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Monthly payment lower than expected?

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My apps been out for only a month and a half.


I received my first payment today (it came in 2 seperate payments). Just about an hour ago.


I have sold about $55 USD (according to download reports on the vendor portal) worth between the time it was released until yesterday. I expect about 70% of that (right?)


I received a payment for $8.XX from DRIncRIMpmt@digitalriver.com (Payment from DIGITAL RIVER INC)


DRI App World has just sent you $8.26 USD with PayPal
Custom Note: 


and immediately after a payment for $12.XX from DRSarlRIMpmt@digitalriver.com


DR Ireland Monthly Payment
Custom Note: 



So I got roughly 50% less than expected after taking into account 70%, and I doubt paypal currency exchange accounts for 50% loss.


Am I missing something? Is there a way to check how Digital River calculated these two payments on their website, is there a section for app world vendors?


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Re: Monthly payment lower than expected?

Wait another month and a half and you will get a third payment from Bango. Recently I have found the Bango payment to be about 40% of the overall revenue for the month.

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Re: Monthly payment lower than expected?

Yes, I've got the same issue...

After tons of mails and questions and mails and mails I got some information... ill try to explain so u can imagine more, hopefully...
This email is an explanation in sum... Got it from Helpdesk BlackBerry:

2011/9/26 BlackBerry Customer Support <help@blackberry.com>

> Hello,
> Thank you for your email.  There are 3 payments in total and they are all
> based on 1-months timeframe.  These are explained as follows:

> Digital River:  They handle any purchases made via Credit Card and PayPal.
>  Payments from Digital River come in two separate payments (1 North
> American Sales, 1 Global Sales).  These payments arrive around the 25th of
> each month for the previous months sales (ex. August 25th for July
> sales).

> Bango: They handle any purchases made via Carrier Billing.  Payments from
> Bango arrive 60 days after the end of a month, for that months sales
> (ex.July sales; payment = 60 days after July 31).

> For detailed information regarding these payments, please contact Digital
> River (RIMISVSupport@DigitalRiver.com) or Bango (support@bango.com).

> Hope this helps.
> Kind Regards,
> Ryan
> BlackBerry App World

another two details:

1. Obviously there is another platform called "epen report"... Over the digitalriver mail adress you will get your login information... This mail I've got from them is following:

>>  Am 15.09.2011 17:50 schrieb "DRCC RIM Support" <
>> rimisvsupport@digitalriver.com>:
>>   Hello Julian,
>>  The ePen report should be used to reconcile payments. The ePen report is
>> available in the command conosle, below is the URL, under Reports > ePen
>> Report. The purchase date is listed in the detail section of the ePen
>> report.
>>  https://gc.digitalriver.com
>>  Thanks,
>>  Kristin

2. Detail o
I've got the answer over bango that they are waiting until there is a sum of 100$ until that they wouldn't make any payment....

Last but not least I wrote again an email to the blackberry support after contacting bango (got detailed listing for each month of billing threw Bango) and:


Hello Ryan!

Thanks so far... i did have contacted Bango and they told me there is for ex
for July an amount over 9,74$ threw Bango made...

So I ve attached four documents:

1. Report Download over vendor portal purchases chart which shows
aproximately 50,00$!!???
2. The payment notice DR July11 (1,71$)
3. The payment advice DR Ireland July11 (16,71$)
4. Bango chat protocol listet the amounts of July (9,74), August,

So if I put one and one together... sold for about 50,00 bugs and got only
1,71+16,71+9,74... makes 26,16$?!?!

Can you please tell me why there are such differences between vendor report
and payments threw DR and Bango?!

Did I miss something?!?

thanks, kind regards,

And I got the following answer:

Hello Julian,

Thank you for your email.  Are you looking at a Purchase Report for that time period in question?  I don't see one attached.  I would not recommend using the chart for any type of number validation.

Kind Regards,


After that and after months of trying to get smart solution I gave up... Because if Ryan from the support is telling: "I would not recommend using the chart from vendor report portal...for any validation..."......which should I then use to get validation... Its waste of time..

Then I can't do nothing more than only trusting in all payments which will come....
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Re: Monthly payment lower than expected?

Julian, you should have asked about the payments here on the forums Smiley Happy It would save you time and frustration Smiley Happy

Re: chart - the chart shows the full app price and you get only 70% of it, so it is about 35$. As Ryan from support has mentioned, you'd better use the purchase report, chart shows values in USD only, while the report shows real currencies.

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Re: Monthly payment lower than expected?

From FAQ:


  • When will revenue disbursements be made?
    Carrier-billed payments are issued monthly where the vendor earnings exceed GBP £50/US $50/CAN $50/Euro €50. Earnings less than GBP £50/US $50/CAN $50/Euro €50 will be carried forward to the following month’s payment run.

    PayPal and credit card payments are issued monthly where the vendor earnings exceed GBP £100/US $100/CAN $100/Euro €100. Earnings less than GBP £100/US $100/CAN $100/Euro €100 will be carried forward to the following month’s payment run.
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