Re: Shop Blackberry Canceling Orders For Playbooks :\

I doubt whether the "High Risk" reason is genuine one. There could be some other story behind. Why do they realize it after 5 days when the stock got over?


I used the same card for Sony Handycam purchase minutes after placing the PB order and it went smoothly. My Handycam is on way..no issues at all. But, these a******* have rated a much smaller value transaction as High Risk. When do these guys becamce so smart to have such useless risk assessment process right in place?


Shame on BB....shame on RIM.