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Message To Q10 Developers

One of the reasons you fellow Crackberry addicts are still here and using the BlackBerry product is, quite frankly, the lack of CHANGE. Simply put, the device WORKS. It has worked since my first BlackBerry 8 years ago, up to my 9930 I just retired yesterday for the Q10. 

Before you crucify me on the lack of CHANGE comment, let me explain. We as BlackBerry enthusiasts do NOT like change, but we sure as hell appreciate UPDATES. We like prettier color, quicker responses, new features enhancing the existing ones, AS LONG AS, it does not imply that our regular and familiar use of the device does not CHANGE. Let's face it, it's the same operating system, but with 16 bit color, then 256bit color, then thousands of colors, then....(you know what I mean). 

Unfortunately, with the release of the Q10, and BB OS 10 for that matter, stuff changed...and quite frankly, I don't like it. I have never posted on CB due to years, and years as a SATISFIED customer seeing no problems with the device that never leaves my side, but today, my first full day with the Q10, I'm torn. So torn. Hence me writing to my fellow CB addicts. 

I loved the idea of the device, the look of the device, the move away from the Java platform element of the device, but...it's not MY device. And by that, it's not the device that I get every 2 years on upgrade, throw into Desktop Manager, and use the seamless 'Switch My Device' wizard. Alas, what we have is the combination of Thorsten Heins interviewing 20 somethings who Tweet, Instagram, Spotify, and play Words With Friends all day long, instead of BB Customers for life that want, quite simply: THE CLOSEST VERSION OF MICROSOFT OUTLOOK TO GO in a mobile platform. Now, we have a device that is no longer a BlackBerry.

But fear not, everything is not lost at this point in time. I do believe that we have a salvageable situation on our hands. For those of you that have waited for me to get to my point, I applaud your patience. I know I'm probably a singular voice that will get lost in the shuffle, but to Thorsten Heins, I am the demographic he was attempting to reach. I am a 26 year old, 8 year veteran of the Blackberry platform. I worked my way through college at 18 doing corporate IT and was given one of these strange devices with a side scrolly wheel, and have never looked back. I want this platform to succeed because it has worked for almost a DECADE for me. I want this same, uninterrupted functionality to be with me at all hours of the day. I want to reach out to the Blackberry 10 developers working on the 10.2 update and BEG of them to listen to some of my pleas. I implore you all to chime if you agree with me on these things, but please don't let the chain go off topic. If you don't agree with some of the things I'd like to see BACK into the unparalled BB OS, then shoot me a PM, but let this be the topic to discuss things that have left us in OS 10, that the loyal users want back.

Phew...thanks for sticking with me through that. Feels good to get off my chest. Okay, so on to the features that have unfortunately left us in OS 10:

- The shortcut for putting the phone on silent, holding "q" has disappeared. I appreciate the swipe to hit silent, but come on, how hard was this to leave in the kernel?

-The shortcut for locking the phone, holding "a" has disappeared as well, see above note. Sometimes, reaching to the top of the phone to lock it feels awkward and an unnecessary step, complicating something that was once so easy. (don't get me started about the loss of the side convenience key I had mapped to this as well).

- Saved E-Mail Messages (and hitting V to access): This one's a big one. I have emails saved from devices going back to 2005 that have transferred to every BB device with me. Why did we get rid of this? For god's sake, one of the saved e-mails was my grandfather's obituary link. That's morbid and hurtful Thorsten.

- Keyboard shortcuts: Why did we leave in T for Top and B for Bottom, but left out U for scrolling through Unread E-mails? 

-Saved Search Keyboard Shortcuts: The customization of saved searches in all previous OSs was nothing short of incredible. Probably more detailed that Outlook searches. If I wanted to look at all of my unread emails in one place: saved shortcut 'alt +n'. If I wanted to look at my draft e-mails I needed to send out at 9am the next morning: 'alt + d'. Why was this left out?

-Probably in the minority, but the option of putting in a virtual trackpad isn't the worst idea in the world...especially for those of us that work in an environment where every other e-mail, we're copying and pasting information at lightning speed. Sorry, but holding my finger over a word and swiping to do this, then swiping to do that, then picking my nose...doesn't really work for me...

-Blackberry has had a "Messages" icons since before the dinosaurs roamed the Earth. If you're going to put a BBM, Text Messages, Calendar, and Contacts icon on the HOME screen, then Holy Velociraptor Batman!, you better finish that last bit of PIM app access in a messages icon. I don't appreciate a device who's primary focus (at least for me, anyone else??) is sending emails, yet I have to swipe up, swipe left, swipe down, swipe in a pentagonal shaped oval, to get to the hub to get to my email. However, I could Tweet with 2 taps?

-Speed dial. Do I really need to say more? You hold "1", at any screen on the phone, it dials your voicemail. Right? When did we change that?

-Would be nice if the "phone" icon was present with the above suggested virtual trackpad when inside e-mails, texts, or bbms with contacts if you'd like to call them (a new feature in OS 7 I believe, but still invaluable.) Scenario: BBM comes in from boss: call me now, urgent!...employee hits phone key, BB prompts "Call Inhumane Person That Pays You Minimum Wage?". Now, we unfortunately have to guess where to click (because I sure as f*^& am not swiping up down into nose and ear to get to the phone app) in order to go to that person's V-Card when you then have the option to Call them.

-With my g-mail, work exchange, and Outlook email (all setup through ActiveSync and G-Mail IMAP), I am unable to send emails with attachments larger than 1mb, even on Wi-Fi??? The message just sits with the "sending" ))))) icon. Remember is OS 7 where you could look at the percentage of how much of the attachment had transfereed? Oh how I love the days of travelling internationally, and all of my email load was done on the BIS side in regards to attachments while my poor friends with iPhones had to download the entire message incurring more data charges that Rupert Murdoch's wire-tapping scheme.

-Looks like a bug hangover from the Z10 to the Q10, but when I open HTML email, I have to scroll left to right to see the full email message because it doesn't fit on the screen. (Not an issues on OS 7....how does something like this happen...?)

-For god's sake, this phone is more locked down than the script for Justice League movie. Where did all of the insane customization go? Keyboard speed (try typing an ellipses), ability to map functions to hard keys??

-Notification center from OS 7. Any reason why this went away? I can't tell you how many times I clicked on the bar at the top of the screen in OS 7 to look at the 3 most recent unread e-mails, the next 3 calendar appointments I had, and the 3 most recent missed calls. Unfortunately this has been replaced with a lock screen that can only show the # of unread emails (not who they are from or subject line), and to view even that, you have to HOLD down a select number of keys on the QWERTY. Hell no you can't simply tap that space bar to see what time it is, nor can you hold the volume button to turn on the display in lock mode. You have to pray you hit W or F or C o to bring up the display in lock mode. 

-Why are the home screen icons the size of the remote control buttons my grandparents use? My 9930 had 18 icons on the home screen, more than enough to fit everything in one "Panel" as they used to call it, but now I get 12 huge ones on a bigger screen? What am I missing here........

Okay, so that started to turn into a bit of a RIM bashing as I became a little perturbed remembering all of this throughout the day...but come on, this should have been a step forwards, not laterally and to the side a bit. 

You all are the experts here...tell me how to get something like this in front of the developer group for 10.2. And please, someone tell me they feel the same way about a few of these things...I don't want to go back to the 9930! Don't make me do it!!!

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Re: Message To Q10 Developers

I agree with you. Blackberry has not cared for us who have been using a BB devise from over a decade. Today I am not able to sync my outlook 2007, hence I am shifting to a windows based HTC. I feel Sad but then I realise that it is my mistake & should have changed a year back. the saying is correct " Change Before Change Changes You." But what will I do to my Q10 that does not sync & that has a battery that some times gets so hot that it will explode. Seems like I will have to gift this to some one who does not have 5750 contacts & over 6000 calendars on my outlook. Thank you Blackberry for teaching us a lesson that we should never be brand loyal.
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Re: Message To Q10 Developers

Agreed with everything you said


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Re: Message To Q10 Developers

Oh, I can add a few lost features from the Bold:


  • No UMA internet calling
  • No list of forthcoming diary entries in the calendar agenda view
  • Enter key sends a text or bbm, instead of generating a new line of text (how daft is that?)

and of course the select text, cut and paste is horrible.


Rob, disheartened

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Re: Message To Q10 Developers

2013 and I agree.

No need to step back or leave time saving features out after taking so long to roll out the Q10/Z10!?

I will reserve final judgement with 10.2 when we should be able to add android apps?

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Re: Message To Q10 Developers

I hate not being able to set how long I want to save my messages, text, whatever...and I really hate Q10 Bedside mode & the non-ability to set hours for it. Oh and, why did we change Sym K to J & no longer will '...' complete without typing it 3x!
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Re: Message To Q10 Developers

Rest assured, you are NOT in the minority.  I just picked up a Q10 today, and cannot believe how difficult it now is to copy and paste e-mail text.  BlackBerry users tend to be people whose jobs include lots of writing -- that's why we need a keyboard for goodness sake.  Like you, I need to use copy and paste in every third e-mail that I send.  The old system worked like a charm.  This new system, not so much.  : (  Very, very disappointing.  


You wrote:  "I don't appreciate a device who's primary focus (at least for me, anyone else??) is sending emails, yet I have to swipe up, swipe left, swipe down, swipe in a pentagonal shaped oval, to get to the hub to get to my email."  Totally agree!

You wrote:  "Speed dial. Do I really need to say more? You hold "1", at any screen on the phone, it dials your voicemail. Right?"  Right!  

You wrote:  "Would be nice if the "phone" icon was present with the above suggested virtual trackpad when inside e-mails, texts, or bbms with contacts if you'd like to call them (a new feature in OS 7 I believe, but still invaluable.) "  Agreed.



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Re: Message To Q10 Developers

OH MY GOD! Thank you Wayne!!! You have said what's been on my mind for so long.
Oh and one more thing...the stupid "envelope/send" icon is right smacked below the text's compose field...most times when we want to touch the text for correction, we would accidentally touch the frickin' "envelope/send" icon and the message got sent. Stupid, really stupid.