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Re: Stand by after 5 minutes

Hi NormanF,

I have the version and only see 6 items on the drop down list for stand-by. From 30 sec to 5 min.

Tell me how is the version you have doing in your device? do you see big improvements compared to the version i have in my PB?

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Re: Stand by after 5 minutes

I have not noticed any differences between the two versions.


And I meant to say I have six options, not four.

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Re: Stand by after 5 minutes

For someone streaming from Pandora, since there is no official app, watching a streaming video via Amazon Video On-Demand, or any other site, this 5 minute sleep is complete and utter madness. 


When I go sit outside, or by the pool, I don't have an outlet nearby, and since there are no offical app, this timeout is driving me crazy.


Marc K.



Marc K.
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Re: Stand by after 5 minutes

I have watched several Amazon VOD's and the pb stays awake through the movie. I have it set to 5 minutes.
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Re: Stand by after 5 minutes

With all due respect to RIM, the 5 minute suspend should not be considered a "feature" - it is annoyance that is negatively impacting the way the device is being used. Streaming radio stations rarely, for example, will stream longer than 5 minutes, e.g., CKNW 980, NEWS1130, CNN, CTVancouver, SOMAFM, etc.


There are actual applications (e.g., Egg Timer App) that fail to operate correctly. In the case of the Egg Timer App, if you set the time for longer than 5 minutes, the Playbook enters into suspend mode and so does the application, i.e., it is no longer counting the time in real time. I could set the app for 5 minutes and go back to the Playbook an hour later, wake it up, and the alarm will go off. Granted, developers can code around this but the situation does exist whereby apps are being negatively effected by this so-called "feature".


The podcast app, despite it being a native app, also fails to work properly. Try downloading 10 or 11 high definition video podcasts - this will take longer than 5 minutes. One would think that the downloads would still continue when the device goes into suspend mode but this never occurs. Meaning that you have to constantly stroke the Playbook every 5 minutes in order for the native application to download what you are interested in.


I could live with the 5 minute suspend if the device was not plugged in as a "conserve battery" option - although I prefer to be able to turn this off entirely - but the fact that you can not keep the device "on" even when it is plugged into a charger is simply absurd.


So, with respect, please, in a future upgrade, either (i) give us more options to keep the device from entering suspend mode such as 20 min, 30 min, 1 hour, or never; and (ii) allow the device to ignore suspending if it is plugged into the charger. 

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Re: Stand by after 5 minutes

I appreciate that the forced-standby thing bothers many people, and in fact it bugs me at least when I have the unit plugged in.


With respect to timer-based applications which fail to keep proper track of time while inactive, those apps are simply defective.  The developer of such an app has implemented an incorrect design, or implemented a good design incorrectly.


I have a simple time tracking app that I wrote myself.  Still crude, unreleased.  It works perfectly well whether it's active, inactive, the tablet is on standby, shutdown and left overnight, or battery drained completely.  Showcase, Default, or Paused mode, no difference.  Every time you go back to it or restart it, it accurately shows the elapsed time since you started the timer, and the live display is perfectly on track.


There is no excuse for timer apps which can't do this, other than lazy or bad programming.  This isn't a difficult thing to do either, but it is something that rookie programmers may not have learned or figured out on their own how to do.


Said with respect to those programmers who are still learning... but please don't blame the PlayBook for problems that are the fault of bad apps.


(Note: a count-down timer app that is supposed to actually make a sound, for example, when the timer expires, would have to take advantage of the special QNXSystemPowerMode settings or the setAlarm() feature related to that, or it wouldn't alert the user when the device was in standby.  My above comments related solely to the "not tracking time in realtime" part of things.  There are several ways to code timers, and the wrong ways don't notice the passage of time when the app isn't active, while the right ways mean the app's timer is right back where it should be as soon as it becomes active again.  The setAlarm() function merely gives it a moment of "activeness" to sound the alarm, but does not by itself do anything to fix the basic bug of missing the passage of time while inactive.)

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Re: Stand by after 5 minutes

A feature or a glitch? Useless debate to me. I'm not gonna buy a playbook with such a fundamental error. Period.
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Re: Stand by after 5 minutes

[ Edited ]

Looks like everyone here is mad at the same thing.

No ability to suspend standby for longer than 5 minutes????
Why has such an innovative company made such stupid mistakes with their tablet.

I am angry at RIM for a lot of things concerning this product. I just imagined they would have done a lot better. Considering I hyped this product up to be a lot better.

What a let down. And it appears to be all in the software and the app offerings.

Will they ever get out of this rutt???

Angry buyer of ~3 months

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Re: Stand by after 5 minutes


hmthepirate wrote:

Currently, the PlayBook enters stand by to conserve battery power, unless a video is being viewed or an application is running.

Hello hmthepirate,


what do you mean by "an application is running"?

besides, your statement is dated april 2011, with OS 1.0.3. Is it still accurate with OS 1.0.5 ?


Thanks in advance.

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Re: Stand by after 5 minutes

I would also like to see the option to turn off Standy Mode while plugged in and maybe some more options in so far as the standby time settings or a user definable setting.  Most laptops have this ability and it shouldn't be a big deal to build this into the OS. 


Hey RIM, how about adding that to the next PlayBook update?