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Suggestions RIM should work next year


Because of this particularly difficult month in the App World, today I decided to open this topic to make constructive suggestions (I hope) that enhance the experience of both developers and customers. I'm sure that my suggestions can be supplemented and enhanced with others. Because for me the idea is that we, developers, say in an organized, focused and constructive way the things that can be added, upgraded or removed. And then, RIM can read them and hopefully feel encouraged to work actively with us.
* App World Vendor Portal:
- Solve the report issue. 
- Add the ability to graph the sales of all products not only product by product. (I think it would be useful if you need tomake a presentation or report).
- In the old vendor portal, you could know the date of last modification the product had, I think that would be great to add it again.
- While adding a new product it would make a little bit easier and faster (especially for theme developers) if we have the option to add all the screenshots at once, in a ZIP.
- Add reporting tool/site for bango sales.
* App World:
- Solve the sort by popular issue.
- Add more categories and subcategoires. I think in this point RIM should ask us for feedback maybe working together we can make the division of the categories better for everyone. A better organize App world will bring more sales for everyone. 
- Support emails should automatically add the name of the product, the model of the device, OS version and the status of the purchase.
* As developer:
- I hope RIM improve the communication with us, developers. And I mean not only to inform but also to be willing to listen and receive feedback from us.  I firmly believe that good communication and cooperation can generate large and effective changes.
* As theme developer:
- Realease final Theme Builder 6.0.
- Develop a theme builder for Playbook (I know some people think what do we neeed it? well maybe you don't want to make themes for Playbook but I'm almost 100% sure that other people want and will (if were possible) make themes to Playbook. So why don't give us the option. 
Hope everyone have Happy New Year! Smiley Happy


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Re: Suggestions RIM should work next year

I would like to break the "solve the reporting issue" into several issues we have with the reporting tool.


1) The obvious errors with reports not arriving, blocking new requests etc.

2) The CSV file is not correct: sometimes values contain commas themselves, thereby effectively adding an extra column to that row. I suggest all values be surrounded by apostrofes.

3) The encoding of the file is not correct. When an app name contains characters in the extended character set (like ©) the file contains non-readable characters.


I would like to see these issues solved next year.


Happy new year to everyone!


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Re: Suggestions RIM should work next year

I agree with all that points.
As a developer the only thing that I can complain to RIM is the BIS-B crappy policy.

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Re: Suggestions RIM should work next year

Could the login to app world be sorted out. Too many people having problems getting into Blackberry App world using the BB ID
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Re: Suggestions RIM should work next year

I think a web based reporting tool would be ideal. For instance, on Mobi-hand I can go in and download product sales reports instantly and see monthly sales without having to download an entire report. Month end report downloads a necessary in my opinion, so the whole process for getting these needs to be revised. Since the new "tweak" very few of my reports are ready to download in a timely fashion, if at all. 

I think a web page display of sales to date for each month would eliminate a lot of reports being run  just to see what our sales our doing from week to week. I don't need a spreadsheet for these, I just want to know how my account will look at the end of the month. As of right now, this is my biggest gripe. 

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Re: Suggestions RIM should work next year

And another thing I forgot to mention above, when launching new devices Theme Builder should be compatible with these devices. I get a lot emails asking for tthemes for 9780 or for the Style and a lots of themes come trough App World. So it doesn't make sense to me why give so little importance to themes when it's clear that a very important percentage of BB users like themes.  

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Re: Suggestions RIM should work next year

I couldn't agree more! Nice summary!


I hope this topic gets sticky Smiley Happy

"When you become a level 3 developer, you learn to communicate over the ether. I'm told that level 5 developers are ascend into a higher level of existence beyond the physical realm." gord888 @ crackberry
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Re: Suggestions RIM should work next year

Unless I missed it there doesnt seem to be a way for the vendor to respond to the reviews or ask the end user for clarification about any problem they are facing.


I would like to see an app specific support address rather than one email address for all apps from the same vendor.


The upload process seems to have become way more complex in the new app world vendor portal.

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Re: Suggestions RIM should work next year

[ Edited ]

Glad that so far some devs have taken the initiative to participate, the more we are the better. Hopefully soon RIM will read it and reply.

Another idea I would like to see is the posibility to have a version of the vendor portal mobile compatible, that allow us to view reports or approve for sale, simple stuff. 

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Re: Suggestions RIM should work next year

I have a simple but I think a very appropriate request:


Develop a Mobile Application for the Vendor Portal especially reports!