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BlackBerry Push Development

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Device Registration Problems

Howdy all,


I'm hoping you can help.  I am working with the BB push service and I have everything working fine with the exception of the Device Registration.   I'm having a LOT of difficulty getting a device registered.   I have to use the 4.6 push api sample thing to register the device which works fine for a test unit but can't deploy that way.  When I look behind the scenes of that util, it appears that is sending a url such as :



(mds... is abbreviated as I cant post it here for whatever reason)

When this runs, It returns a very long string that looks like 'param=34%52%F5...' 

Then it appears to do a 2nd post with the the following (just really appends the param):



When I try it the first post works fine and returns the param, but when I send in the 2nd one I get a foribidden access..  I also have the authorization header being added to the post.  I have gone through the push sdk sample thing which I really cant make heads or tails out of.

Any ideas anybody?

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Re: Device Registration Problems

Dear Gozer,


Please note that these URL's can't be called from any computer.

Registrations must be done from the device.


Please look into the PushLibXX.java from the client example:

the method register handles the registration.


It is called from RegisterCommand.execute and this one is called from PushController.register.


They do all for you - you do not need to build your own URL's.



Best regards,


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Re: Device Registration Problems

Bullety is right, you have to issue the registration requests from a device with a BIS service book transport.


Its strange that the first part of the URL worked and the second part didn't. The first URL post to register is supposed to pass back the param=xxxxxxx string, then you issue the second register request appending the param=xxxxx part.


So first issue the http request:


then get back the param=xxxxxxxxx as a response.

Issue the second request:



You should get back an rc=xxxx code, expect rc=200


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Re: Device Registration Problems

Hi Guys,


Thanks for your feedback!  It actually turned out to be the log I was seeing as my template was cutting off the trailing 



on the 2nd post.  Once I added that it works!


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Re: Device Registration Problems

Is there documentation of the return codes from this? I'm getting rc=10008 as the response from the second request.


Also, does it require a post to be made? I'm trying to do this through the browser just to get a rough example working.

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Re: Device Registration Problems



- I am using the pushsdk sample-app and sample client.


- I've registered for eval from the Blackberry PushSDK website and have received credentials.


- I am loading the sample client on an actual device, however I can only connect via wifi (I don't have a SIM card or 3G connection)

   - As a result, I had to change a bit of code so I can connect to the Content Provider URL


private static String getConnectionSuffix() {        

return ";deviceside=false;interface=wifi;ConnectionType=mds-BLAH";    



I can contact the debug-portal fine and it adds the subscriber details to the DB, however when it attempts to subscribe using: 


https://pushapi.eval.blackberry.com/mss/PD_subReg? [...]


I get an 403 Access Forbidden error.


Could adding the interface=wifi have anything to do with it? if not, are there things I should check for to make sure everything is configured correctly?