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Posts: 25
Registered: ‎12-21-2009
My Device: BlackBerry Z10
My Carrier: Verizon

SVG Grouping Today Elements

Does anyone know if there is a way to group (<g>) today elements (#calendar1hotspot) in SVG and then be able to show/hide the entire group of today elements.  Or can we only show/hide each individual element.  I have tried a number of different ways to do this (grouping) and have been unsuccessful.

New Developer
Posts: 7
Registered: ‎11-15-2008
My Device: Not Specified

Re: SVG Grouping Today Elements

I just recently learned this myself. In the SVG using a text editer, code has to be added.

Here's a sample:


<g id="calendar">
<set xlink:href="#hs0_line" attributeName="display" to="none" begin="0"/>
<set xlink:href="#hs0" attributeName="display" to="none" begin="0"/>
<set xlink:href="#calendar1hotspot" attributeName="display" to="none" begin="0"/>
<set xlink:href="#calendar2hotspot" attributeName="display" to="none" begin="0"/>


now its not just this. its a sample you can use to your needs as long as you remember the following things:

where you see "#hs0",  the 0 must match the order you added today itens in TB5. If "calendar was added second, then its "#hs1", third is #hs2 and so on...

At "begin="...0 means hidden upon activation of theme, 1 means shown.

                       to activate it with a icon button press use "NAME OF BUTTON.activate" ex: "Theme_Button_1.activate" or whatever you named your button in Composer. on focus in, use ".focusin" and ".focusout" for focus out.

                       To show it with a keypress (like when you press $ to show it), that would be

                       to="inline" begin="accessKey($)"

                       To hide it   to="inline" would read  to="none"


i only know how to do this with SMS and MMS   <g id="smsandmms">    "#sms1hotspot"

                                                        Calendar      see code at top of post above

                                                 and Messages     <g id="messages">    "#messages1hotspot"



now this will fully work as long as you remember how many enteries you add to each today item. The following code is a sample of 3 today items (SMS, Messages, and Calendar....In that order) each with 2 enteries each. For this sample we'll have it hidden at start, use $ to show them and use the back button to hide them:


<g id="smsandmms">
<set xlink:href="#hs0_line" attributeName="display" to="none" begin="0"/>
<set xlink:href="#hs0" attributeName="display" to="none" begin="0"/>
<set xlink:href="#sms1hotspot" attributeName="display" to="none" begin="0"/>
<set xlink:href="#sms2hotspot" attributeName="display" to="none" begin="0"/>
<set xlink:href="#hs0_line" attributeName="display" to="none" begin="accessKey(ESCAPE)"/>
<set xlink:href="#hs0" attributeName="display" to="none" begin="accessKey(ESCAPE)"/>
<set xlink:href="#sms1hotspot" attributeName="display" to="none" begin="accessKey(ESCAPE)"/>
<set xlink:href="#sms2hotspot" attributeName="display" to="none" begin="accessKey(ESCAPE)"/>
<set xlink:href="#hs0_line" attributeName="display" to="inline" begin="accessKey($)"/>
<set xlink:href="#hs0" attributeName="display" to="inline" begin="accessKey($)"/>
<set xlink:href="#sms1hotspot" attributeName="display" to="inline" begin="accessKey($)"/>
<set xlink:href="#sms2hotspot" attributeName="display" to="inline" begin="accessKey($)"/>
<g id="messages">
<set xlink:href="#hs1_line" attributeName="display" to="none" begin="0"/>
<set xlink:href="#hs1" attributeName="display" to="none" begin="0"/>
<set xlink:href="#messages1hotspot" attributeName="display" to="none" begin="0"/>
<set xlink:href="#messages2hotspot" attributeName="display" to="none" begin="0"/>
<set xlink:href="#hs1_line" attributeName="display" to="none" begin="accessKey(ESCAPE)"/>
<set xlink:href="#hs1" attributeName="display" to="none" begin="accessKey(ESCAPE)"/>
<set xlink:href="#messages1hotspot" attributeName="display" to="none" begin="accessKey(ESCAPE)"/>
<set xlink:href="#messages2hotspot" attributeName="display" to="none" begin="accessKey(ESCAPE)"/>
<set xlink:href="#hs1_line" attributeName="display" to="inline" begin="accessKey($)"/>
<set xlink:href="#hs1" attributeName="display" to="inline" begin="accessKey($)"/>
<set xlink:href="#messages1hotspot" attributeName="display" to="inline" begin="accessKey($)"/>
<set xlink:href="#messages2hotspot" attributeName="display" to="inline" begin="accessKey($)"/>
<g id="calendar">
<set xlink:href="#hs2_line" attributeName="display" to="none" begin="0"/>
<set xlink:href="#hs2" attributeName="display" to="none" begin="0"/>
<set xlink:href="#calendar1hotspot" attributeName="display" to="none" begin="0"/>
<set xlink:href="#calendar2hotspot" attributeName="display" to="none" begin="0"/>
<set xlink:href="#hs2_line" attributeName="display" to="none" begin="accessKey(ESCAPE)"/>
<set xlink:href="#hs2" attributeName="display" to="none" begin="accessKey(ESCAPE)"/>
<set xlink:href="#calendar1hotspot" attributeName="display" to="none" begin="accessKey(ESCAPE)"/>
<set xlink:href="#calendar2hotspot" attributeName="display" to="none" begin="accessKey(ESCAPE)"/>
<set xlink:href="#hs2_line" attributeName="display" to="inline" begin="accessKey($)"/>
<set xlink:href="#hs2" attributeName="display" to="inline" begin="accessKey($)"/>
<set xlink:href="#calendar1hotspot" attributeName="display" to="inline" begin="accessKey($)"/>
<set xlink:href="#calendar2hotspot" attributeName="display" to="inline" begin="accessKey($)"/>


I hope this helps!


Posts: 25
Registered: ‎12-21-2009
My Device: BlackBerry Z10
My Carrier: Verizon

Re: SVG Grouping Today Elements

I know how to show the today items such as this:

<set xlink:href="#hs0" attributeName="display" to="inline"   begin="accessKey(x)"/>
<set xlink:href="#calendar1hotspot" attributeName="display" to="inline"   begin="accessKey(x)"/>
<set xlink:href="#calendar2hotspot" attributeName="display" to="inline"   begin="accessKey(x)"/>
<set xlink:href="#calendar3hotspot" attributeName="display" to="inline"   begin="accessKey(x)"/>
<set xlink:href="#calendar4hotspot" attributeName="display" to="inline"   begin="accessKey(x)"/>
<set xlink:href="#calendar5hotspot" attributeName="display" to="inline"   begin="accessKey(x)"/>
<set xlink:href="#calendar6hotspot" attributeName="display" to="inline"   begin="accessKey(x)"/>
<set xlink:href="#calendar7hotspot" attributeName="display" to="inline"   begin="accessKey(x)"/>


What I want to be able to do is something like this:

<g id="Calendar">

<use xlink:href="#hs0"/>
<use xlink:href="#calendar1hotspot"/>
<use xlink:href="#calendar2hotspot"/>
<use xlink:href="#calendar3hotspot"/>


<set xlink:href="Calendar" attributeName="display" to="inline" begin="accessKey(x)"/>


However, that code as is does not work.