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Q10 Blacberry Link Loading Sync Relationships Hanging- Volumes Not Mounted - USB Issues

Setup my Q10 last couple days.


If there is no SD card in the storage expansion slot my Windows 7 64 Bit will NOT recognize the internal storage and can not mount the volume to view files in explorer in order to drag and drop music, pictures, photos, etc. In other words the USB does not connect.

Windows Firewall is OFF, USB Root Hub in device manager is set to NEVER power down. All of these scenarios and solutions/causes have been carefully followed http://www.blackberry.com/btsc/KB27424


When I install an SD card i ensure the USB Mass Storage is ON (settings, storange and access) before I connect the device otherwise it won't connect. My PC will finally recognize the USB connection, install drivers, and assign a drive letter in explorer and I am able to drag and drop files to the removable storage.

Yet in the sytem tray when I click on the BB Device Manager (not windows device manager) it shows the device connected and both the internal and removable volumes as not mounted.


The BB Link issue on how it hangs and I am unable to sync ANYTHING whther I am physically connect through the BB provided USB cable to the PC or through WiFi.

I have reinstalled Blackberry Link and cleared all the cache to try and ensure a fresh connection to the brand new device. When you click Synced Media on the left under the connected device and the circle spins endlessly (hours) and comes up with erros but pretty much just spins and hangs endlessly in Loading Sync Relationships. Even after many Reset Sync Relationships, device removals and re-adds, the Link software clearly is sorely in need of a proper update and fix with respect to WIndows 7 64bit.


My device is running latest and the Link is the latest. Everything is up to date. Updating the software of the Q10 was the first thing I did with it before making any attempt to connect to my PC and before I even FIRST DL'd BB Link.


These details touch on the issues with Link and the USB issues with my Windows 7 64bit PC. I am getting fed up with wasting time. These are known software issues. I left BB a year and half ago and went to Droid with an HTC One. I can call HTC today (to a 1-800# not a 1-647# like BB and have to pay for the call) and get free support for any small issues even though it is almost half a year past warranty. I call BB (on my dime) and they want $49.99 US per incident for A BRAND NEW DEVICE with a known (several known) software issue(s)!!!


I  have spoken to my carrier, Rogers, and they can not resolve the issue. They have their "Tech Experts" who gave me ONE SINGLE free support call to resolve a BLACKBERRY software issue (not Rogers' problem really) and now I must pay for further support.


If BB can not help and resolve these issues ( I have yet to install a SIM card into the phone and haven't used it for calls to keep within the return limitations Rogers sets)  then I am going to take a picture of my bare arse and middle finger and put them back in the box, ship it BACK to Rogers, and urge them to send my box and pics directly to BB upper management.

Having come back to BB after letting some time pass to improve BB10 and the Link software (BB Desktop Software was atrocious beyond words on XP, 7, any windows) it seems nothing has changed. The support is an embarrassment to BB and for this reason alone I am almost ready to get my HTC camera ready to take my aforementioned pics, rebox it, and ship it back.


I have now wasted countless hours at my PC, on the phone, etc as this was a big reason why I had left in the first place. These devices take years off your life and make quality of life deplorable for something that should work with the most popular OS in the world (Windows) relatively pain free out of the box. I don't expect perfection. I don't mind some technical tweaking ( I actually enjoy it to large extent) and never expect completely problem free setup and operation.


But this is ridiculous.


Anyone from BB listening!?


I want my Link software to work correctly. I want my internal and removable storage to be recognized (with or without an SD card installed!) on my PC or at least offer a ligitimate reason and/or excuse for why it does not. IIf an SD card must be installed then tell me so, but as I alluded to earlier it doesn't work correctly with one installed (and freshly formatted) anyhow.


There are NOT unreasonable requests and expectations for a $700 device.


Without this basic functionality working correctly I will think more and more back to when I first got the Z10 and returned it after an even longer, more exhaustive, and more horrendous time with the device in the first couple weeks with countless major issues. Setup and functionlity issues.


This is a call to BB for help in rectifying the problems. Are you guys listening?


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Re: Q10 Blacberry Link Loading Sync Relationships Hanging- Volumes Not Mounted - USB Issues

I agree, very poor support. I have spent over 10 hours trying to transfer pictures from my new Blackberry Q10 to my PC using Blackberry Link.  I have windows 8 and all software are uptodate.  I can transfer from my PC to my Q10 only, but I cannot see anything on my Q10.  I see a message 'Loading Sync Relationships' that stays there forever.  I have disabled all firewall and that did not help either.


I don't think the blackberry link program is working.with windows 8.



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Re: Q10 Blacberry Link Loading Sync Relationships Hanging- Volumes Not Mounted - USB Issues

>> Are you guys listening?


Doesn't look like it. Intensely frustrating. Are there any third party sync programs (that work)?