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BlackBerry® Z10

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Re: Battery life

well hello all, I am having a much better day today.  I think my battery issues have all been solved.  Thanks to the information on this site,,,


You guys reported that the SD card my be the problem, so I removed my card, took all data off (1500 pictures, songs ect) and then put the card in the phone,  I then formatted the card,, then copied all the stuff back on the card,,, since doing that, the phone has been awesome,,,


today will be my first full day with a full charge, but last night I unplugged it at 530pm and at 11pm when I went to bed I was at 70 percent still,,,  heavy usage, wifi, LTE4G


keep you posted how today goes, but thank god I can use the phone now and its not plugged into the wall!!!!!!!!


#sohappynow   #happyhappyhappy

BB Z30 = Best phone on the market!

Loving the battery life
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Re: Battery life

I don't even have an SD card in mine and the battery is still atrocious Smiley Sad
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Re: Battery life

I too tried reformating and removing the SD Micro memory card ... absolutely no difference in battery performance ... and the phone still locks/freezes up and the battery needs to be removed to resolve it.


Hopefully UPS shows up today with the replacement unit from Rogers and it runs better ... Crackberry was pushing the spare LS1 battery and charger and I should have ordered yesterday, as they are now back ordering them Smiley Sad


I really am starting to think that the poor battery and charging problems are actually OS bugs showing up in particular peoples ...

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Re: Battery life

Was having an issue with Battery Life.  Only lasting 6-7hrs.


Called Rogers support and was told to back up with blackberry link, wipe phone and then reinstall OS and restore.


Since then lasting 12-15 hrs with normal use.


Love the Z10

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Re: Battery life

I got my Z10 a couple of days ago and it came with 50% battery life.  While setting it up and having trouble loading/syncing my contacts, calendar, old texts, etc... I noticed the battery was close to draining after about 4 hrs.  Once it got to yellow, I started charging the battery so I could finish setting it up (or at least trying to sync my contacts and calendar).  I wasn't very impressed with the battery life...as well as being extremely frustrated with Blackberry Link's inability to actually "link" stuff.


After talking to a co-worker the next day who got his Z10 a few days before...he said I have to let the battery run completely down where the phone turns itself off.  Then I have to charge fully, then let it run to empty again for a second time.  He said this will help the OS calibrate battery life correctly.  Not sure if any of that is true...but it seems to have helped.


Today is my 2nd full charge after letting the battery run down completely twice...and battery life has been better today.  I charged fully last night, disconnected from charger at 7am...it is now 3:25pm ET and my battery life is at 55% after 8.5 hrs.  I have it on LTE, Wifi, running about 4-5 apps at once, including flashlight and maps navigation.  I'm hoping the battery life will get even better after a couple of weeks of use...as some people have noted. 



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Re: Battery life

I was getting roughly a days worth, maybe a bit less. I disabled LTE and now I can use my Z10 for two days with medium-light usage.

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Re: Battery life

Seems like lots of people are trying different things to resolve battery issues... mine isn't last as long as I'd like, finding I have to charge it twice a day if I use it for 1-2hr phone calls. Is there a thread compiling all of the things you can do to try and self-resolve battery issues? Or just read through the 8 pages here?
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Re: Battery life

A few issues or fixes i would like are the following:


No Push Email.

No Auto ON/OFF Sleep Mode still drains battery as it just turns off notifications.

90% Apps are Android and dont work properly so far.

Battery Life is rubbish even on low settings! Whats the point of a Smartphone if you cannot use it properly without running to a plug! Its like being incontinence needing a charge every 5 hours or so.

All buttons on outside are still live even in lock mode so volume can be accidentally turned down causing no tone when receiving a text or email or call and even alarm clock.

Grease proof screen is not grease proof?

Very short list of tones.

No status bar when in open Apps so cannot see network coverage or battery status etc.

Connection to PC is a network connection also allows peer to peer IP, if you use Peer Blocker then you cannot communicate your Blackberry with your PC.

Camera Auto Focus is slow compaired to old 9810 etc.


No doubt there will be more but thats all for now.


Would just be nice to have Push Email and Auto ON/OFF features being its a smart phone it would be beneficial to be smart and do tasks we want it to like the old BB's can.

Ah the good old iPad
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Re: Battery life

There are many factors involved about battery life.


When the battery is new, it will not be at its optimum performance. As its usage and charging is cycled over the next number of weeks, the battery performance should stabelize for its expected life.


Some factores that affect battery life, are signal strength, screen brightness, the options that are running such as Bluetooth, WiFi, Hot Spot, Tether, and etc. Then there is the talk time, volume of data flow as such from emails and browsing. When the signal strength is weak, the phone's signal managment will increase the phone's transmission power to try to keep the signal more stable.


If the user was to turn off all the options such as data usage, the phone would use a lot less power.


I have the Z10 for about a week now. I am finding I can geet about 10 to 12 hours from the battery if I am not very active with the phone, and I don't charge it. My low phone activity is mostly on the weekends.


When I use the phone a lot I tend to charge it often to keep the battery peaked. I keep chargers and cable sets at all the locations I visit frequenty. I also carry a charger and cable set in my pocket. When I am in the car I put the phone on charge. I use the phone a lot for my work.  I can easily exceed 1000 minutes before the month is finished. I read and answer and average of 50 emails per day or more.



Jerry G.
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Re: Battery life

The chances are easy as I got 2 bad phones and 1 bad battery in the second one.  It is to be expected and the carriers and blackberry have been amazing with swapping them out.  This one has been great, battery life has improved as the phone learns your typing etc and does less scanning in the background.  Cannot wait for the external charger. and spare battery, get a good system going and you will never be glued to a wall again.  Have used alot of phones and never thought i would want to go back to an all touch screen but this is one bad a$$ phone.  Thank you blackberry!!!!!!!!