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Re: Looking Ahead: Theme Studio for OS7 and QNX

Hello Guys, Developers, and RIM,

I am Raymond from Raypho BlackBerry Themes Developer.

I have been developing and supporting BlackBerry ever since I heard BlackBerry has the customization ability. I have been trying to learn hard just to become a great theme developer for BlackBerry.

There are reasons why I keep staying with BlackBerry until now :
1. The most friendly program with customization over svg that enables developer to become more creative and pass beyond impossibility
2. People loves themes (seeing the top 10 free or 10 top paid apps could be themes in AppWorld)
3. With themes, people can express their personality and art which are plus and additional feature to BlackBerry.
4. Themes layout can help people to get organized (If you are talking about default BlackBerry OS theme, do you think all BlackBerry users will 100% like it? The answer is NO. Some users prefer fixed today layout, Some users prefer hotkeys, Some users prefer widgets, Some users prefer maximum features that themes can bring on, Some people just prefer simple with a bit of customization.)

I believe it is where BlackBerry developer will come to create something unique and special. People always love choices. Even business besides regular customers DO need themes and my customers have been very thankful to me because my themes help to ease their work!

There are also a lot of BlackBerry communities growing and spreading over the internet that support BlackBerry Themes. If you browse over the google, Twitter and Facebook, you can find how big is the demand for Theme Builder 7. They absolutely want it!
I just hope that there will not be any delay upon Theme Builder 7 release date and will be released soon.

The comment above will be also the same for QNX devices which is an additional choice for great customers! If not for theme developers then think about the customers who have put 5 stars review and kept buying them.

Thank you.


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Re: Looking Ahead: Theme Studio for OS7 and QNX

just dropping in to show support for themes. I've spent just as much if not more money on themes than i have on apps  and would be really really choked if RIM cut off themes. No offence to the designers of the OS6/OS7 and PlayBook theme developers. But there's some crazy skilled themers out there and it'd be a real shame if I couldnt reap the rewards of their time, effort and skill.

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Re: Looking Ahead: Theme Studio for OS7 and QNX

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Hi to all!!!!


This is Hedone Hawker from HedoneDesign.


Given that RIM knows how much important themes are for BlackBerry users and the fact that one of the main selling products on App World are themes, I'm sure they will not stop with support for BlackBerry7 devices, as well as for BBX (QNX) devices.


RIM has always been a bit late with support for themes, but I believe that with new devices we'll get new theme studio, most likely refurbished and much improved and with better support for all of us who continue to develop modern, graphically rich and user-friendly themes.


Regardless of my confidence, it would certainly be good for RIM to show a little more seriousness to the developers, because the inignorance pushes developers to search for new sources of income, which may ultimately lead to withdrawal from the BlackBerry platform. That is why i would love to see more information on this topic from RIM!!!


Thanx to all and have a nice day!!!

Branko Nikolic (aka Hedone Hawker)

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Re: Looking Ahead: Theme Studio for OS7 and QNX

I love using themes and like many others have probably spend more money on themes alone then I have on apps. Really hope RIM launches thise Theme Studio 7 soon
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Re: Looking Ahead: Theme Studio for OS7 and QNX

Hello RIM moderators, BlackBerry theme devs and theme fans.

My name is Dragos, I am a theme developer/designer known as BerryGlowDesigns. I’ve been a BlackBerry user and fan for almost 2 years now, and a theme developer for this platform for about 6 months. I don't usually spend much time on forums, and I've registered here just now to show support for my theme dev colleagues and also state my own thoughts on this matter. Maybe this has already been talked about, but I haven't seen it on this particular topic so here goes.

What I've realized these past 2 years, by using themes on my BlackBerry device is that  Themes BlackBerry themes specifically, are something special. I believe RIM created amazing potential for their products when they launched the theme building software for developers. Since then, this simple, underestimated mobile theming concept has truly stepped up on the smartphone market. Themes no longer consists of 'a plain stock wallpaper that matches a new color scheme'. Sure, there still are thousands of products out there that do just that, but then again, there really are a lot of users out there that want just that for their device.

As earlier mentioned on this topic, themes allow worldwide users to customize their BlackBerry smartphone that they love, and make it a more personal device. I would like to add to that - you could personalize just about any smartphone with a colored case for example, but with this platform, it's not just about the visual aspect of your device, its style and how people around you see your phone. Here, it's about how the theme works for you. The feel you get from using your device running a certain theme, about having an overly graphics wise complicated home screen simply because you as a consumer feel like it, about having a strictly productivity oriented layout but with various graphics styles spiced on it, or about having a wallpaper friendly home screen to show a picture of your family on the screen of your on-the-go personal assistant, agenda, organizer, heavy email tool and whatever else you use your BlackBerry device for.

In my opinion, themes have become so popular on this particular platform because this platform altogether is so popular. And I'd like to point out that the 70+ million registered BlackBerry users - either business or just regular users - will almost always only ever use one app at a time, while they will use a theme 24/7 once they've downloaded and activated it.

I’m not familiar with the total revenue that themes provide on App World, but I think those numbers would certainly go up if the actual theming concept on this platform would be advertised more. To do so, of course, a few changes might need to happen first. I’ve read this over and over from other theme developers on social networks:  it would be great if there were some sort of advanced filters or categories for themes on App World, as there are currently over 13thousand themes out there. A method for users to easily sort through the available themes by, complexity and functionality levels for example, would be very useful.


All of this potential would be lost if themes won’t be compatible with the QNX OS.


And last but not least, I’d like to quickly point out an example of how properly marketing a graphics UI (which is what a nowadays theme really is) can actually work. Please note that I’m not an Android smartphone user, I’m not trying to promote another platform, and hopefully I’m not breaking any forums rules by talking about another brand here, but this really is a case worth mentioning. I’m talking about HTC’s ‘Sense’ UI and how they’ve managed to differentiate themselves from other smartphone companies that also use the Android OS, by deeply integrating graphics and functionality features through their UI.
The great thing here is that theme developers (I'm not going to give out any names since that's not the point here, but congratulations for achieveing such works of art) have already created a wide range of consistent themes that grant amazing functionality and graphics UI for BlackBerry devices. If themes would be compatible on the next platform as well, and marketed more, I'm sure that not only theme based revenues will grow for App World, but the awareness on the potential of customizing your BlackBerry device would also be greater.

PS - I did not write this post because I'm affraid I will lose my job as a theme developer. I make BlackBerry themes (part time) out of passion for this platform, what it stands for and its potential, and if themes will eventually not be be supported on the QNX OS, I will still stick to an OS 7 or an OS 6 device, which will.


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Re: Looking Ahead: Theme Studio for OS7 and QNX

Thanks all for taking the time to post  about this.. keep them coming!!!!  I would like to throw in a little complaint.... why is it that you rarely see anyone from RIM post anything here on the official forums?



for all your theming needs go to http://bbthemelab.com
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Re: Looking Ahead: Theme Studio for OS7 and QNX

Hello All,

I am not a developer, but I love BB devices. I just got my wife into a Torch 9800 and I have the 9810 which has no themes. One of the biggest parts of a BB is able to customize, whithout themes it is hard to do.

Lets get the update to Theme studio so it can work with OS7 please.

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Re: Looking Ahead: Theme Studio for OS7 and QNX

I've always wondered why RIM takes so long to get Theme Builder out.. I love themes, heck I've probably spent as much (or close to) money on themes as I have on apps.

RIM's always dropped the ball when it comes to themes though, take the theme Morph by Gray Matter Themes, the absolute most customizable theme I could ever dream of... But all settings are lost on a reboot. BBT Designs themes, same thing. There's some very very skilled themers out there, who can not only make insanely beautiful themes but functional as well. Yet I can't fully enjoy them because I'm constantly rebooting (upgrading apps)

RIM please please toss the themers a bone and get Theme Builder for OS7 and QNX out the door. I worry that they'll move on to other sources of income if you continue to delay. While the QNX theme looks ok (far from pleasently functional) and the OS7 theme is functional (but not astounding) I'd give my left pinky finger for some themes...

Also please all Themes to store configuration data somehow.
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Re: Looking Ahead: Theme Studio for OS7 and QNX

Thank you to everyone who keeps posting your input. Whether you are a developer or a theme junkie it is important to let RIM know what we want. I really hope the theme community joins together to keep themes alive.

Keep spreading the word!
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Re: Looking Ahead: Theme Studio for OS7 and QNX

I would like to join in the plead for Theme Builder 7 and for themes on the QNX platform.


I was laid off 2 years ago as a graphic designer in an architectural firm.  I had created a few themes as a little side income, but when that happened it was full speed ahead.  When App World added themes that December, it was a wonderful boost and has been a good, full-time occupation for me along with some contract graphics and web work.  I'm interested in doing apps, but I'm not a programmer so themes fit me well.


Please release Theme Builder for the new platforms and help us all to keep making a living.  I get emails every day from people who want my themes for their new BlackBerry, but we have no way to give the people what they want.

Theme developer and graphic designer