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Re: new 2.0 interface... my two cents

glad to see you people did absolutely nothing useful in favor of your patiently waiting customers but taking away around another 600mb precious storage space

good thing you didn't break anything seriously, oh wait...

why is the screen now on the whole time when the device is charging while turned off and then displaying a weird symbolic message when disconnected

i feel here like being in a scene from luc besson's the fifth element, with the guy, white curly hair, rolling over those billiard balls to korben instead of throwing him the gun...

yeah, that exactly describes how rim acts for months now Smiley Happy

just watch it yourself to immediately get the feeling (link beneath)



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Re: new 2.0 interface... my two cents

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Re: new 2.0 interface... my two cents

If you push the power button after plugging in the power then the screen goes off.

You can also change the screen settings for when the device is plugged in (back light time out and standby time out).

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Re: new 2.0 interface... my two cents

it still starts everything i type with an capital letter, doesn't run unattended for longer then five minutes

zoom animation in browser is way to fast now so i feel like getting jumped at everytime i double tap, pure stress and it still doesn't zoom pictures completely, leaving a white border or i can't zoom out at all

still no gif support in picture viewer, no random mode, not even one single mov file is working like half of the file formats pretended to be supported

auto naming screenshots is broken, it does not remember the highest number given instead it puts them in front of what you have and renames the older ones pushing them and making all inconsistent

html5 video works again but has no fullscreen anymore or just zooms to a horrible view since there is no fullscreen browsing nor it even keeps the focus on the video when it zooms

on the other hand i have very happily seen the 10" playbook instantly remembering the small hp touchpad go although the blackberry branding is too prominent which is a no-go on tablets, i so hope you guys fix the problems mentioned here cause its an instant buy on my side if you do so

it looks pretty heavy if it is as thick as the 7" but i think it has to be when you want to keep the dock, maybe produce a half empty light weight and a heavy version

also you may build a help which recognizes when someone helplessly swiping and tapping the screen, which then explains the gesture system so they do not get frustrated, it of course have to be deactivatable for people who want to work with the device, like standby, the keyboard enhancements and spell verification, let me deactivate it!!!

i may want the keyboard layout with the numbers on top to be permanent, can i have that?

if you have apps open and hit the shutdown or reboot button by accident, it does that without even asking if you're sure, generally change that

make the battery symbol a one tap standby button also behavior switchable with the current functionality in the settings and a switch to chose the unlock method from swipe to single tab like it is now with power connected or not, it would be very convenient, no power button, no menu, for heavy users like me

make that i can decide to just switch off the screen with everything running like its full on, make me lock/switch off the screen with a full side to side swipe

having a choice how you do things is always a plus and doesn't hurt anyone

maybe you can program it in a way that if standby is turned off, it automaticly gets back on and set to the below 5 minutes regime if under 9%, so you have a definite save state without the hassle the current situation brings

i use my smartphone allot to download manuals, watch tutorials etc.

imagine yourself with both hands into something and their the playbook shuts itself off, you hurry out to tap it so you don't have to swipe cause you may have dirty hands

happens all day long so i still use my old tablet or my smartphone with their small or low resolution screens, otherwise its a constant hassle do deal with sheer stupidity

in the "real world" it is all about basic functionality, for most people you can say "common sense" drives their actions

those little things you can and cannot achieve out of the box, those repeatedly unfulfilled expectation, they creating strong emotions, so they have priority in other companies because its what the customer sees in the first hours of "really" using the product

i'm sure you can now find replacements for some of those problems in app world, but even avid users don't do that or even extra pay for that, specially when you are unable to ever fully delete apps you tested and/or even test them in the first place without buying them, if they are there to buy

and i don't have neither the time nor the nerve to go through many apps to do something the **bleeping** thing should do out of the box

and really really basic things like opening every picture and video format you usually stumble upon in the internet, offline, outside the browser is a necessity or basic things like power management, when to warn, when to force hibernation, standby behavior, you just implement those functionality and go licensing those formats as soon as possible if you learn you forgot them in the first place, to be at least on a level with major desktop and mobile operating systems

still not having that "simple stuff" is immensely frustrating on customer side

my oldest one is one of the first official android 1.5 tablets, guess what, it does all that minus the nice hardware and the look&feel which is otherwise really great on qnx

apple can afford to have reduced functionality cause their customers are used to be locked away, google devices may or may not have apps for everything but google is years and millions of devices and apps ahead of you so you can't do it the same way

from you rim it is expected to be a workhorse that brings as much basic functionality and raw support for file formats with you as possible like a linux or windows pc with firefox and vlc installed

oh btw. if the app world preview picture slider could be "magneticly" centering the pictures again like i believe vaguely remembering from os 1.0, it would feel much better, smoother, nothing is sticky anymore, like for example it should be 3 rows sticky with the playbooks apps icons too, not a straight shoot

and finally, having a hdmi cable with it in the box would be nice so you can test it as an mediacenter right away, what you also should exploit more specially with a phone as a remote

it could be a **bleeping** apple tv disguised as an nice looking picture frame you dock in the playbook from behind, masking the playbooks black boarders and matching it to the interior like cheap ikea picture frames do

i know i keep repeating me here but i cannot remotely understand how that much carelessness is possible

they don't sell the chargers now for months over here, i see no advertising, nothing

seriously, at least do television advertisements, they still have some weight in germany

as i remember i found out hp was even selling the touchpad on the day they fire saled the whole thing, not ideal circumstances to push something into market

next there is a approximately 200 bookmarks on home screen limit!? i'm at the point where i can only save a new one if i delete one! and they are not align properly when in folders! some links may just not save at all for no reason!

and fullscreen browsing would be, you know, i think i could like having the upper 60 to 80% of each side dedicated to a back and forth browser buttons swipe gesture used with thumbs, so we can have a full screen browser experience and if there is nothing to go back to a double swipe on either side closes the tab, an "open links in new tab" option would complement this and speed up browsing news blogs so well

build in ad blocking!!!

and multiple instances of one app, specially the browser, maybe double tabbing the icon opens a new instance and no pausing videos if i start another

sorry again if i sound overly mad or anything, i'm, i'm not, i just don't understand why you people not come up with all that

so you have your blackberry online store, sell other versions of the playbook there so you don't need to have them everywhere on the planet, i'm talking about one without cameras and microphones, a heavy version with extended battery life of at least 15 to 20 hours

if you don't think about a version without cameras you can at least put some black stickers in every box that reliably stick to the devices surface, found out if they are made out of paper they are very resilient

the 4g version needs to be a full wireless router so you can have a netbook on the table for efficient communication while browsing, my current 3g router isn't even doing it for four hours

and make the screen half a millimeter smaller then the bezel so you have more error margin in manufacturing, mine is about 2 pixel rows off to the top right and it drives me crazy

pretty please rim, with sugar on top 

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Re: new 2.0 interface... my two cents

with the recent update screenshots now filling the numbers of deleted pictures, scattering new ones all over the place making it even more inconsistent then renaming everything and put them in front of the old pictures

since rim is not making the playbook do all the things an ipad can't and never will do, like playing all those movie formats from every available source out there, nor fixing obvious flaws, continuously missing any form of quality management, i may just give up on the world and flash and everything and buy me an ipad mini which has at least the display i ever wanted a tablet with

folks, you then made me as ignorant as you where the whole past year

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Re: new 2.0 interface... my two cents

You ought to write to RIM. They might give a **bleep**.