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Contacts app randomly merging contacts

Client's blackberry merging ramdom contacts automatically.


Attila merged with Jon totally different numbers and no email.

 Evan Dickenson turned into Harry slade Dickenson

 Mark turned into Lindsey

Totally random and I think it’s only happening between personal contacts.


Is there any way to disable auto merge on contacts app?

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Re: Contacts app randomly merging contacts

Hi decobezerra,


Welcome to the support community!

How were these contacts added to your BlackBerry Q10 smartphone? Were they added from the same source, such as synchronized from Outlook or added via the same email or social networking account? Do any of these contacts share any common information such as a mobile number?

I look forward to your reply.



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Re: Contacts app randomly merging contacts

[ Edited ]

I'm having the exact same problem.


I have my work email added, twitter, facebook, and some local contacts (which I copied to my SIM card but the Z10 has since wiped all of them from the contact app, or at least nothing shows up when you narrow the focus to SIM contacts).


The Blackberry is merging sometimes up to 3 totally different unrelated people with completely different information, names, etc, into single contacts.




Conact A: Dad

Contact B: Lisa

Contact C: Jon Snow


Final merged contact:


Dad Snow

Dad's cell number becomes the work number for new contact "Dad Snow"

Lisa's home phone becomes this new contacts cell number

Original Jon Snow's email address remains the email address for this new contact.


None of these people are related or share any similar information at all.

The "automatically merging" and "linking" is very very wonky and a terrible execution of an otherwise good idea.


This happens randomly, without me doing anything. 


 I have a Z10 running


 It doesn't seem to affect my "enterprise" email contacts (from Exchange).



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Re: Contacts app randomly merging contacts

This was happening to me constantly. I restored my Q10 and enabled iCloud contacts sync only, keeping Facebook and LinkedIn contacts OFF. So far so good. It's been 3 days without a phantom contact linking.

This is DEFINITELY a problem within BB10. It's crazy that a system would allow any kind of automatic linking of contacts.
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Re: Contacts app randomly merging contacts

I am also having this problem. I have 3 accounts that sync contacts wirelessly (Office 365). Random merges occur WITHIN the same account, and also ACROSS accounts. The contacts that merge (may be as many as 40 links to one original contact) do not seem to have anything specific in common and they are absolutely NOT meant to be merged.


This results in a lot of handwork to unlink these contacts. If, for instance, contact A is incorrectly linked to contacts B, C, D, E, and F, I cannot just tap 'unlink' for B, C, D, E, and F and be done with it. If I do that, and then click 'save', that results in contact A being alright, and then having contact B still linked to C, D, E and F. So, I have to unlink contact B from contact A. Then press save, wait for that to take effect (number of links goes down by one). Then go back into the linked contacts and repeat for all linked contacts. You never now, nor can you see at a glance, which of your contacts has incorrect links, and there may be as many as 40 links to one contact. It is a hellish job.


To make matters worse, if I have succesfully rearranged/unlinked my 500+ contacts, they may decide to spontaneously merge in obscure ways the next day.


These contacts were added by adding the 3 EAS/ Office 365 account credentials and selecting 'sync contacts'. It is my preferred method, and it works on my laptop, 3 workstations, Playbook and iPad. Just not on the Z10. I am not on BES, by the way.


It is the only negative I can think of on my Z10, but it affects the use quite severely.


Is there any kind of solution to this? I do not seem to have the option to turn this auto-merging off, or do I overlook that toggle somewhere? It would be far less work to manually link the contacts that I WANT to link, rather than having to manually unlink the contacts  that I do NOT want to link.



Please advise.

Vodafone NL, Z10
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Re: Contacts app randomly merging contacts

The random linking and merging of contacts, just as decribed above, has been happening to me at least since BB OS 10.1, maybe 10.0 .  I keep hoping that with the next OS update the problem will go away, but I just encountered a random linking with 10.3.2 on my Verizon Z10.  For me, the random linking consistently occurs when I add a contact to my "local" category.  I have been able to avoid it by only adding contacts to my "laptop" category, which syncs with outlook on my laptop computer.  By the way, that is the only contact sync that I have enabled.  But when I create a new contact on my phone, the default is to add it to both "local" and "laptop", so if I forget to uncheck "local", random linking occurs, which often hides the newly created contact (the search will not find it).  I found what happened to my most recent contact addition by looking in "local" contacts, which is generally empty.  There was one contact there, an old completely unrelated contact, under which I found my new contact had been linked.


This is a huge, crazy, issue.  I am amazed that BlackBerry has not fixed this over the past year and a half.  Dear BlackBerry, here is a simple solution:  Eliminate automatic linking, and eliminate all merging!  If you think contacts should be linked, present the suggestion to the user and let the user decide.  Also, provide a "show all" option so that nothing is hidden.

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Re: Contacts app randomly merging contacts

Out of desperation, the only thing that resolved this issue for me was doing a full security wipe.