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Re: 8 apps denied in 5 seconds. No email.

My app was submitted on Jan 19 and was last Friday Feb.22 at 16:12. No email notification for denial reason yet. I re-tested it on my Dev Alpha today and it works well without any issue. I'm wondering if my app was really reviewed by RIM.  I spent over one month of my spare time on this app and am so dispointed. I don't want to waste my hard work. I wish anybody from RIM can give us any ideas about this situation. 

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Re: 8 apps denied in 5 seconds. No email.

Hello gaoliang21,

I''ve just sent you a PM regarding the status of your message.
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Re: 8 apps denied in 5 seconds. No email.

[ Edited ]

After waiting since 41 days since 12th January my  App (ID 20407213) was denied Saturday at 16:20:12. It was stuck in the queue and all my other apps that were submited a week later then this one have been approved quite a while ago.


I have recieved no mail why it was denied (not even one that it was denied). The app works (tested on Dev Alpha A), I even tested it on a Q10 at Jam Eurpe. Native app, contains no 3rd party content. I have no idea what is going on. I resubmitted without changes.

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Re: 8 apps denied in 5 seconds. No email.

dear sammyotte.

it might be more help to all the developers if you put a global message on here

saying why certain peoples apps were denied, rather than private messages.

then everyone could see all the vrious methods of rejection.


when i got a private message from you, i put it on the forum afterwards,

but many might not, if their message solves their problem, whereas if you

put the solutions/reasons on the forum it helps everyone in the same boat.


im living with the situation as is, but surely rim must have to reflect upon treating would

be developers in such a calalier and offhand fashion, seemingly addressing problems

when they get around to it, and killing apps that have been there over a month

with not even an email saying they were denied, let alone one saying why they were denied.


most people on here have obviously been in the business a long time, and built up

the patience needed to work in this sphere, but i think the way rim is acting leaves a lot to be desired.


as it is my major self help apps are out there now, i just have four to go and when they go they go.


but i am still well annoyed at my treatment. and i am retired, pottering along trying just to get a few apps out there

to help addicts of one form or another with self help or humour or both.


if i am hopping mad with the way i have been treated, have a wild guess how livid a lot of the people

on here must be who arent retired, who dont have lots of time, and who are in business and need fast

efficient service to match the massive efforts they have made to surmount the many obstacles rim puts in place to almost DISSUADE input.


to not bother vetting submissions for up to a month, then deny them without an email, then to give no reasons

is not only slack inefficient cavalier and high handed, it to me speaks a little of bad manners, taking your developers for granted, almost an impertinent omnipotent attitude to dealing with well formulated,

well planned, well executed and thought out apps.


people on here sweated blood to get their apps seen and processed and live. then they wait weeks on end

to get any response at all.


the email feedback lines dont reply.


in fact this is the only avenue i have found to actually tak to rim whatsoever, albeit lapse time emails saying why things were rejected up to a week ago.


do you think this is hugely enhancing the reputation and standing of rim??

or do you suppose you are sending droves of developers in the opposite direction??


i cannot understand the logic of a firm that needs apps like there was no tomorrow acting so

sluggishly and unprofessionally towards developers who are striving to do just that, put apps out there

live and kicking.


blackberries are great little machines, you need to get your software and backroom support

up to the same standard.


thanks to sammyotte for at least feeding us something, albeit too little too late.


A developers main attributes are hope, drive, enthusiasm, boundless energy, faith, trust.


you are feeding back to them all: despair, disappointment, dissillusionment, sloth, apathy,

and a total lack of care, attention and encouragement.


you should be giving back to them: efficient processing, quick turnaround, energy, encouragement,

praise, and the occasional thanks to all developers for their hard work, effort, thinking outside the box,

persevereance and sheer get up and go.


without developers like that where are you going to be??


you have masses of very intelligent people from all walks of computing putting in huge amounts

of very ingenious and intricate apps you could never develop in house, as the diverseness would not

be possible all emanating from the same base.


surely you should be trying to make things easier for your would be developers, not treating them like

second class citizens you can keep at arms length and now and then pass one of their apps if the mood takes you.


as you may gather, i am not too happy with the input process; and if im not happy, a retired, 61 year old

who is pretty laid back and calm, imagine what your other developers are feeling like.


i would guess youve lost at least half of the possible developers you could have had who will

have given it all up as a bad job and gone to android/windows 8/amazon/nintendo


im not one to moan, i just thought maybe you ought to get feedback as it really is as i see it, as i feel

its a shame a brand like blackberry is going to go to the wall for the lack of appreciation of its own developers.


malc pugh



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Re: 8 apps denied in 5 seconds. No email.

I had some apps denied on Feb. 22 and still have not received an e-mail. 


For the port-a-thon, we were told that we would have 2 weeks to re-submit to be eligible for the reward.  It’s now been denied for 8 days and I don’t want to get burned because of this. 


Are others still waiting for an e-mail from the Feb. 22 denials?   

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Re: 8 apps denied in 5 seconds. No email.

I got an email yesterday apologizing for the delay and explaining the denial reason. However, I can't reproduce nor do I really understand what they mean with that reason. Works here on my Dev Alpha A.

On Friday February 22nd we completed processing of your application and move the status to deny due to the issue listed below. While completing this process an unexpected event prevented us from being able to communicate the cause of the denial. I wanted to apologize for any confusion this has caused.....

The issue encountered during testing was:

The application does not allow the user to access the device's swipe toolbar. Steps to reproduce: 1. Launch the application. 2. Try to access the device's swipe menu. 3. Notice the application does not allow the user to access the swipe menu.


Anyone had the same explanation and knows what the issue could be?


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Re: 8 apps denied in 5 seconds. No email.

Luckily my App was now approved without changes, no further details given by the bb10apptestingteam, so I guess it was a mistake on their side. Not a surprise given the volume of Apps to approve.



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Re: 8 apps denied in 5 seconds. No email.



My app was denied, apparently because it failed to launch... This is very strange since it runs and installs perfectly in both the simulator and my Alpha B device.


Could the failure to launch be related to an expired debug token/certificate ?


I would have thought this shouldn't matter, and the bar file should have been re-signed by the QA team, but with the amount of apps to be approved, maybe something went wrong.


Nevertheless, I still haven't received an email from Blackberry World, only a reply from samyotte, to whom I give my thanks.


How can I correct this issue ?


I already re-signed the package and submitted a new version, but ...


Thanks for your help.



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Re: 8 apps denied in 5 seconds. No email.

I have had apps denied because they do not work in a simulator but they have been approved once the issue was resolved. I test apps on hardware, I don't use simulators. 


There have been issues with the approval process since day one. 


I have been waiting for so long to get apps reviewed I started looking into android development yesterday. I have basically given up on blackberry. That and the new app world search functions have killed my app sales, things were going really well before the changes were made. Using just the app name and the keywords and not the description in the search is really stupid. People only buy apps they want but they can't buy them if they can't find them.


The way things are going anyone would think the people who run things around here actually work for a competing company.







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Re: 8 apps denied in 5 seconds. No email.

i just got an email telling me why one of mine was denied

ten days ago.


i still have four yet to be approved, one of which dates back to january ;-)


at least the weather is picking up a bit ;-)


good luck to all

last post, giving up.