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Re: New Blackberry 10 Sync to Outlook

I almost returned my phone too. Couldn't sync (though i've solved that) but i also had changed carriers. Got a low rate plan that for some reason that no one can answer did not have a data system that worked on BB email... ??? Anyway i went from a 55 to 60 account (added 1 GB of data) and things worked well. Sync now done through exchange only issue is that some of the "notes" in contacts don't transfer well but schedule syncing automatic.
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New Blackberry 10 Sync to Outlook

Here is what I recently received from BB Customer Service:




In response to your request, the following course of action has been provided.


If you have any questions concerning this request, please reply to this email within the next three (3) business days.   



HH-Z10-v10.0.0.5047-Verizon-Customer had few general questions about importing/sync.   



Inform the customer that the sync functionality will going to be available on Z10 in near future in next upgrade.


BlackBerry Customer Support Center

1-877-255-2377 (North America Toll Free)

0808 100 7466 (Toll Free UK Only)

+44 1753 558400 (Outside UK)

1-519-888-6181 (Worldwide)


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Re: New Blackberry 10 Sync to Outlook

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Smiley FrustratedWhen BB Customer Support Center is talking about the near future. What does that mean, weeks, months, years?

I really can't understand why the didn't count with this feature. It was for me an important reason to stay with BB for already many years but with a message like this I will made the step to a Windws platform phone. I thought that BB wants to fight back to get a bigger marketshare but without this funtionality it will loose the market.

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Re: New Blackberry 10 Sync to Outlook

How on earth did BB release the Z10 without outlook sync? I didn't even think to check on this as just presumed it would be the same as my Torch 9800. Now I need to try and return the Z10 and back to the Torch.

I thought I'd give BB one last chance before deserting to Android but they blew it!

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Re: New Blackberry 10 Sync to Outlook

Splitpin wrote:


I thought I'd give BB one last chance before deserting to Android but they blew it!

You think you're going to get this with an Android?

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My Device: 9780
My Carrier: KPN

Re: New Blackberry 10 Sync to Outlook

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No, I'm sure that you don't get it with an Android phone.

That's why I will change to a Windows phone. And because of the good expierences from the past it will probably be a Nokia again.

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Re: New Blackberry 10 Sync to Outlook

I'd be delighted to be proven incorrect but I don't believe that you get USB sync with Outlook (contacts, calendar, tasks and notes) natively on Android or Windows 8 phone (nor iPhone for that matter).


What there do appear to be are a number of after-market apps that make this easier to facilitate.  I've been reading up on Android-Sync as one example that seeks to replicate the BlackBerry Desktop Manager with direct Outlook USB sync to the native Android contacts and calendar, bypassing Google and the Cloud.


That BlackBerry had this facility was the principle reason that I have stayed with the brand and indeed is the reason why I am still using my Torch 9860, even though I'm desperate to upgrade my phone.


Fancy apps; toys, games, movies, You Tube and the like hold no interest for me for my phone which is an essential business tool. 


Full and direct USB sync with Outlook is vital.

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Re: New Blackberry 10 Sync to Outlook

The point is, nobody who has adopted the Z10 is getting two way USB sync for Outlook/contacts/calendars etc, so any other platform is attractive as an alternative that does not require work arounds.


iPhone users are pretty smug at present and can rightly be so, as to maintain parity, a small business owner has to  use an older BB platform rather than a Z10 to continue to be productive with email/calendar/contacts.  Hopefully, they never have to look up documents or use the web in company.


I discussed the situation with my carrier in UK, they reiterate that 2 way sync for USB is expected 'sometime this year' and admitted that among small business, the number of returns over the USB sync issue was 'significant for it to be of concern', but sales were generally encouraging among those wanting a social media phone.


But then BB may not be concerned at this, as all the wonderful new customers who want a social media mobile  will more than make up for that loss of existing loyal BB users jump ship, while those corporate users who can afford enterprise, will continue to use blackberry


My own opinion is that the drift to alternative mobile phone platforms to BB is going to be inevitable, as the new Nokia's, Samsung's and iPhone hit the market, people will no longer be prepared to wait

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Re: New Blackberry 10 Sync to Outlook

I have had this general problem as a small-business user for close to 10 years, since Microsoft has never given a **bleep** about standards and interoperability with anything not made by them, and yet Outlook, along with the rest of "Office", is what virtually everyone uses.


need muti-platform access from anywhere to my calendar.  Not just when I have my desktop machine or can plug into it, but anywhere.  


I didn't particularly like Google's Calendar being the answer to that, but I can connect it to Outlook bi-directionally and it is standards-compliant where Outlook is not.  That, as a consequence, is the direction I went a long time ago.


The Z-10 has no problem connecting with that standards-compliant answer to the problem.


Microsoft shows no indication that it will pull its head out of its backside.  I presume Blackberry will implement some sort of proprietary connector, but if its local-only it's worthless to me since I need to be able to schedule appointments while on the road and need to know that there are no conflicts with other things I may have done while out of the office.


I can't do that with a local-only USB connection especially if anyone else needs to be able to exchange that data with me in anything approaching real-time.


It is what it is and I made the decision to move to a standards-based means of solving the problem a long time ago.  As a consequence I had that interoperability with Android and when I moved to the Z-10 it instantly and transparently connected to that scheduling system and worked perfectly.


Everyone has their own answer but my job as a technology advisor and "hired gun" who is brought into businesses to solve problems requires that I recommend answers that actually are answers, not dead ends. 


Market Information? Come read The Market Ticker!
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Re: New Blackberry 10 Sync to Outlook

I was confidently told that the Z10 would do everything the other Blackberrys would do and more.

I bought the new Blackberry because my Bold did what I wanted it to do and that was sync calender and contacts with Outlook.

I am afraid that if is not the case then it will have to go back.  No Outlook connectivity, no Blackberry.

It really is beyond believe that they have left it out and I would like to know why?

BB was the business phone of choice and they have shot themself in the foot with this one.