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Re: 8 apps denied in 5 seconds. No email.

What did you do to fix that?


I submitted an app after testing it on the BlackBerry Dev Alpha B, and it worked perfectly. After reading this message, I tried deploying the BAR file via the webworks SDK blackberry-deploy, and that worked. Only thing is that I can't open it, it crashes instantly. Is that normal or am I pushing it wrongly to the Simulator?

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Re: 8 apps denied in 5 seconds. No email.

This article posted on devblog today :


March Port-A-Thon Rewards Update

The BlackBerry Developer Relations Team is committed to ensuring that everyone who participated in our Port-A-Thons are rewarded properly. We are very grateful for the hard work and long hours you’ve contributed to building your BlackBerry 10 apps.

We are working hard to get your apps approved. We have teams around the globe approving BlackBerry 10 apps as fast and as accurately as possible.

Here is the important information about the All Aboard, Android, Community and Last Chance Port-A-Thons.

  • We will have all app reviews completed by March 12, 2013
  • You will have until March 26, 2013 to resubmit fixes
  • All resubmitted apps will be reviewed by April 8, 2013
  • To be eligible for Port-A-Thon rewards, the cutoff date for having your app approved and up for sale in BlackBerry World is April 8, 2013
  • Your rewards will only be delivered once all of your apps are approved and up for sale
  • The draw for BlackBerry 10 Dev Alpha B devices and BlackBerry Live trips will take place on April 9, 2013 and those winners will be contacted

If you have any questions please email blackberrydeveloperprogram@blackberry.com, or leave your feedback in the comments.

Thank you for supporting BlackBerry and BlackBerry 10.

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Re: 8 apps denied in 5 seconds. No email.

Well, today they denied 22 apps of mine from the latest 2 port-a-thons  I hope I will get the e-mails this month...

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Re: 8 apps denied in 5 seconds. No email.

Same here - the majority of my apps were in "pending" state for weeks. I chased up a couple of days ago, only to receive a reply stating "the application displays a splash screen. The user cannot progress any further with the application". That's literally all the feedback I received. Immediately after this my apps are "denied" in the portal, like I had to somehow poke the approvals team into action...


Anyway, needless to say all of the apps work fine in the Simulator and were fully tested before they were submitted. Unfortunately I don't yet have hardware to test on - it's in the mail. If there is a disparity between the Simulator and the release hardware then that's a pretty major issue, especially if it stops the apps from launching in the first place.


I asked for more information on the denial, like a callstack dump or ANYTHING that might suggest why it was getting denied. The response was that I should post on the forums. Great.


To be honest I'm pretty furious with BlackBerry right now. I can't help but think that this is all a scheme to avoid paying the promised rewards for approved apps. Could somebody from the company please review my case and get back to me with some more specific information please? It would be a real shame for the BB10 store to miss out on these games due to some administration error, especially considering we're looking at over 13mil lifetime sessions on iOS so far.




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Re: 8 apps denied in 5 seconds. No email.

i have been in computing since ibm370s in the 70s

and ive never seen users/customers/developers

treated so offhandedly strangely.

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Re: 8 apps denied in 5 seconds. No email.

I just had 3 denied in 3 seconds. No email or explanation in the tickets. Worst of all, the apps used the exact same framework as another app that was approved, so I know it's not a technical problem.


Also had an app denied earlier this week with no explanation at all, just "has not passed testing". I resubmitted a newer version that I had been working on, but I have no clue why the original was denied.


I'd really like to know what's going on with these apps.

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Re: 8 apps denied in 5 seconds. No email.

I'm already on the same boat. An app that was pending since 19 Jan was denied with no reason or explanation (similar apps of mine were approved without any issues). I have two Android apps resubmitted, they were denied yesterday too, again without any explanation.


What is this, Friday deny party or what?

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Re: 8 apps denied in 5 seconds. No email.

[ Edited ]

BB Stupid. All my resubmit app (with fixed) just denied today with same reason with previous version.



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Re: 8 apps denied in 5 seconds. No email.

We are all on the same boat here. Probably BB outsourced the app review procedure....

I have 2 friends, both of them have apps which were also denied without a single explanation.

Do you know what's even stranger? One of my apps denied on March 7 was approved on March 8! How can an app be denied, then approved?!? And if this app works, why did they denied my other 21 apps?!?

I have sent them an e-mail on March 7, but no reply yet.

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Re: 8 apps denied in 5 seconds. No email.

Hey BB World, please tell what do you want ?

1. My app approved but cant post for sale

2. They not review new release. One hit button, all app denied

3. Sometime approved app, tomorrow can denied. And approved again.

4. Denied app with not reasonable

If the user launches the application in landscape mode, the application fails to display "previous", "Next" and "Submit" options in the device keyboard.  Steps to reproduce:  1. Launch the application in portrait mode. 2. Select any text field to open the keyboard. 3. Notice that the application displays "previous", "Next" and "Submit" options in the key board. 4. Change the application mode to landscape. 5. Notice that the application fails to display "previous", "Next" and "Submit" options in the keyboard.

I not sure we can control keyboard "previous, next, submit". It came from your OS.