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BlackBerry Push Development

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BlackBerry Push Webcast unanswered Questions

Below are the answers to the questions we didn't get to during the Webcast.


1. Can the application installer file (cod) can be pushed and installed on a particular device?


Applications COD file cannot be directly pushed or installed.  However you can push COD module data as payload to your application on the and it can use the CodeModuleManager to install the application.


2. Do you need to sign application to test the push ? i request for a certificate, how much we need to get the certificate ?


You will need to get signing keys to test push.  Signing keys can be obtained for $20 USD by filling out the following form: https://www.blackberry.com/SignedKeys/


3. How do I know the port I am using to listen the data is unique and no other app on the device is using that port?


We assisgn ports to every application registered with the service.  This process ensures that a unique port is assigned to every application avoiding conflicts


4. Delay on push - same sim card if inside a Bold (4.6 OS), push delays in 4-6 minutes; but if move the sim to Curve (4.5 OS), push is received without any delay. Any idea?


As this is a configuration specific question please post your question in the Push Development forums so we can assist you further.


5. Is the Push Service only supported  for v5.0?


BlackBerry Push Service works on all BlackBerry devices and is not restricted device software 5.0.  


6. How do you handle both 5.0 and 4.x devices? Do you need two client applications to take advantage of the 5.0 features?


Yes, if you would like to take advantage of the 5.0 features you will need to have a separate application.  The sample application provided with the Push Service SDK provides two libraries one for pre-5.0 devices and one for 5.0 and above. 


7. Is it correct that the Port number, used on the device, is fixed at the registration of the Application?


Yes, we assign you the port number.


8. Do BES/Enterprise pushes only supports low level (PAP) or also high level  servier API for the SDK?


Support for BES PAP pushes is a feature of the Push Service SDK.  You can use both high level and low-level APIs for this.   


9. What will be scenario to use single push for multiple applications?


Can  you elaborate further on your question and post it in the forums?


10. I am not sure If I understood that client applications require BB o.s. 5.0 What about previous BB versions? My Bold has v 4.6


Push Service works on all BlackBerry devices and is not restricted device software 5.0.  


11. How can we support different versions BlackBerry?


The sample code provided with the BlackBerry Push Service SDK covers this topic.


12. How do we specify the lenght of subscription service?


You cannot specify the length of subscription through the API .  You can however unsubscribe the user from the client application or the server application after a specific length of time.


13. Does the push service require a BES server or can it run on our own company server?


No, BlackBerry Push Service doesn't require a BES server.  You must however run your own server applicaiton that will interface with BlackBerry Push Service to send pushes. 


14. What is the minimum device software version which supports push?


Push Service works on all BlackBerry devices running handheld software 4.2 and above.


15. When we reply register to http://www.blackberry.com/developpers/pushservice, there is no rsponse. I tried any times the first was 2 month before and no answer. How can we know why we have no answer ?


Please provide more information on the developer forums.  If you can proivde us the registration details we can take a look into it.


16. When using the service if there are any errors, where would we research it?


Errors are documented in the documentation avaialble on the BlackBerry Push Service web site.


19. Is there any maximum number of multiple payload?




20. Is there any short training available?


This Webcast can be considered as a form of training.  We also have developer videos and documentaiton on the BlackBerry Push Service web site that should assist you further with your development efforts.


21. Does the client library does the job of listening on a port or the sample app code needs to be copied to every application that needs to listen for push?


We provide you the sample code to accomplish this.  On device software 5.0 and above the process for listening for pushes is handled by the Blackberry device software.  For pre-5.0 device we provide you with a library to do the same but you will need to copy it into your application code.


22. Can a push start an application if it is not running on the device?


On device software 5.0 and above you can.  See the blackbery.api.push package Javadocs for further details: http://www.blackberry.com/developers/docs/5.0.0api/net/rim/blackberry/api/push/package-summary.html


23. I have users using old versions of blackberry, how can I make my app compatible to old versions?


The device side sample code provided with the Push Service SDK works on older as well as new devices.


24. Is there info on blackberry.com to develop push with .NET?


Currently no; however, we do  plan to have more information available in the future on the standalone approach.


25.  Do you mind explaining what the application ID is again and do we really need it if we specify a port on which the client is listening?


The application ID is a unique ID assigned to your application by RIM.  It is used as the unique identifier for your application while using the BlackBerry Push service.  We also provide you with a listening port which is unique to your application.


26. In case of application level ACK, does the application needs to provide the ACK?


No, your application just needs to read the data.  The ACK is automatically sent.


27. To get the best performance possible can I use the push service from a thread ?


The push listener on the device should be run as it's own thread.


28. Relates to push: you mentioned that you can use the homescreen API to add the red notify star to the application icon. Which API method is this? I can't find it. Also, is there a good summary on how to use the Notification API?


You can use the ApplicationIndicator class to add a updated icon in the top banner on the homescreen.









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Re: BlackBerry Push Webcast unanswered Questions

thanks for publishing this here -

there were also some of my questions answered


a hint for the next webinar:

please provide a chat window - then its easier to read the questions from other users

and to understand your answers in the Q&A part


would be really great if you can publish a sample app for server and device

using BES/Enterprise pushes together with high level API





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Re: BlackBerry Push Webcast unanswered Questions

Thanks for this post. It has helped me alot Smiley Happy