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black Screen when trying to run project, after merging QTSoap samples from soapXML sample

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I'm using QML, and am trying to get QTSoap to work.  I have started with a new project, based upon the tab navigation pane.  I also prepared  a sample project but did not know how to attach to this email so instead of I posted a link to it here.. My BB10 Test Project


I then have


-1- copied in the /qtsoap folder from soapxml into the src folder of my new test project

-2- compiled , got an error ( Error can't load binaries ) so I then changed the segment within my .pri file to match the one within the soapxml.pri file.

USED to be:


APP_NAME = MyApp CONFIG += qt warn_on debug_and_release cascades include(config.pri) device { CONFIG(debug, debug|release) { # Device-Debug custom configuration } CONFIG(release, debug|release) { # Device-Release custom configuration } } simulator { CONFIG(debug, debug|release) { # Simulator-Debug custom configuration } }

 I then replaced with:


APP_NAME = MyApp CONFIG += qt warn_on debug_and_release cascades include(config.pri) device { CONFIG(release, debug|release) { DESTDIR = o.le-v7 TEMPLATE = lib QMAKE_CXXFLAGS_RELEASE += -fvisibility=hidden -mthumb } CONFIG(debug, debug|release) { DESTDIR = o.le-v7-g } } simulator { CONFIG(debug, debug|release) { # Simulator-Debug custom configuration } }


I then recompiled and everyhing works and I'm able to still run the app on the device..


-3- I then copied over weatherservice.cpp and weatherservice.hpp to my new project.


-4- I then modified the applicationui.cpp to look like the following including the WeatherService.hpp include(.hpp) and also registerring the control so it would be available within the qml.


#include "WeatherService.hpp" // Tabbed pane project template #include "applicationui.hpp" #include <bb/cascades/Application> #include <bb/cascades/QmlDocument> #include <bb/cascades/AbstractPane> using namespace bb::cascades; ApplicationUI::ApplicationUI(bb::cascades::Application *app) : QObject(app) { // Register WeatherService class as qml type qmlRegisterType<WeatherService>("wsf.cdyne.com.WeatherWS", 1, 0, "WeatherService"); // create scene document from main.qml asset // set parent to created document to ensure it exists for the whole application lifetime QmlDocument *qml = QmlDocument::create("asset:///main.qml").parent(this); // create root object for the UI AbstractPane *root = qml->createRootObject<AbstractPane>(); // set created root object as a scene app->setScene(root); }

 -5- I compile and run the project on my deice everything looks fine,  I mean its not really doing anything at the moment, but the app still runs..


-6- I then add an attached object to my main.qml file should below:

 attachedObjects: [ WeatherService { id: weatherService } ]

 -7- I now run the compile, run the project on my device, when the project launches it just shows a black screen...


Any help would be GREATLY appreciated..




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