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Re: Why I'm giving up my Q10 to go back to the Bold 9900

Just wanted to update my last post on the forum topic:  I have emailed (attempted to) the executive board at BB as a last ditch plea before I sit in a bath of baked beans outside BB's corporate offices dressed as an oversized 9900 to plead the case for the phone!  Heh, someone may listen!  Here's what I wrote:


Dear Thorsten, Kristian, Brian, Frank and even Steven too!

As a blackberry dedicated user – I hope this reaches you!


Please offer me the courtesy of a real and true reply

Direct from YOU to show YOU’VE read and understand just why

The Z and Q we cannot use for real business or play

Consumer unfriendly, Ill thought out, did users get a say?

In designing both the Z and Q why did you not ask us?

We could have told you everything to help you keep that buzz

The technical, the interface, the extras that we want

Not ‘busy’ screen, time-consuming swipes or a choice of pretty fonts


You MUST all listen and take to heart what clients want and need

To lose this captive market now will make your profits bleed

You can’t gain fans or sell handsets with essentials just not there

The market for the ‘fluff’ leisure phone is saturated bare


For all its faults (think “checkerboard”) the 9900 WORKS

The trackpad is essential or we’ll give you a wide berth

So swallow your pride, ditch the Z and Q and listen to our roar

Make 9900 your focus and long term BB will soar



….and now to the reasons why I need to keep my Blackberry 9900 (no poetry from now!)


If you go to the supportforums.blackberry.com area of your website, you will see an entry from a  man named Robert, entitled “Why I’m giving up my Q10 to go back to the Bold 9900” and the very large (and growing rapidly) number of responses from users, just like me.  My own entry on the site reads:


Oh Blackberry, what have you done?


I'm with you Robert on returning to the 9900.  In fact, my Q10 was returned to ATT today and my new 9900 (my previous one died from abuse) arrives tomorrow.  (Is it possible to see my sigh of relief online)?

The last straw was last night when Blackberry told me to buy a developer's program to link to another program to link to another to sync my business calendar.  SORRY?  And whilst the hub is a great idea, functionally it is a speed-reducer.  It's a time waster, not a time saver.  I have separate emails for distinct reasons.  I have thinks I want to keep separate in order not to confuse my 'inbox' and my time.

My BB is used for my sole-person business, my teaching jobs and emergency situations (daily and without notice) for a chronically-ill child.  I need the trackpad and my 5 quick go-to functions of the phone to get me from A-Z with the least time.  The hub of the Q10 not only makes this less simple (and most definitely less objective and practical) to use, but it's a whole load of screen swipes and time delay from what I need in one place.


A friend of mine literally has a 'life-saving' job for which she needs her blackberry.  She is on-call 24-7 arranging life-saving medical care and addressing emergencies.  The Q10 cannot give her the fast-paced, functional core that she needs...and when I say time means lives, in her case, I mean it.  She's hanging on to her 9900 for dear life (sorry about the pun).


My husband has always loved his blackberry.  It has been essential for him - businessman, world traveler, always working and on-call.  When he got his first blackberry I was convinced he'd fallen in love with it more than me (not sure whether that has changed)!  HOWEVER, he is now unable to use Blackberry.  Why?  The Q10 and Z10 do not have the security features that will allow him to work securely with the information he has to handle and the massive  firm for which he works, has had to transfer everyone to iPhone (WHICH HE (and everyone else) HATES) and have said they cannot support the new BB Os..


The 9900 has some very well-known glaring faults:  slow browser (I am BEYOND SICK of checkerboards...anyone else?),  the charger point (which is very weak in terms of how sturdy it is), and the screen real estate (as you fancy tecchies like to say....the rest of us will happily go with 'screen size').  In terms of additional apps....yes I know many of you like the ability to choose between zillions of them, but I'm more in need of a workhorse with power and the 9900 gives that.

There are, of course, other faults with the 9900 that more stringent business users find frustrating.  No need to list them here as I know many others have already done this. However, compared to the ill-thought out Q10 and Z10, it's a dream.


I always think of computer programmers and heavy computer users when trying to make an analogy regarding phones:

Why is it that computer programmers and REAL solid business users use key strokes (think of the old DOS system and WordPerfect for the archaic end-users like me) and swift codes?  They use them because they get to the core of what is needed, and quickly (just like the 9900).  When MS Word came out, I thought (and still think) that these little drop down boxes and pretty icons are more geared to the 'fluff'' user:  the person who has time (or lack of knowledge) to move between icons, choose a picture, grab another box, etc, etc.  This translates to cell phones just the same.  For example:  The Samsung Galaxy 4?  Very fragrant little phone if you want to choose between bubble gum pink dialog boxes or pale blue or yellow (for your text messages)...but I DON'T NEED THAT!  I don't want or need to have thirty-five thousand wake-up tunes for my phone alarm clock and the ability to have a disco-ball app on my work phone (oh yes...believe me..it's on there).


The 9900 is a business phone and serious phone for those cell phone users who don't necessarily need to tweet all day long as a method of communicating with their next-door neighbor.  The Q10 has fallen (unfortunately) into the trap of working with the 'fluff' aspect of the market rather than the serious user.


If the 9900 gets a much faster browser and added functionality (with a little larger screen) without losing its essential characteristics:  Blackberry - YOU WILL HAVE THE PERFECT PHONE!  ANYONE LISTENING BLACKBERRY?


One last thing...I used to work for the world's 4 largest cell phone company in all international markets.  Guess what we all used for work and play?  Yep:  Blackberry.  Every 3 months, we would all have to pick three customer numbers (picked 'blind') and contact them to ask a)  what are we doing right, b) what are we doing wrong, c) what do we need to do to keep your business and what do YOU as a consumer want to see from us?  Well I feel this is where Blackberry has just got it wrong.  The emphasis has been on the company's developers trying to compete with and out-do the leisure-user brands (targeting a trendier and over-saturated market) and diverting from the essential business-core that has been its main appeal for many years.  They've not asked us (the long-term BB user) what we needed, or what we thought.  I'm not a fuddy-duddy, ancient, wrinkled grandma who doesn't want the extras; but I'm certainly a heavy user of what have always been the Blackberry essentials and Blackberry has dropped the ball in ensuring that our needs have been met in the Q10.


So, I'm getting my 9900 tomorrow and will be saying my prayers tonight that the 'powers that be' at Blackberry swallow their pride, realize they made a really big marketing and directional mistake, and produce a 9900 for the future.  ANYONE LISTENING BB?


Since posting the above entry last week, I was out for dinner with a good friend of mine, who happens to be the Head of Communications for an international pharmaceutical company.  Guess what phone he uses?  Yes – the 9900 and he is unwilling to part with it because the Q10 and Z10 are time wasters for him and don’t give him what he needs.  Like all of us commenting on the forum – the trackpad and ‘home’ interface are essential.


In no way are we saying to get rid of extra apps or speedier mechanisms – but the whole HUB aspect of the new phones DOES NOT WORK and is time-prohibiting.  You can attract more leisure users easily with the extras (and I’m not saying to get rid of those) but you can’t do it at the expense of your core market.


Now…back to the poetry:


Please call me and/or email me so I can give input

On what your phones really need before BB becomes kaput

Your developers need to listen when designing any phone

To actual groups of businessmen or your chances will be blown

So swallow your pride, get back in the game and admit that you were wrong

Put an improved 9900 out there for us and you’ll be singing a sweet song!


Many thanks and I really WOULD love to get involved when you are working on your product offerings.


..enjoy everyone!

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Re: Why I'm giving up my Q10 to go back to the Bold 9900

I can understand the need for a touch screen that can compete with the other touch screens in the industry, and that's why the Z10 was launched. But if you are going to bring out a phone, that is vintage BlackBerry, which means that it has a Full QWERTY Keyboard, then you are bringing it out for the hardcore BlackBerry fans who have stuck with you because of the ease of use, especially for Business. So why do away with the trachpad, menu button etc? Its obvious that if we like an actual keyboard, we will also like actual buttons that can help us navigate through pages a lot faster and easier. Even the display on the 9900 is better on the eyes, and more realistic than that of the Q10. I just can't believe it.
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Re: Why I'm giving up my Q10 to go back to the Bold 9900

I was thinking that I was the only one who preffered the screen on my old 9900. The one on the Q10 just seems 'dim', and looks like a blue tinted mirror in daylight. Ive had mine for 2 weeks now, (carphone warehouse wouldnt take it back), and still dont like it. 

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Re: Why I'm giving up my Q10 to go back to the Bold 9900

***Announcing: "The BlackBerry S10" *** The Phone that Should Have Been Built!

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Re: Why I'm giving up my Q10 to go back to the Bold 9900

@AndyZed, the way I read it, Robert was being sarcastic with that remark

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Re: Why I'm giving up my Q10 to go back to the Bold 9900

To: MDBD - Please lets us know if you do get a reply i'm excited to see what they will say!!


To: BlackBerry - I've always had faith in you despite how you did for the last few years!  But you really did mess it up with BB10!!!


A Panasonic ToughBook might not be a regular consumer products like Dell / HP / Lenovo. But it's good at what it is good at / good for!

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Re: Why I'm giving up my Q10 to go back to the Bold 9900

*prays for the BB S10*

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Re: Why I'm giving up my Q10 to go back to the Bold 9900

Isn't it the S10 will still be an OS10? It might help with the copy and paste with the track pad but it probably won't have the keyboard shortcuts, BIS, auto bcc capabilities etc?

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Re: Why I'm giving up my Q10 to go back to the Bold 9900

I fear that the S10 is more or less a joke, but if it actually is in the pipeline with OS10, it will be useless.
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Re: Why I'm giving up my Q10 to go back to the Bold 9900

Mdbd, I just wanted to say that was an inspiring post!  We've all taken the approach of voicing our concerns on the official forums... but that's been about it.  You've realized this isn't getting any kind of feedback, so you went a step further and contacted Blackberry management directly.  But of course, they'll likely just ignore your comment as it's just more of the same.  But you addressed that too by writing... POETRY!  That'll make it up the ranks simply due to the creativity of the endeavor!  I've already sent this link to a bunch of my friends that don't care about Blackberry just to read your post.  Well done!


As for the S10, I just about crapped myself when I saw that.  Then I saw the "Concept By" in the caption.  That's a complete photoshop job I'm afraid by someone was eager for that type of device as we are.  The reality is, even if Blackberry created a new phone that used OS10 and had a trackpad, the UI of the OS10 just wouldn't work without likely significant modification.


Still, Blackberry, if you're listening -- if you actually produce and sell something like the S10, I'll give you my credit card # right now!


- Robbie