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Posts: 23
Registered: ‎01-24-2012
My Device: PlayBook 16GB UK

new bb10 on playbook... my two cents

basically what i want to see on my playbook are fixes for obvious shortcomings like not letting me display a manual for more then five minutes or not playing half the films in supported file formats like wmv or mov in which i not found even one movie that is not giving me an error popup.

i want to see a lot of off switches for the help those canadians think i need to achieve basic tasks like to type something. starting with having every input in lower cases, everywhere.

there is no writhing short messages like "schatz ich bin in fünf minuten zu hause" on my daily tablet routine. i want to work with my playbook which involves typing unpredictable addresses, product names, taking notes, even on our phones my wife and i typing in code since we met. not predictable, not needed to be, distracting.

and i also do not see me using any social media on my tablet, not in any hub nor simplified mobile site or app. complete website in browser or not happening.

i hate loosing gestures and seeing everything going sideways. that may be wonderful on the phones, in portrait mode, with the hub, for communicating as the basic scenario. no i do not see this on a tablet. what you do with peeking into the hub i use on the playbook peeking into a tv app or chatting with friends on irc. it also would be a waste having big buttons or bars in landscape mode, instead of gestures for the utmost basic functions that could enable clutter free fullscreen browsing and app switching. i think i could like having the upper 60 to 80% of each side dedicated to a back and forth browser buttons swipe gesture used with thumbs and if there is nothing to go back to a double swipe on either side closes the tab, an "open links in new tab" option would complement this and speed up browsing news blogs so well.

all i seen of bb10 on the phones is focused on social media not on heavy file and app centric work. tweak it a little and otherwise keep the playbooks os 2.0 look & feel. keep all the gestures. supplement them. i do not blog or share with my tablet, i zap through hundreds of webpages and galleries and pick out interesting things. i work with files. i cant do that anymore without those os 2.0 gestures and with that bb10 browser.

if you really want to do something revolutionary, make bb10 highly customizable between social activities and heavy consumers. let us decide with a simple switch between what os 2.0 is able to do and what bb10 currently is build for. do not nail it down and waste potential, give us a tablet and a phone interface. i quite like using my playbook the same fashion i use my pc's, specially the workload it can manage. imagine that in an asus transformer shell.

browser related ad blocking is desperately needed instead of a nearly unusable reader mode or constant on/off switching of javascript. easily saving browser bookmarks as one html file to export them the old fashion copy & pasting way, without special privacy invading software or services that need to be kept up to date is much needed too. i have quickly 100+ bookmarks and i want to spit them out to my pc like i do it with the firefox html export and my netbook. so they do not have to go back in since i save what i frequently use directly to the home screen and its very limiting 200 bookmarks limit. but it would be nice for both.

eliminate the need for the blackberry desktop software to connect via usb. stop showing off how complex and inventive you guys are, people like me buying fundamentally insecure androids to not being forced to use itunes. for formerly rim it seems there is no easy way to achieve supposedly easy things.

like if you as a company have a forum linked on your official website, at least make sure someone company related is reading it and sums up the problems for internal processing and correction of obvious flaws, that irritate those people who actually buy and use your products.

see also new 2.0 interface... my two cents it contains one or two enchanting feasibility fantasies

Super Contributor
Posts: 431
Registered: ‎04-30-2011
My Device: DTEK60
My Carrier: DCI Telecom

Re: new bb10 on playbook... my two cents

Changing the OS to BB10 will not make the look and feel of the PlayBook the same as a BB10 phone. 

Posts: 23
Registered: ‎01-24-2012
My Device: PlayBook 16GB UK

Re: new bb10 on playbook... my two cents

[ Edited ]

how do you know

for more than 1 1/2 years people telling them they would have the device running unattended longer then five minutes.

every week someone comes here and tells about his battery problems, from most of which probably had their battery unintentionally running completely empty. i understand this is important for some secret fbi agent having it drained to the last percent, so that he can tell his headquarters about the double agent in their midst.

but if you give that to average joe and jane without a pice of paper in the package containing the information how they destroy those kind of battery today used from one day to the other, they will do that and cost the company money and more important reputation.

if you forget your playbook with lets say 20% battery left on a friday in the office upstairs your house. nothing to worry about right? the wifi router is located in the living room so the connection upstairs isn't the best. the poor thing probably drained itself by saturday evening maintaining the connection and to make it real hard, monday you have the day of.

congratulations you successfully got yourself a dead playbook.

kids usually forget to charge their phones, the next day they listen to music on their way to school having it half the day empty in their pockets. yes, that is how your lovely daughter killed her iphone within a few months.

and no the screen got just broken by slapping it against a stone cause after treating it that way for weeks, the darn thing was only playing music 40 minutes straight, you would not have understanded that and she is pretty smart for her age. one way or another.

so did we learn something? or do we just wait for things that are not going to happen?

Super Contributor
Posts: 367
Registered: ‎09-22-2012
My Device: Playbook 32
My Carrier: 3

Re: new bb10 on playbook... my two cents

Tbis thread is as interesting as your other one. 

New Contributor
Posts: 7
Registered: ‎03-30-2014
My Device: blackberry playbook
My Carrier: verizon

Re: new bb10 on playbook... my two cents

funny.. he thinks someone from BlackBerry is listening.... anyowne seen any blackberry posting responses at all?  He sems to be swimming naked in a pool...   alone...    WHO CARES...  Hope he's enjoying the exercise in futility...  some people just need to let steam off...   lets all move away from this thread and give him some space.    quietly, maybe he won't know we have left....

Guru III
Posts: 32,253
Registered: ‎06-25-2008
My Device:

I'm rockin the BlackBerry DTEK60, Passport, Z30, Z10, Q10, BlackBerry Mini Stereo Speaker, 64 gig PlayBook,BT Headset HS-700

My Carrier: I am on AT&T. Please edit your Personal Profile with your DEVICE TYPE, DEVICE OS and Carrier

Re: new bb10 on playbook... my two cents

lancersdad wrote:

funny.. he thinks someone from BlackBerry is listening.... anyowne seen any blackberry posting responses at all?  He sems to be swimming naked in a pool...   alone...    WHO CARES...  Hope he's enjoying the exercise in futility...  some people just need to let steam off...   lets all move away from this thread and give him some space.    quietly, maybe he won't know we have left....

why resurect a 14 month old post?


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Posts: 3
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Re: new bb10 on playbook... my two cents