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Re: Blackberry processor target

Hello Blazed!


--sarcasm mode on--

I'm truly sorry for the inconvenience which was the effect of my misunderstanding of your question. I was sure that your question was "why" not "how". I was sure that you now "how", but I want to fix my error now and give you a simple low-level instructions:

 - wipe out device with BBSAK

 - disassemble device, but it must be operational (so, no wire cutting)

 - attach hardware debugger to create full memory map (the other option is to scan whole flash memory - your choice)

 - using reverse engineering methods create your own os which will allow you to run your applications


Yup, this is as this simple. You just have to gain low level knowledge about device. As far as I know (basing on how hidden file system looks like) there is some embedded Linux hidden inside, so it may be much simpler than it looks. Keep us posted, I'm interested in results of this task.

--sarcasm mode off--


During few years of coder career I was meeting 'old coders' all the time, in this type which are grumbling 'ah, in my days'. All of them found a job few years before in some dying technology (like C++ programing for palm, MFC and similar), lots of them does not want to learn new things, search for new challenges. From 'artists of code' they became 'code bureaucrats' - yes they have a job, they got paid, but what if they loose it? They are going to work market with knowledge from 10 years ago and must face with hard reality.


Schools are not learning just for learning, they are preparing young people to work in present day work market. Knowledge demand is created by managers magazines where managers see unverifiable sentences like 'this technology increase productivity by 50%', and companies are requiring to work in such brilliant technologies.


Ah, those young coders, they even don't know how to declare variable in Fortran.



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Re: Blackberry processor target


I like your analogy lol.

Funny thing is, most of my generation is still in school, getting force fed Java (I know this because I just couldn't stay entertained at the school I was at because ALL they teach now is Java and .NET). I taught myself C/C++/ASM when I was in middle/high school so I was expecting advanced programming when I hit college, turns out, I had to teach my self everything from the damned internet.  I mean some of the algorithms that were discussed in school are usefull, but most were dumbed down ways of accomplishing tasks so that the non-programmers could still get it. (oh yeah they teach web stuff too, but I don't even really consider most web design programming, its scripting usually)



maybe my response was a bit too pointed, sorry

your sarcastic mode is actually quite helpful, thanks

this BBSAK program, from what I was reading, it seems Like a front end for javaloader.

I'm going to look into using bjavaloader (from the barry package) as I don't really have a windows machine to use for this, if anyone has done this, do let me know please.

as far as it being a linux derivative, I am in no way surprised, just wish I had the code to the kernel they're using Smiley Happy

That would be the only real problem with cross compiling an os.....I'm about positive the BB needs some specific kernel drivers for devices having little public documentation


as far as the "old coders" thing. I'm young. I've just been at it a while.

I'm not saying people shouldn't use java at all (although I am saying they shouldn't use .NET at all lol).  I just think that it should not be used for as many things as it is.  It has its niche, but i mean really, when it comes to portability, how damned hard is it to compile a program a few times for a couple different architectures? (yes i do realize in some cases it actually can get to be a problem, but most of the time, its really not that bad at all). In the mobile case, there is plenty of reason to use Java.  There is also plenty of reason to not (slower processor for one).  I think the option should be available to us to use native code on all smart phones.  Haha i'd even love to see a toolchain on one.

My biggest problem with the universities not wanting to teach real code anymore is this: someone still has to write the drivers.  And yes, if you want knowledge, you will do what I did and teach yourself, but the problem remains that a formal course is handy sometimes.  And books only replace a professor to a point.