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Re: New Unlocked Z10, No data & APN Greyed out. Calls work & Text. HELP

Thanks for the symphathy Smiley Happy.


It turns out I can keep the z10 after all: migrating to another Finnish operator (Sonera) resulted in correct, automatic APN setting and a working data connection. However, there is still an apparent bug in the firmware: if the z10 doesn't recognize the operator reported by the SIM, saving APN settings does not work and the phone (without a working data connection) effectively becomes a regular phone (as opposed to a smartphone).


In the process I tried a PAYG SIM from the Finnish operator DNA to no avail (i.e. saving APN settings doesn't work). Sonera's PAYG SIM, however, did work, so I took a (month-to-month) contract from them for now. I'd very much like the (presumed) bug to be fixed as being with this particular operator is a bit more expensive than staying with Saunalahti or switching to DNA would have been, and I'd like to have the opportunity to switch in the future in case there is an even better deal (or use a local SIM when traveling to avoid extortionist roaming charges).


As for the Saunalahti PAYG SIM working and the regular (contract) one not working, it seems the reason is that the former has both the 'SIM operator' and 'Network operator' as 24405 (Elisa), for which the z10 has the APN setting 'internet.cubio.net' on file. Although this is incorrect, it can be edited to 'internet', which works. The regular Saunalahti SIM, however, has 'SIM operator' as 24421 (Saunalahti) and 'Network operator' as 24405. The z10 apparently doesn't recognize the former and hence the result is the same as with the dna PAYG SIM: no automatic APN, this can be edited, but does not get saved so no data connection. (Codes from the Adroid app 'Sim card informations' with the respective SIMs plugged in the Nexus 4)


Given the above, it seems that (for me, at least)  using a z10 in Finland also means using Sonera for now. DNA or Saunalahti don't work. It might be that TeleFinland which is a virtual operator owned by Sonera works as well, but I was not able to try that. Then again there could be similar problem as with the Saunalahti contract SIM. Also, Elisa might work, but they only sell to consumers via their virtual operator Saunalahti so one would need to get a corporate contract (which, I understand Elisa still sells under its own name and most likely with SIMs that identify it as the 'SIM operator'). I'd think a DNA  contract would be the same as the PAYG one: with the latter the 'SIM operator' and 'network operator' codes were the same (24412) on the PAYG SIM and so a contract SIM is not likely to make a difference.


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Re: New Unlocked Z10, No data & APN Greyed out. Calls work & Text. HELP

Well, nothing can be done by BlackBerry or your Carrier. All you need to do is update the so called BlackBerry "Phone" to its latest firmware. In the new firmware they fixed this issue and left the APN settings free to edit.


I recently travelled to People's Republic of Bangladesh, and got a SIM from one of the leading service providers called Robi. I inserted the in hopes of using the internet to inform my friends and family that I have safely landed here. The usual, APN settings were disabled.

After arriving to my crashpad, I had access to the internet hooked up to my laptop. I noticed that the APN settings are enabled when I insert my UAE SIM and I receieve a notification saying there's an update available thru OTA. So I updated the Z10 (already gone thru this in the UAE and faced hell)... Now after the update I inserted the local SIM and went to check if the APN was enabled...  The options were enabled. I entered the required APN to run the data package. It accepted and saved the settings. The data package even started working but then again... The old issue. The phone stops all notifications such as emails, sms, facebook, twitter etc. Have to refresh the HUB several times before you can actually view the messages or emails.


And after that I'm wondering why I paid $700 to get this phone?

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Re: New Unlocked Z10, No data & APN Greyed out. Calls work & Text. HELP

I bought the BB Z10 from blackberry and had the problem with my data service. Bell wanted to sell me a new plan but I refuse to change which would have cost me more. I read from this forum how to change the APN on my phone. The area was not greyed out. I imput (pda.bell.ca) instead of Blackberry.net, shut off the phone, take out the battery and it resolved my problem.I spent more that eight hours with bell technocrats online and they all wanted me to buy a new plan. If this did not work I was planning to end my twelve years relation with bell. They also told me that the problem was with Blackberry but the problem is with bell. I hope this info help others out there.

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Re: New Unlocked Z10, No data & APN Greyed out. Calls work & Text. HELP

Have you checked your APN settings? We had a similar issue on the BBerry support forum with a 100-4 (Verizon) phone that would not connect to a GSM network, though it would to others. If you cannot edit the APN settings, here's how the user in India did it using the "escreen". 1.first we need to know the APN of the service provider. 2.click on browser and type in the address bar as escreen:// and press enter 3.Now you will enter the Help Screen where you can find the OS version, PIN and time up details. 4.Now type this url in ur computer http://dl.dropbox.com/u/9610464/HelpScreen.html and enter the above details. It will generate a Key. 5.Now in the Help screen with your two fingers swipe from the bottom to above direction, it will bring the keypad. NOTE: 6.There will be no cursor. Just type the generated KEY and press enter. It will take you to the engineering screen with various options. In this first click on 3GPP Radio, it will go into 3GPP settings. in 3GPP settings go to utilities, where you will find PS Attach option and a PRESS button to its right. Press it. Come back to the before screen where all the main options were present. Now go to General Radio Option, it will take you to General Radio options screen. In this go to APN Name and enter the APN name provided by your carrier and click done. This will fix the issue.