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Music Player Blues (Bugs + Missing Features)

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I've discovered three potential bugs with the music player.


The first is very minor, but would be nice to have fixed: in a playlist, I find that often when one song has an album art but the next in the playlist does not, the player often does not update the album art that is being displayed (that is, it shows the previous song's album art rather than the generic background).


The second problem has caused me much grief - every now and then one of my playlists on the device will get wiped out. It's happened twice now, both with the same playlist. Both times the playlist had 200-300 songs in it. 


Third, sometimes the ability to control the music player with the mute button goes away. I've noticed this occurs most commonly after watching a youtube video on the device (even after the browser is closed).


I'd be happy to send any additional information required to get these things fixed ASAP.


If I could suggest a few enhancements for future updates, please consider the following:

-When deleting a song, it would be nice to see on the warning dialog the name of the song you're deleting. A couple times I've held my finger over the wrong song and didn't realize it till it was too late.

-Would also be nice if the music player could be turned into a background app that can be launched from the settings menu.

-There does not appear to be a way to search for a song inside a playlist. This is a must-have feature!

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Re: Music Player Blues (Bugs + Missing Features)

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Just a bit of background. I use to work for RIM and so the product is important to me in a sentimental way. I'll continue to add to this thread as I find/remember more bugs with the music app (if these issues get some attention I'll create another thread to report bugs in other apps). I really hope these issues are reported to the appropriate department(s) so they can be investigated and repaired in future updates!


  • There is a problem with the UX on the music pane. When trying to fast-forward a song, sometimes the music pane slides away and goes back to the music player home page. Sometimes it does this AND
    still fast-forwards the song. Maybe the selectable area to select the player's time slider should be more generous?
  • When in the now-playing pane, when the repeat/shuffle icons are showing, these icons can be accidentally activated by releasing one's finder on top of them, opposed to clicking (i.e. finger does not need to start on the icon to activate it). I do this all the time and it turns off shuffle or causes songs to be repeated.


Couple more features that would be nice:

-Ability to delete a song from the now-playing pane's context menu itself (rather than from the playlist).

-When listening to a playlist, there should be a way to delete a song from the current playlist right from the now-playing pane, OR from the playlist queue (currently this is only possible by entering the playlist editor, which is great for bulk actions, but unfortutately this makes it much more difficult to remove single songs from the playlist, especially because there is no search in the playlist editor!!!).

-Would be nice if there was a way to go directly back to the playlist (e.g., to access the playlist editor) from the now-playing pane, if a song is currently being played in a playist.

-When playing songs in a playlist, there is absolutely no way to delete the song from the now-playing panes.

-Must have feature: a warning if an item already exists in a playlist (assuming playlist's on bb10 don't automatically delete duplicates).


Just consider the process of removing the current song from a playlist (assuming there is not a quicker way to do it that I am missing):

  1. Decide to delete the current song from the current playlist (and there is no quick button to do so).
  2. Return to home pane of music app.
  3. Click on playlists.
  4. Open the desired playlist.
  5. Click on the edit icon (because there is no way to delete the song from the playlist screen).
  6. Manually scroll down the list to locate the song (because search is not enabled on this sceen).
  7. Click the convinient "-" button to instantly remove the wrong song from the playlist by accident with no warning Smiley Sad.

Simply adding a few new menu options here and there could really enhance the user experience!

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Re: Music Player Blues (Bugs + Missing Features)

Hi Bizorke,


Thank you for your feedback as we are always looking for ways to improve our products.


In regards to the problems you are having with the Media Player, to better determine the root cause and to gather device event logs to investigate, we would request that you contact your wireless service provider to have this issue escalated to BlackBerry Technical support for further investigation.


Let us know if you have any questions.

Thank you.



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