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HELP! Issues with 5.0 export...

In Plazmic 4.7 cdk I was able to export to various models from within one theme file. For instance, when building a theme in the 8300 template I could also export to the 8700 and 8800 lines as well. The same with the 8350 and 8500.  I went ahead and took the leap to Theme Builder 5.0. I am loving the additional features and the ease of use, however I am having to import the original thm file into a new one for each model I build for... Is there a way around this to export for more than 1 model per file like in 4.7?  Its taking me FOREVER to get the themes out for different models...

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Re: HELP! Issues with 5.0 export...

I was having a similar issue and found, unfortunately, there is no quick fix.  You pretty much have to rebuild the theme for each device because of screen resolution and formatting issues.


If it is any help, I pretty-much design all my themes for the 9700 then downsample from there.  It is a little bit faster than creating each one from scratch.  So mostly I am only creating themes for devices that support either 480x360 or 480x320.  Anything less than that (i.e. Curve 8300 - 8830), I am simply not developing for (although once you do one of those, you could do all of them since they do all share the same resolution).


On a related note, I did suggest to RIM that they allow theme developers to release support for different devices at different times without getting dinged a release credit.  (e.g. I release a theme for the 9700 and follow-up a month later with a release that supports other devices).  They were kind of unofficially doing that, but my bet is that it stopped when they recently reset everyone's credits.

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Re: HELP! Issues with 5.0 export...

In the 5.0 tool, they rearranged things a little.  There are instances where you can export multiple handset models from one theme file, but they're slightly different from the 4.7 tool.


Here are the ones I know of off the top of my head that can share a theme file:





When you go to export these after building them in one theme file, you should be able to export to the others.


In other cases, where there are themes that used to be shared in 4.7, but aren't in 5.0, you can import the theme file straight into the new handset model with little to change except a few font colors here and there.


For example:  In 4.7 you used to be able to export 8900 and 9600 from the same theme file.  Now in 5.0 the 8900 is a standalone.  However, if you build a theme for the 9700/9600, you can import that one into the 8900 without problems.


You can do the same thing for 8500 and 8350 themes.  Build a theme for the 8500, and you can import it smoothly into the 8350.

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Re: HELP! Issues with 5.0 export...

There is nothing it can be done in this case.
RIM has modified the Builder when it got aquired from Plazmic and they made all these changes. Basically, made it prettier and compatible with newer OS's and devices.
There is no workaround and I doubt they will ever make it the way it was.

Your easiest solution is to make a theme for 9700 and then you can reuse it for 9600 and 8900 as well. You can also import the same theme to 9000 and just change the background and font.

9700, 8900, 9600, and 9000 use the same same size icons and the only thing that is different are backgrounds and font.

Same rule you can apply for 8500 and 8300. Make a theme for 8500 and import the file into 8350.

Also, make theme for 8300 and use it for 8800 and 8700. Also, you can use this for 8100 but you have to make few modifications to backgrounds.
Hope this shines little light on the subject.

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Re: HELP! Issues with 5.0 export...

Thanks for the input. I have been doing a lot of importing and just rearranging things. Its a headache!!

I hope there is a better way when the full 6.0 is released. I am trying to keep up with the new devices, but this way is so time consuming. Thanks again for the replies, glad I am not the only one stressed out about this!