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Re: Why I'm giving up my Q10 to go back to the Bold 9900

btw we'll see how they do on first qurater this friday...  =)

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Re: Why I'm giving up my Q10 to go back to the Bold 9900

Thanks Tobsterboi for the Bcc tip. I didn't know it. Very valuable.
Best regards,
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Re: Why I'm giving up my Q10 to go back to the Bold 9900

I can't tell you how excited I was to switch into my Q10.  I have always been a Blackberry s

upporter and, save for a brief stint with a Samsung S3, have always used a Blackberry. That being said, my excitement was short-lived. Two items of great importance to me appears to be glaringly omitted from BB10:  the trackpad and the ability to edit-dial.  Navigation without the trackpad is counterintuitive and cumbersome. The ability to use a keyboard with a trackpad was unique and second-to-none; it's what drove the BlackBerry experience.


This is more of an annoyance than a deal-breaker -- the ability to edit dial.  If I receive an email with a phone number, the OS readily identifies it as such.  The problem is that you are unable to edit the number before dialing.  For instance, being unable to auto-prepend a number (another annoyance), I am unable to add a '1' before the number before dialing. This has proved to be time-consuming and aggravating.  This along with many of the items listed throughout this thread.



My two cents.


Ray H.


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Re: Why I'm giving up my Q10 to go back to the Bold 9900

Back on my 9900 this evening and have to say, I'm much more productive than on the Z10. Browser is not as nice and I miss some parts of the Hub, but my contacts are back just like I like them and I have 2-way Outlook sync back. Never thought I'd say this but I really like BDM now ūüėČ
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Re: Why I'm giving up my Q10 to go back to the Bold 9900

Hello All,


New to the forum and Ive had my Q10 for almost a week now. I was way overdue for an upgrade and finally upgraded due to my screen cracking once again after replacing it myself...


The shortcomings of the phone is a lot. I am not an extensive user as many of you guys have mentioned (ive actually read the whole 12 pages)


The first few headaches was just the transitioning from BB7 to BB10, the data transfer was quite an experience, but nevertheless i was able to move most of my data.


I do miss the notepad, as I used that frequently when i write interviews and a few notes for myself such as my Frequent Flyer membership and amongst other things.


The contacts is a pain since your FB, Twitter, local contacts and Linkedin are all meshed together... having to "link" the contacts ended up giving me some issues when i would send SMS to friends which ended up having MMS due to multiple recipients in the same contact....


Also, it seems to be buggy when it comes to sending SMS... Im not sure if everyone is having the same issue as myself, but it seems to lag or not even send my SMS at all. I find that very frustrating and just caught it today... might have to give ATT a call or that hotline for BB users.


Overall, I am happy to finally have the Q10 in my hands... getting used to the gesture took just a day and a half to get acclamated... i do miss the trackpad a bit though, but i can get over it... the whole cut and paste will be a challenge...


Since NA barely got the Q10 last week... i didnt even bother waiting for things to get resolved as i needed a new phone. Lets all hope for the best and keep our Q10 going, if we return our new device and retract to our trusted 9700 series or 9900, then why should the developers or the BB strategist even care to cater to our needs...


we need to show them that there is imminent need of attention on their side and to act quickly. If they really do care about market share in this wireless world, I think its on their best interest to do so.



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Re: Why I'm giving up my Q10 to go back to the Bold 9900

looking at how many topics are created in last few days and how many different problems people are reporting cannot believe blackberry are not saying a thing about this buggy phone.. even Apple did make an announcement after having a buggy map. forgot, there are no maps on bb at least for my region - Latvia Smiley Happy

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Re: Why I'm giving up my Q10 to go back to the Bold 9900



The problem seems to be that people near to BlackBerry put off much of the critique as being too little patient and that BlackBerry will be able to get the Q10/OS10 running normally within a reasonable period of time. I e.g. don't buy a car and then hear from the seller, that I will have to wait for certain normal functions for a non-depicted period of time.


In addition, many critical voices were being put off as people, who just wanted to complain. Moreover, positive voices are not raised. This surely isn't the fact, as many people are positive to the Q10. Maybe these people use the Q10 differently than "traditional" BlackBerry users.


In any case, I feel well with my decision to have sold my Q10. I am still loyal to BlackBerry with my 9900, as long as it survives usage. At least to me, the Q10/OS10/BB-Link functionality is, for many reasons, absolutely useless!

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Re: Why I'm giving up my Q10 to go back to the Bold 9900

fully agree. i consider myself a "traditional" bb user. and back to 9900 as well, actually bought a new one at carphone warehouse for 350 gbp, cheaper that in Latvia for a brand new one.
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Re: Why I'm giving up my Q10 to go back to the Bold 9900

The official "health check" on Blackberry has been released:




$3.1 Billion in revenue with a net loss of $84 million.  During the conference call with Blackberry executives, they refused to publicly announce the breakdown of OS10 devices versus OS7.  But some basic math gives us around 2.7 million units of the Z10 and Q10 combined.  Not good.


They are trying of course to spin this in a positive light but make for very misleading numbers by including their previous generation devices.  As an Engadget commenter stated, Windows devices / Nokia are in third place right now.  But if they get to include their "previous generation" sales as well, especially in developing nations, they are huge.


I think it's fairly evident that the majority of the posters here were simply looking for them to improve on the 9900 rather than start from scratch.  It makes you wonder, had they produced the device we all want if they would still be producing the numbers they announced today.


Still, with over $3 billion dollars in the bank, they likely still have one more opportunity to produce a device that is unique from the iPhone/Android devices they are currently trying to copy.


They aren't dead yet, but the patient is certainly not healthy.  And that makes me sad.


- Robbie


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Re: Why I'm giving up my Q10 to go back to the Bold 9900

Blackberry user for over 10 years.... maybe closer to 15. Not a techy just an exec who does a ton of email, texting, bbm and phone calls for business.

Life used to be so easy :-(

I'm back to a 9900 this morning after 1 full month of frustration with the Q10.

BB how could you misread this established market so badly.

Will ride the 9900 as long as I can.... then find another platform when the 9900 train comes to an end.