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MDS Push messages and MDS-CS server response time

So I have an app that is sending push messages out to phones based on a particular input event. The messages are sent from a .NET service through an MDS-CS server running v4.1.7.16 to phones running a range of OS's (4.5+ though) 


I'm seeing, pretty often, that the message delivery is delayed by anywhere from 10-60 seconds. I’ve narrowed down the issue and it appears that the slowdown is in the response time of the MDS server. I put some additional logging (on the .NET service side) in for pre-connect to the web server and post-send of message with messages that are under 8K – so the time to send should be a fraction of a second, and often it is.



What I’ve found is that messages aren’t sent until the MDS server responds to the HTTP request (makes sense – it can’t send a message I haven’t made a request for) – but that HTTP response takes anywhere from a fraction of a second to up to 30-60 seconds at times. It doesn’t appear to relate to message size or time of day or anything else I can find as a pattern on my side. It appears almost as if the server is throttling connections or just has times (usually this is about 50% of the time there is some significant delay) where the response is quite slow.


Are there any settings, maybe a throttling setting or a max concurrent HTTP connections setting that may be causing this? 


Below are a couple of examples of the HTTP POST sent to the MDS-CS server and the response back:





TIME: [2/11/2010 2:34:52 PM]
MESSAGE: ThreadId: 25 Sending message to http://uusnwa41.na.utcmail.com:8080/push?DESTINATION=30b18f3c&PORT=6363&REQUESTURI=/: <?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-16"?>
  <PanelName>Panel 2- LNL-2220 in Dist.lab</PanelName>
  <DeviceName>ENTRM144 Training Center Entry</DeviceName>
  <EventDescription>Request to Exit - Door Not Used</EventDescription>


TIME: [2/11/2010 2:34:52 PM]


MESSAGE: ThreadId: 25 Sending message to http://uusnwa41.na.utcmail.com:8080/push?DESTINATION=30b18f3c&PORT=6363&REQUESTURI=/


<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-16"?><EventDetails xmlns:xsi="http://www.w3.org/2001/XMLSchema-instance" xmlns:xsd="http://www.w3.org/2001/XMLSchema" xmlns="http://www.xxx.com">  <EventTime>2010-02-11T14:34:52</EventTime>  <EventTimeString>2:34:52P</EventTimeString>  <EventDateString>2/11/2010</EventDateString>  <PanelName>Panel 2- LNL-2220 in Dist.lab</PanelName>  <PanelID>14</PanelID>  <DeviceName>Training Center Entry</DeviceName>  <BadgeID>0</BadgeID>  <IssueCode>0</IssueCode>  <EventDescription>Request to Exit - Door Not Used</EventDescription>  <Priority>50</Priority>  <SerialNumber>1264720391</SerialNumber>  <CommServerHostname>xxxxx</CommServerHostname>  <EventTypeID>4</EventTypeID>  <EventSubTypeID>575</EventSubTypeID>  <DeviceID>2</DeviceID>  <SecondaryDeviceID>0</SecondaryDeviceID></EventDetails>


and then the response 30 seconds later:


TIME: [2/11/2010 2:35:22 PM]


MESSAGE: ThreadId: 25 Message sent successfully.




The code in between these two log messages is (s = a string containing the message data being sent)




Log.Dbg("Sending message to " + req.RequestUri.ToString() + ": " + s);




                s2 = req.GetRequestStream();

                s2.Write(bytes, 0, bytes.Length);



            catch { return false; }



                if (s2 != null)



                    s2 = null;




            Log.Dbg("Message sent successfully.");



The call to req.GetRequestStream() is what opens the connection to the MDS Server and that call is the one that hangs for up to a minute waiting on the MDS server to respond so I can POST the data.



Any thoughts on settings that may affect this response speed?





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Re: MDS Push messages and MDS-CS server response time

The first task is to narrow down where the delay is occurring. 


Have you tried running the push application from a different machine/location?  Have you tried running a different push application from that machine that runs your .NET push application?  I recommend trying either the httppushdemo (requires a reliable port be configured on your BES) or the browserpushdemo included with the BlackBerry JDE and BlackBerry Java Plug-in for Eclipse.  They can be found in the following directories:






C:\Program Files\Research In Motion\BlackBerry JDE 4.7.0\samples\com\rim\samples\server


Do you see any delay if you use an MDS-CS Simulator and BlackBerry Smartphone simulator running on both the same or different machine as the .NET push application?


Post the results of these tests.  It should help t narrow down whether the delay occurs in the MDS-CS server, push application server or the push application itself.  Once we have that figured out we can dig a bit deeper.

Mark Sohm
BlackBerry Development Advisor

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