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New Contributor
Posts: 4
Registered: ‎06-28-2013
My Device: Q10
My Carrier: Bell

Re: Why I'm giving up my Q10 to go back to the Bold 9900

I love RIM and my BB and have form15 plus years.


I get it that BB is trying to compete in a very comepetitive world with the other touch screens smart phones and androids that are out there.... problem is they are behind and are now neglecting the very loayal following they have enjoyed for years.


Develop Z10 for the younger users.... and develop the Q10 similar to the old 9900 functionality for the exisiting loyal business usuers.


One thought.... as BB converts their loyal followers to the touch screen Z10 it wont take long for these new adoptees of the touch screen to understand that the Samsung and iphone are much better touch screen devices than the Z10.  Would be terrible for BB if these converted Z10 users start to move on the one of the other androids.


Let's go BB.... tell us something to keep us engaged that shows promise for your future.


Still in your corner (albeit with a 9900.... took my Q10 back after 3 weeks))




PS.  Pulling for you to come through for us.... That said, I sold my BB shares.... 





Posts: 16
Registered: ‎03-08-2013
My Device: BB Z10
My Carrier: Fido

Re: Why I'm giving up my Q10 to go back to the Bold 9900

I hardly think that any other phone on the market can match my Z10. I was also using it for business and after growing inpatient waiting for the Q10 decided to make the leap and get the Z. All I can say is that it was the best move I could have made. After 30 days of getting used to it I love my new phone and won't trade it for nothing. I really think that everybody has to be patient and give it a chance. Once you get used to it and start to unleash its power. What can I say. It's lime driving my car on an open road. Hopefully there aren't any speed traps in place. The things it can do are unbelievable.
New Contributor
Posts: 9
Registered: ‎06-24-2013
My Device: Q10
My Carrier: Globe

Re: Why I'm giving up my Q10 to go back to the Bold 9900

Nico. I think you should try to use the q10 . We are not arguing abt the z10. We are talking about the q10. A keyboard dependent fone. So we expect to use the keyboard as the primary tool for the fone if not it defeats the purpose of having a keyboard
Posts: 12
Registered: ‎06-28-2013
My Device: Q10
My Carrier: Blackberry by Smartcom Lifestyle store

Re: Why I'm giving up my Q10 to go back to the Bold 9900

Dear all,


Please stop about complaint why you switch to 9900 or other smart phones,


I think before you get a BB10, you've spent a lot of reviews, comments, video clip, unboxing,..The stuff make you excited to get a BB10, and of course you understand that, OS10 has just released and will improve more and more...


You can tell from now to tomorrow about issues, bug,..But why don't you contribute the ideas to Blackberry (support and developer) with a positive thinking and wait for an OS release...


I also ask for help from BB about the issues,..But in positive titles, questions,...


I think It'll be better if you make a title that bring the faith than the titles like this "Why I'm giving...."


And don't remind others smart phones here, here is just for BB, if you like this you can post some compare on other pages,...


As you known, hardware market is reaching the saturability, all remaing things are about software and user experience, these are only matter of time, BB 10 has young age and let hope that It'll bring expectations to user...as It has been doing...


Of course, BB10 will be better than 9900, day by day.

Regular Contributor
Posts: 91
Registered: ‎06-09-2013
My Device: Bold 9900 ... again
My Carrier: Telekom

Re: Why I'm giving up my Q10 to go back to the Bold 9900

I can't see that OS10 will ever be able to pick up the slack to this unripe system. No BIS (with very many implications for the business user), no working synchronization with Outlook, no track pad, poor telephone dialing, difficult editing, complicated spell check etc.

Many of the voices here are not raised against BlackBerry, but just consider the 9900 as being a better business device.

Let the new users be pleased with the Q10. "Old" business users are just better off with the 9900.
Posts: 21
Registered: ‎05-15-2013
My Device: 9900
My Carrier: Telus

Re: Why I'm giving up my Q10 to go back to the Bold 9900

I think it is important to address the criticism that the voices in this forum are simply complaining for the sake of complaining.  When I made this original post, my motivation was drawn from the fact that everyone around me had migrated to the world of touchscreens and seemed otherwise oblivious to the benefits of a physical keyboard.  I told everyone "just you wait, once the Q10 comes out, Blackberry will offer a modern platform that will combine the best of both worlds and will once again be a major player in the market".  


Unfortunately, once I started using the device, I became increasingly aware of the direction Blackberry was taking their next generation devices.  They clearly wanted to unify their development between the Z10 and the Q10 and have made a big deal that the OS and operations would be identical between the two devices.  That's great from a development perspective, but terrible for the end user. As a consequence, the keyboard was relegated to a second class citizen and I felt like I was the only one in the world that saw this as a problem.


I was very relieved and honestly surprised to see how many other people other there share my views.  We may not be the majority but I'm increasingly starting to believe there is a viable market here for Blackberry to go after.  Their most recent financial results suggest that their new OS10 product launch has been less than stellar to be polite.  As someone with no formal marketing experience, it is my opinion that Blackberry needs to do something to reclaim their identity in the market place.  I look at HTC as another example.  They make quality devices but have grabbed only a tiny fraction of the market as they are in many ways a me-too device.  


The voices in this forum I think have been clear.  If Blackberry was to manufacturer and sell a true successor to the Bold 9900, one that features:

- the hardware of the Q10 (which I think we all agree is quite good)

- re-add the optical track pad

- Once again make the Keyboard a first class citizen by allowing all of the shortcuts of devices past along with new ones

- Open up the OS API as they did with OS7 to allow Macro writing products like Shortcut me to function

- Re-implement BIS capabilities for the X10


Everyone in this forum would buy the product in a heartbeat.  For those of us not following these markets so closely, I suggest that Blackberry embark on a new advertising campaign that focuses on the efficiency of the device.  Frame the iOS/Android devices as toys and the Blackberry Bold X10 (seems as good a name as any) as the best way to get work done.


I then go a step further and I'd put development resources into allowing BES10 to manage previous generation devices.  I can tell you that my company as well as others I know haven't upgraded for the simple reason we don't want to run two BES environments.  But we need BES10 as the gateway drug for features like Blackberry Balance.


So to be clear, just about everyone here loves the traditional Blackberry platform which is why we are here and passionate enough to make accounts and post here.  


I also have to believe that someone of consequence from Blackberry is reading this forum.  It's hosted on their own website and is now far and away the number #1 most viewed post.  If you are that person, I would like to request that you make your presence known in this forum.  It can be as simple as a "we are aware of your frustrations and are currently working to improve the Q10 through new software updates." Just something to indicate that you are aware and care about us loyalists who care enough to ask for the device we know you guys can build like no other.


That's my 2 cents.


- Robbie



New Contributor
Posts: 5
Registered: ‎05-28-2013
My Device: Q10
My Carrier: Rogers

Re: Why I'm giving up my Q10 to go back to the Bold 9900

Dear Don,


I believe you may be miising the point here. Most BB users are 'business' users. If you have read all the posts here relating to the diferences between the Bold 9900 and the Q10, you will notice a significant downgrade in functionality of both the phone itself as well as the BIS vs.the new OS10.


In todays evolution of phones, a manufacturer cannot afford to 'test' or 'prove-out' their products with their existing (and loyal) customers. Blackberry should know this better than most, considering the marketshare they have lost in the past several years.


This forum has clearly provided plenty of tangible evidence that the Q10 does not perform anywhere close to the Bold 9900.


If we stop complaing, then Blackberry will consider the Q10 to be a successful launch, which it clearly is not.


I work 90% of my time outside of my own country, where communication (email, phone, calander entries, auto BCC, cut and paste capabilities, contacts, etc., etc.) are paramount to the success of my efforts and business. Add to this the long reboot/start-up from the off position (I was able to turn on my Bold 9900, read and answer multiple emails in the time a flight landed and then reached the gate, whereas my Q10 is still booting up and managing the HUB in the same timeframe). Simply, the new Q10 does not fulfill my needs as did the Bold 9900 had.


Perhaps you have the luxury of waiting for Blackberry to fix the issues in some undetermined timeframe, but I (and most other contributors to this forum) do not... period!


Regardless, I do hope you enjoy your new 10 whichever model you have, if you have one at all. (Your post was unclear as to whether you ownded one or not?)

Regular Contributor
Posts: 91
Registered: ‎06-09-2013
My Device: Bold 9900 ... again
My Carrier: Telekom

Re: Why I'm giving up my Q10 to go back to the Bold 9900

Pal has put it down again clearly and distinctly!
Super Contributor
Posts: 395
Registered: ‎09-11-2010
My Device: BB Q10
My Carrier: vodafone UK

Re: Why I'm giving up my Q10 to go back to the Bold 9900

I was always wondering and it is a good time to ask, why did you switch to BB10 in first place? Is it because it's the latest model or what? There is something wrong with the system. Honestly. You don't buy somethink just because it just hit the market, I can't get that. If you're all happy with your previous devices, why did you switch? Give me one good reason. You don't buy the next model of Mercedes and drop your one year old. It's wrong. I just don't get it.

Blackberry! Here, now, forever!
Posts: 24
Registered: ‎03-08-2012
My Device: Playbook; Bold9900 4G; Z10LLTE
My Carrier: Bell

Re: Why I'm giving up my Q10 to go back to the Bold 9900

My guess is that most of us switched to the Q10 because we believed it would be better and because we probably tend to be early adopters of new technology. We had faith in RIM. It was only after days or weeks of use that we learned it was a step backwards as a telephone and email tool for business