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Re: broken usb port on playbook

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Do not agree with the mad comments of how the OP should have known better.  I am VERY wise, and the USB port broke right away getting all bent out of shape.  There was no pressure or upside down accident or anything of the like.  It is simply made of a too soft metal and poorly done at that.


Per another reply, I figured could live without it, but looking like that's not quite the case perhaps now that it's no longer charging or turning on.

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Re: broken usb port on playbook

Did you perhaps use the Playbook whilst connected? I wouldn't even use a laptop on my lap with a USB line connected. All manufacturers are notorious for this. Our company leased laptops got an automatic £500 charge for USB sockets broken. I handle them  like I was cleaning the baby's ears with a Q-Tip - very carefully.

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Re: broken usb port on playbook

After reading all the posts back to 2012, I still have not found out where to send my PB to repair the USB plug.  I started having a intermittent connection problem 5 months ago (some days it would connect and charge and some days it would not).  I tried to be very careful when handling, but sadly, it has gotten to the point of not connection, hence no charge and no USB transfers with BB Desktop Manager.  Can anyone advise where to get the magnetic charger? At least that will fix one issue and then I can just use Wifi connection for data transfers. Best Buy customer techs also agreed that I should just replace PB because it would be cheaper than repairing, but I disagree because I have a 64 gb and they don't sell those anymore. 

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Re: broken usb port on playbook

I usually do not register to post on forums BUT this is what was wrong with my USB port as well. The little tab was bent upwards AND therefore I was connecting the charger to it upside down. (It fit perfectly) When I inspected the inside tab in the usb I could see the tiny metal pins, thats when I realized that my charger was not making contact with the pins as it was upside down. I gently straightened the little tab, and connected the charger properly and viola, IT WORKED!! Its unfortunate that I had just ordered the rapid charger online. I suppose I will use the rapid charger instead to hopefully preserve the usb port.


Hopefully this helps someone else.



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Re: broken usb port on playbook

Thanks Susannato, initially, my USB port also had a bent tab and I straightened, but over time the port just quit. I have found a repair facility and they are in process of replacing USB and repairing the damage I caused by trying to "make" my connection work. Hopefully get my OB back this week. I'm having a tablet withdrawal.

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Re: broken usb port on playbook

I have a blackberry smart phone and a playbook,  what I was doing was trying to use the same charger for both. I read another post that reminded me the playbook charger was more powerful and that's why the phone charger would not charge properly,  i thought both were the same. Not sure if that helps you

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Re: broken usb port on playbook

The most common cause of usb failure is putting in the plug upside down. Second most common us moving or using playbook whilst charging.

Always put a blob of  nail polish or correcting fluid on the BB logo and always have it facing upwards when looking at the screen, always use the charger that came with it, and never use playbook whilst charging.

If you need to use playbook whilst charging get the rapid charger that uses the three pin port next to usb.

Oh and keep the kids away from the usb and hdmi altogether! It's a grown-ups device.

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Re: broken usb port on playbook

I picked up an extra on Amazon last week. Supplies getting low. Got the two fast chargers for $16


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Re: broken usb port on playbook

I love my Playbook to bits. Fantastic little tablet, but with the one design flaw – the micro usb. The pin on mine bent and then broke off as I tried to straighten it. Heartbreak turned to relief when I found out about the 3 pin magnetic charger (wish I had discovered it earlier, it was not that expensive) and using WiFi to transfer files (wish I had discovered that earlier, it was not that difficult). But now I want to sideload a new program. How do I do this?

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Re: broken usb port on playbook

you can sideload with wifi






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