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BlackBerry® Z10

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Returning Z10 tomorrow

I have enough. Too many issues and functionality not as expected. Apps are limited, most popular ones like skype or google voice not available (by the way they've been saying skype will be available for about 2 years)

I am going to get a Windows 8 phone. I don't understand why RIM release a product that is not ready.

Good luck to the ones that own one. Smiley Sad

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Re: Returning Z10 tomorrow

I am still waiting on my Z10, BUT I much preferred my Dev Alpha over my Win8 phone.  I hated my Win8 phone so much that I replaced it with an Android phone.   If you have a problem with missing apps please don't think Win8 is the answer.  You need to go Android or Apple to get all the apps.  Smiley Wink   HOWEVER, I found the best OS for me, the best mix of UI, Apps, security, messaging, access to BBM (which I'm addicted too), etc is BB10.   Now if only BBRY will get my device out to me!!!!!!  LOL

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Re: Returning Z10 tomorrow

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We are using Blackberry phones for our work, and personal use. We like the Blackberry phone for its quality of construction, very good support, and especially the security.


With Android and the other OS types, the user has to be very careful about malisious, Trojan, and spyware software. This is dangerous for any phone that is used for business, or where personal information is used in the phone.


I myself only need the basic applications, and software that are web based and that work very well through the browser.


We have been using the Z10 since the beginning of February. We have not had any faults. We also have some bolds such as the 9900 and the 9800. These are not as advanced as the Z10, but they also work very well.



Jerry G.
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Re: Returning Z10 tomorrow

Sorry I would never have bought the BlackBerry Z10 for the purpose of using a Microsoft or Google product. Hey my laptop and desktop is for that. Enjoy your Windows 8 phone and when you come back here after not being happy with that we will welcome you back. Smiley Happy
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Re: Returning Z10 tomorrow

I am back! and happier than ever with my windows 8 phone, apps are just fantastic, even skype works perfectly on video conference. I had the bbz10 not to use it as a simple phone but as a smartphone with full capacity but it was a big DISAPPOINTMENT, if some people here use it as a simple phone i rather buy a cheap jitterbug...lol.

I just did a search in this forum and the number of unhappy customer is growing fast. Sorry.

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Re: Returning Z10 tomorrow

Now that you have had your rant, please mark this thread as closed and move on to the windows forums. Good luck with that.

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Re: Returning Z10 tomorrow

I'm a UK business user with 10 BB Torches which I had started to upgrade to my staff with Q10s and Z10s from Vodafone UK. These have all been returned as essentially unusable in the business environment. Vodafone informed me that each business customer manager is on average getting six business clients a day returning ALL their Z10s for the same reason. This is a tsunami of rejection by UK business.

The most obvious faults are no BES and dreadful synching with Outlook - if you can get it to work at all. On top of that the system is now NOT pushed email but polled email and there is no email data compression by default. As a result the formal advice from Vodafone UK to business customers is that they need to multiply their data contract costs by a FACTOR OF EIGHT to meet the new data demands of the Z10. This renders the phone utterly uneconomic in the business environment. Battery usage consequently also goes up.

I spoke at length with Vodafone tech support and customer managers who are simply FURIOUS with Blackberry for not telling them the truth about how the Z10 and Q10 worked before pushing it out of the door to their clients. Mine are being picked up later in the week and Vodafone have converted over £2500 of my hardware allowance directly into line rental in compensation.

NO ONE told anyone ( including those at Vodafone ) that the Desktop manager will no longer support the Z10 - ( I discovered that from Vodafone ) - and so data and services backed up cannot easily be ported from a pre-Z10 device ( such as our Torches ) to the new environment. There is new Link software instead. Vodafone offer to 'red box' transfer by their techies in store as a stop gap.

I am MASSIVELY disappointed that BB have 'screwed up' again. We are locked into our contract for another 12 months and will run our Torches into the ground buying replacements as we need them from eBay or Amazon. After that we - along with hundreds it seems of other UK customers - will simply give up on BB.

It is difficult to express my anger, but in fairness to Vodafone they have bent over backwards to apologise and keep me as a client. If I remain a client, it will not involve issuing Blackberries to my staff - ever again.