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SOOOO disappointed with Q10--back to Bold 9930

This is awful. I have had a Blackberry for YEEAARS, would never consider changing to another brand. Loved the calender, loved the ease of use, loved the roller ball and then the track pad, LOVE THE KEYBOARD, loved so many things...

And I have been loyal. I have listened to every iphone and android user I know tell me how much better their phone is--again, and again, and again, for YEEAARS-- and always defended my little Blackberry friend.

But this is awful. These aren't upgrades or leaps forward in technology. Leaps forward don't remove the email icon from my home screen. They don't take a one step speed dial and turn it into a 3 step task, or take away my ability to add a custom tone to incoming texts. Upgrading isn't making it impossible for me to edit away the 6 colleges and 9 places of experience AS WELL AS the profile picture of a cat in a Santa costume that belong to a phone contact who also happens to be a Facebook friend-even with the FB sync turned off.

And where the heck did my saved messages go?? Not to mention my word substitution library. Oh, and why does it tell me with EVERY SINGLE TEXT--every new text, every reply text, even to and from the same person in a continuing conversation--that the conversation will be in MMS mode?

I could go on and on, naming at least a dozen more reasons for my current headache--and I've only had the phone turned on for 24 hours.

I hate to return a Christmas present from my family, but this is awful.

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Re: SOOOO disappointed with Q10--back to Bold 9930

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Hi and Welcome to the Community!

Change is the most difficult thing for humans to go into. And it is made worse by expectations that the human takes going into the process. You say that "leaps forward" don't impact you...I would contend that, without significant changes, then it would not be a "leap forward".

BB10 was never envisioned as an evolution from legacy BBOS. Rather, from the beginning, it has been positioned as a totally revolutionary and "ground up" development. Any expectation of anything from the past being retained is a recipe for disappointment. Casting away all prior expectations and instead entering into it as a totally new environment allows one to be happy when they come across some little "gem" from the past that has been retained (like double-space for a period, that's still there!).

24 hours is, I would postulate, an inadequate timeframe to get used to the new way of things under BB10. Especially if one entered into it wanting no "leap forward" and instead wanting everything to remain as it was.

But, again, change is hard. But I, as a BB user from the "old days", would not go back to legacy BBOS for anything now that I have become accustomed to BB10. Never.

Good luck!

Occam's Razor nearly always applies when troubleshooting technology issues!

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Re: SOOOO disappointed with Q10--back to Bold 9930

To LeiAnne,

It will take time to get used to the Q10, it is an entirely different to the OS7 series BBs

There is a similar thread to your problems on the BB9900 - have a look, almost 100 pages of frustrations and ANSWERS.


I have set out below where I had my issues for the Q10, but I now use it as may main phone, and have relegated the 9900 to a st-by device; persevere and I'm sure you will come over from the 'OS7 side'; don't be seduced by the 'i-phone dark side'!



  1. Copy and paste with a touch screen?
    1. Make txt size ~10point
    2. Takes a bit to get used to it, bit it is easier as ye go on
    3. Hold down the “Shift Key” as ye swipe to copy, can make it a lot easier.
  2. Set out contacts as ‘last name, 1st name’; was a joke until the new software was available, originally sorted by Last Name, but ordered by 1stname
    1. Alex McKay,
    2. David McKay
    3. Sylvia McKay; not McKay, Alex etc hope ye have the new software
  3. Different Ringtones are set up by contacts, and main Phone  ringtone can be changed in “Settings”
  4. Minor bone of contention, the ‘$’ key (in older BBs) could be set as a different currency symbol; say for instance the UK’£’, but not available NOW, ye have 2 options:-
    1. When you want £, press the $ until all the currency symbols appear, or
    2. Go to Settings, and then Word Substitution, the make ‘$$’ be replaced by ‘£’, so in txting, pressing $$ gives you the £